CyanogenMod 4.2.5

Here’s a new update with a few new bits from Eclair, bugfixes, and a nice performance boost.

Available via CM Updater!

XDA Developers thread:

  • Pushabutton

    Also still having the spontaneous reboot issue. Installed an hr ago, and it’s already randomly rebooted on me. Could it be an issue with switching from edge to 3g (There is a changeover in signal on my way to work?

  • Mike Southby

    Most excelent work as always Steve.

    ..looking forward to even more Eclair touchs soon ;- )

  • jgk5020

    Wow, this version is sweet!! Definitely seeing the speed enhancements as mentioned by other users…and thanks to Mickey G in #46 I downloaded and installed Google Maps w/NAV and Facebook with no problems whatsoever! Thanks again to everyone for all their hard work!

    Only issue I see, and I haven’t read it anywhere so not sure if it’s just me is that whenever MT3G starts from a fresh restart or reboot, the “messager” process force closes…doesn’t seem to affect anything though as phone seems to work just fine and Voice NAV works too!

  • Dan

    Wow, this is amazing, I know people usually say things are faster and all, but when you try it, it isn’t much, however, this mod is the best ever. This thing is BLAZING FAST, this is indeed, very fast, opening and closing apps is just about instant, and so is everything else. Thanks again Steve for the greatest mod ever.


  • Toni

    You forgot to update mod version number in the About phone section 😉

  • James

    Wow, awesome. Seems to be much faster.

  • Shtirlic

    bcrook released port from 32A magic, find it in his twitter

  • Michael Adick
    @ mad-ady, i suggest following links on “how to root” and “how to partition sd card” and the “cm re-recovery-img” saved my b*tt once when i thought I had bricked my phone:

  • archboy69

    This is awesome! I love the little bounce when the menu pops up and must speedier! No issues here! the phone has been on since after updating. Looking forward to seeing 2.0! Thanks for the great work!

  • jgk5020

    Ok, perhaps just a coincidence, but it seems my MT3G has suddenly lost the ability to connect via WiFi…

    I was connected via WiFi earlier, after updating to 4.2.5, however now it just will NOT connect to my router. My wife’s stock 1.6 MT3G connects no problem as does two laptops and a desktop PC…. tried rebooting phone…will see if this comes back…stuck on the Edge network for now…

  • emmanuel

    Oh man Steve, I think I’m developing bromantic feelings for you. This is freakin awesome!!!!

  • patrick

    Still having random reboots. It’s not *too* annoying, so I’m gonna stick with 4.2.5 for now and see.

    *note: I don’t think the phone is doing a full reboot, it seems that the phone is only rebooting the GUI (if that makes sense). For those that use ubuntu/linux: it’s like restarting x without restarting the computer.

    It also seems that the reboots are related to plugging the phone up. At least thats when I notice it. Maybe I just don’t notice if it reboots at other times because I’m not looking, but it seems that every time I plug the phone it (comp or charger), it restarts ‘x’.

  • bogdanb

    Very nice. If Cyanogen manages to enable call recording in his ROM I’ll make a huge donation. Hint, hint!

  • zendick

    Can we get a modded dialer with the ability to dial by text (ie name)

  • Hearthcore

    The ROM is FAST. But it lags a bit while listing in contacts. 4.2.4 did not have this problem. And there is no CZECH translation at all. Or any other NON mainstream languages. If there is any trouble with lack of the translators, I can do the job myself, at least in the CZECH part of it.

  • Niki

    why have removed the Russian language?

  • Jose

    Does this update have the Android Market app?

  • Andrew Ward

    Jose: You need to install the HTC rom and then cyanogens ontop of it in order to get the market. The market was removed in the roms due to the c&d letter he recieved from google. He could get around this by allowing you to backup your google apps and then restore the backup using the rom.

  • Jose

    where can i get the htc rom?

  • Michael

    Hi there, have a little problem with this great release!

    is not working. Can anybody try if it’s wokring on his device?

    it worked in 4.2.4

    tried everything, wipe….

    the apk is working on android 2.0 (tried in the sdk)

    link to the apk

    any help?

  • G1Love

    These updates are so amazing!! I can’t wait for 2.0. Love that lock screen

  • Todd

    I’m stuck. I started with and went straight to 4.2.5. When the phone reboots I get:

    Build: CyanogenMod v1.4 + JF
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…

    Then after 10-20 seconds the “Opening update package…” disappears, and it’s back to “Finding”. I left it like this for a couple hours and it didn’t get any further.

    I took out the battery and tried to boot holding Home and Power, but it didn’t change anything.

    Finally I yanked the SD card and moved all the update files from the root and cm-updates folders onto my computer. The 4.2.5 one however wouldn’t move due to an I/O error. I’m not sure if this means my SD card is corrupt or what. If there’s a way to scan the SD card for bad sectors, I’d love to know about it. Bear in mind that it’s got the ext2 (I think) for the built-in Apps2SD, the linux-swap, and the FAT32 partitions all on the one card so I don’t know if any Windows software can scan the whole thing.

