What’s up with CM?

I apologize for not keeping the site up to date, I’m a slacker :) We also had a database issue and lost the last post about 6.0’s release, if you were wondering why it went missing.

6.1 is the current work-in-progress and is coming together nicely. There’s a few new features like touch-to-focus in the camcorder, dismiss notifications by swiping, kernel updates for most devices, and improved performance. There will also be support for a few new devices- Acer Liquid, HTC Wildfire and Samsung Vibrant. My eye is also on the new HTC phones that are about to get released like the G2.

A lot of people ask me about adding support for their phone, but we can only support phones that we actually own. The CM team is always looking for new hackers to join up with us to add support for their favorite device. Get in touch with me if you’d like to help.

CyanogenMod is open source. The quality of code being added to CM has vastly improved because of the code review system that we’ve put in place, Gerrit. It’s the same system used by Google to manage the Android Open Source Project. It allows anyone to submit code to the project in a highly-visible way and gives us a way to examine and improve it before it’s actually merged. We want your code, so send us your patches. If there’s something you don’t like, change it.

Nightly builds of CM are always available if you’re brave and want to try out the latest code. If you’re running nightly builds, the best way to stay up to date on new changes is to follow @cmsrc on Twitter.

Our user base is approaching a quarter of a million users. This project has come a long way :) Thanks for all the support, we are only as strong as the community!

  • Ravana

    How about an update for the untwittered masses? Pretty please =)

  • Riftware

    Just donated 10 bucks because of the addition of FM radio to Nexus

  • wayne

    Is there a version for the lg ally?

  • Harpocrates23

    @rob yeah…you started it.Wes is working on it and cyanogen might get a vibrant and help him out. From day 1 that I had the vibrant I’ve been hoping for a CM rom, but in the meantime bionix has done some awesome work.

  • Madeo

    I noticed on my Nexus one with version 6.0 that the longer you use applications specially the webbrowser the more memory is lost according to the Advanced-Task_killer application. Usually when i reboot the phone it starts out with 300mb + of available memory and obviously if I keep using it, the memory is reduced to 200mb+, BUT whenever I close running applications and processes it doesn’t go back up to the 300mb+ maybe 250mb+ at best. And, it drains the battery fast while on standby mode (about 15-20% in half a day) even after closing all the running applications (I use Advance Task Killer on aggressive mode). However, if I reboot the phone I noticed it doesnt drain the battery as much. It probably drains about 6% in half a day of just standby after reboot.

  • Jeff5263

    Are there any lawyers in the forum who can answer the following question? Can’t there be a class-action lawsuit against the wireless providers for their hacking into my telephone? I bought my phone; I am not leasing it. It is my property. It’s not a Rolling stones song that someone else owns the rights to. This phone is 1000% my property and I should decide if I want a mod or a root. I should decide if I want certain apps installed such as Amazon MP3 or Skype. My provider should have no control over my phone. I read about a phone coming out that will unroot itself if the OWNER decides to exercise his rights to root it. This world needs an enema!

  • Alberto

    ….Droid X……Droid X…..please….

  • spydie

    Nexus One, Vibrant… over and over and over…the old and the new… has the Evo died already? I never see anybody post anything about the Evo. What’s happening? is 6.1 coming to Evo, too?

  • http://sunit.nandi.uni.cc/ Sunit Nandi

    Hello, I just have one request. Could u guys please support Cyanogenmod for HTC Tattoo? I am willing to contact u. my email address is sunitnandi834(at)gmail.com.

    Already the Tattoo has been hacked by several devs at xda-developers like fyodor, amon ra, etc. So, I guess there will be very few problems as custom roms have already been made. I can help u guys as a tester.

  • http://rchicangana.blogspot.com rchicangana

    Hi, I donate 5 us, thanks for radio fm on n1 waiting cyano 6.1

  • lolx

    nah CM 6.1 won’t be ready until 2011.. not coming back to this site until then..

  • Doug

    Is there a changelog for the nightlies?

  • Fadi

    Good JOB Cyanogen TEAM! Your mod looks great. I have two questions for you.

    Q1 – Is there an ETA when a Galaxy S Vibrant compatible version will be released?

    Q2 – How does CM perform with regards to speed. The bionix mod is supposed to be really fast and stable but it is still running 2.1 and I really like CM’s features more. How does CM compare bionix in speed.

  • Lucian Armasu

    Hey guys, some CM6 users are reporting problems when installing the new Youtube app. Apparently they can’t do it. You might want to check that out.

    I don’t have CM yet, because I have a Legend, but looking forward to CM 6.1 :)

  • a

    Why do you force people to create an account on your forum so they can download files though it. Most people who signup will never use the account again.

  • me

    Is this website some sick joke and the Vibrant firmware a terrible nightmare?

  • eddie

    Hi, I can’t get this to work on mobile net, only on wifi.

    Radio is 2.15 but can’t even find a setting for it….. any pointers

  • http://cyanogenmod.com bigk24

    I have cm6 final version on my g1 but for some reason the gapps aren’t there. Can someone please give me a link to download this before I go crazy?

  • son

    Where do i get the source? Can i get a straight link there?

  • Felix

    Gotta take to the time to tell you, you guys f*ing ROCK!!! Open source has always been better than stock, but you really have taken android to the next level. Anytime I can take my outdated G1 or mytouch, and keep up with the EVO’s and Droids out there, is a Damn good day for me!!! Keep up the excellent work. Cant wait for the next release. So far I’ve updated three phones, and they all outperform my wifes BRAND NEW PHONE. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  • Felix

    Oh and one more thing. Please don’t lose your interest for this project.

  • http://www.noupe.com/javascript/20-excellent-facebook-scripts-and-resources.html Ranae Lening

    I don;t know how you find the time to write so well but here is a little something

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. :)

  • kcmartz

    I won’t mind helping!

    I have a Samsung Intercept, VMobile edition

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  • Benjamin

    Just a quick note, that CyanogenMod is another brilliant example of what opensource can accomplish. Is someone already working on a Samsung i5800 mod? If not, what can I do to help? Will donating money help?

  • http://www.leadguitarguide.com/ Gabriel Media

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  • acer user

    do u have an firmware of acer liquid Z330