cyanogen rom

Android 1.6 inside – 4.1.5 is here.

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—- v4.1.5 * Fixed video (YouTube, etc) * Fixed FilePicker (PDFViewer, etc) * Improved speed at which the in-call screen is displayed * Removed GooglePartnerSetup since it causes mass ANRs and it doesn’t actually seem to do anything useful that I can figure out * Should work better on Magic 32B now. * Fixed protected apps issue * Camcorder is still broken * Lock screen is still default.. next version.

4.0.4 is out!

Get v4.0.4 with CM Updater! This is a minor update. There are some bug fixes for the settings FC and possibly for the phone number matching issue. Also included is a backport of some of the Donut process scheduling code. This should reduce ANRs caused by nasty background applications.

CyanogenMod is out!

This is a small upgrade for the stable series that contains new bluetooth and audio code backported from Donut, as well as some kernel changes which should improve responsiveness. Get it with CM Updater!