    Anyway I’ll try re-downloading and see if it works the second time around.

  • bankwing

    im still can’t type in address bar in browser since 4.2.4 any one help me,pls

  • hadji

    Seems to be running great so far.

    Only thing I’ve noticed is that the SaveSMS now crashes where it wasn’t on the previous CM release.

  • DC

    Sweet, can totally see the performance boost. Though still have issues with disappearing icons.

  • CCShermCraig

    Everything is quicker and more responsive but I cannot use Messaging or ChompSMS (my preferred app). Keeps force closing no matter which I use. Can anyone offer up a suggestion or three? Thanks!

  • Tony

    Anyone else having problems with the BLUETOOTH transfers? I can transfer files from my PC’s (both laptop and desktop) whether it’s mp3 or jpg files fine to the G1 without a problem. HOWEVER, when I SEND files FROM the G1 to the PC…forget it! The PC receives the files but jpg files are corrupted and will either display ‘Drawing failed’ or ‘No preview available’ errors when trying to open them up through Windows Fax & Viewer. I’ve tried Photoshop, IrfanView, SnagIt and a few other viewers and they all display the same error. Some how the file is getting CORRUPTED when transferring FROM G1 to PC.


  • Michael

    seems quiet interesting that websms, chompsms savesms…. are not woking, lots of sms programms?

  • kees van tilburg

    getting better all the time! My issue with spontaneous reboot ‘solved’ by disabling automatic wallpaper update (world tour). Can’t wait for google maps navigation for the great country of The Netherlands on my G1.

  • simon

    SMS? Just tried SMSbackup and it “stops unexpectedly” when you try to do a “Backup now”. OK on all earlier CM.

  • Mat

    Great Work! Donation on the way…

  • Mani

    Can you please let me know the instructions to install this ROM on top of htc magic vodafone UK version.

  • Bokko

    Thanks! This update is amazing!
    One thing I am missing is locales. The 4.2.3 update (havent tried 4.3.4) also had Dutch language.
    So please ad all supported languages.


  • several

    If you’re having the reboot problem, send cyanogen some logs then uninstall or disable any apps you have which automatically change wallpaper for you.

    once you take the wallpaper changing app off the reboots will stop. he’ll fix it in a future update.

  • Rev. Spaminator

    Installed this a couple of hours ago. Over 2 hours of uptime and no random reboots.

  • AdirondackFurniture1

    Anyone else noticing version not updated in phone status?

  • Alex O

    just brilliant I have become more and more obsesed with my G1 and it just keeps gettin better and better thank you for all the hard work u do for all of us! Including the fans and google! Keep up the great work man!

  • -FrA-

    :( It doesn’t work for me…I’ve updated via CMUpdater and at the beginning it looked like it was fine, but after a couple of minutes it started to ask me to unlock the sim every 30/60 seconds…thanks nandroid! :) I’m back to for now…anyway, thank you for your work…

  • Dar

    Oh no!!! After updating I lost my Google Navigation hack. Will it be possible to get it back by hacking it again? Beside this, the rom seems to be holding up well. Thanks,

  • x3haloed

    Where are the 4.2.4 and 4.2.5 release notes on teh wiki?

  • CyanNewbie

    @x3haloed: released notes are referred to as CHANGELOG by Cyanogen.
    See home page of this site, click on the CHANGELOG tab at the top of the screen.

  • CyanNewbie

    @Dar: You can only get Google Nav back if you donate to Cyanogen…

  • Dar

    @CyanNewbie Hi, could you please link me to the info where he says that please? I will be more than happy to donate. Thanks,

  • chris k

    I love all of cyanogen’s roms and although speed has indeed increased I have noticed random freeze crashes. Sometimes during texting, other times during market updates. Have had 4 crashes during using 4.2.5. Might try to reinstall it.

  • Amar

    Any plans to do a build for the droid? Would love a custom rom like this for when we eventually get root.

  • Matt


    Google Nav is working for me on 4.2.5, and I haven’t donated (yet). While it would be nice if we all donated, I do believe the nav feature is freely installable and usable without donating. Furthermore, I can’t find anything to back up CyanNewbie’s claim so I’m just figuring its misinformation.

  • Dar

    @Matt Thanks Matt. I will try to reinstall the hack again for Google Maps navigation. Any pointer as to where to start further? I got my info from this site… Thanks again Matt

  • patrick

    nice look and feel and super fast thanks!

    I did notice that the drawer handle for the dialpad (while in a call) is still the old style not the new one I see on the home screen. Anybody else notice this?

  • schweini

    just updated via cm updater, and all google apps (maps. Gmail, youtube) disappeared. The icons are still on the desktop, but I just get a “this application is not installed on your phone” message. Obviously, I didn’t to a backup before this update, so now I am stuck w/o gmail & co. Could anybody give me any pointers on how to re-install the google apps?

  • Nathan

    Will you be doing any work on the Motorola cliq??