We’ve Reached Our Goal!

I am absolutely amazed at the support we have just been shown. We’ve reached our goal, and maybe a bit more. We will be ordering the servers next week (Xeon-class boxes with lots of RAM), and should have the builds going again soon!

Thank you again for the support!

  • Sdfdsf

    The best way to get through to them is on their google page

  • http://twitter.com/savagejeep SavageJeep

    Had to toss some moola your way? Thanks to all the devs out there who keep so many devices with up-to-date op systems!
    Great work.

  • Bibistrocelul Mov

    Hi there. I am glad the problem is solved. However, I had something else in mind: a BOINC cluster, like the [email protected] programe, where we could give you CPU time on our PC’s. It might not be as fast as true servers, but this would make CM a true community effort.How about that?

  • Flipwait19

    Hope evo 4g gets cm9 ^__^

  • Kingtks

    We Believe in Cyanogenmod!

  • solino

     I started using CyanogenMod with a HTC Legend, now I’veinstalled it on my SGS I9000. Never let me down: speed, battery life, configurability. Just missed the FM RDS and to see Google contact groups in ADW launcher.

  • DiamondArmada

    So can’t wait for an official ZTE Blade version of CM9 that’s all prepped and sorted out :) you guys did amazing job on CM7, so I can definitely believe in you for CM9 😛 just one question… Is it possible that android changed the camera application name? If they did a complete overhaul of the coding, it could just be that. I haven’t really kept up to date on this situation tbh, can somebody fill me in on this? xD

  • Hishamdalle

    How and where did u get your cm9 on the galaxy s2? Is it stable? google apps there?

  • Dave 1107

    Thank you to all the developers who contribute so much.  It is thankless work for which so many enjoy the fruits of.  Looking forward to future releases.

  • Jperry58

    I am a Systems Admin for the 7th largest privately owned company in America. We are currently updating equipment and if I can get my hands on some of our servers and 15k speed drives, I will see if I can get them your way. I know you have reached your goal but extras is better than failures with nothing for failover or expansion needs with no equipment. If you are interested I will see what I can do.

  • Julian

    Bullshit? CM is free and available for everyone.
    The CM-Community works in their free time for this project.

  • Impaxion

    Plzzzzzzz.. develop cyanogen mod for dell venue too…

  • Andreas Bauer

    Just dropped you 10bugs, even if you already reached the goal. Maybe you need some cables, or else 😉

  • Matt Barham

    The power of reddit is overwhelming! Glad I was able to help. Stock ICS is great but not AS great as it could be.

  • Nghi Huynh

    Even though you all reached your goal, I still sent you all money. Just make sure the AT&T Galaxy note gets some extra love. KTHXBAI

  • Vincent

     I’ve added a few bucks, I will throw in some more when my financial situation gets better. Keep up the good work! And i’m looking forward to CM9…

  • impaxion

    plzzzzz.. bring it for dell venue too…. i love cm… but i want it on my dell venue….

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you realized the goal was the monetary means of obtaining the servers to get the nightly builds back up to par with what they used to be? Or did you not even read the blog post?

  • Kapi187

    Well i’m glad to see the goal was reached… now how about getting the Camera to work on CM9!? 😀

  • add12364

    Is this for cm9 and cm7.2??? Also will Nook Color still be supported???

  • Aniketh

    just donated 20 bucks to this awesum project that kept my galaxy s going…i just bought a galaxy s plus last week…wud u guys add support fr this phone in your future builds…thanks…and keep it up guys

  • Stefanosuinobogdan

    Galaxy wonder please

  • Drew Buglione

    Muphry’s Law.

  • liusir

    CLIQ XT( zeppelin )need  nightly build ! May be you can adjust the UI like MIUI,just like the  
    Drop-down notification bar,MIUI is good。

  • Rafael van der Linden

    Just added something. I’m too late but I’m sure you will find a nice destination. Keep up the good work!

  • GrassGeek

    You are a stupid cousin fucking inbread.

  • Dsvarczkopf

    Wow.. You made the goal In under a day… Congratulations and thank you for making my incredible awesome two years after I got. It.

  • Amigo_URSO


  • Amigo_URSO

    Just donated 10 bucks! keep up the AMAZING work guys!
    Cheers from Brazil!
    btw: thanks for adding official support for the i9000B (brazilian galaxy S)!

  • Alias747

    Just sent 10 bucks, can’t wait for CM 7.2 RC1!

  • Amigo_URSO

    im using CM9 on the galaxy S (one) and is stable as a rock! Gapps, faceunlock and everything.
    Just be sure to backup your contacts.

  • Jav Atar

    I just donated $20 .. Will donate again when one of my Android devices (Dell Streak 7 or Samsung Galacy Wifi 5.0) are supported by Cyanogemdod


    What the hell do you get that costs $10 at McDonald’s? I bought lunch for me and a homeless dude for $4 the other day.

  • Dgun4u

    would donate if i could get a build for motorola atrix

  • Nick

    Droid X2 next, please!

  • Dx Deception

    Nice! @Drew

  • Bora Gurel

    I just donated $10, thanks again for breathing new life to my aging Nexus One. Coming up with an ICS flavor for Xoom tablets soon?  :)

  • Shawn Sharpe

    More monies for you ($10)!

  • mysteret

    Thanks to you for the hard work men, this was a minimum to contribute when we buy apps 2 or 3 € !

  • Joe_prog

    Glad to help. Pressed the donation link at the bottom. Hope lots of others do so too!

  • Mordak

    Or get FAT!!!

  • Ibrumfield4892

    I have a dual xeon rackmount server I can donate…

  • Arfloresd

    A late donation from Mexico, I hope it helps

    Thankyou for the great job

  • khalid dagli

    Camera Preview not working.