Unified Builds for Select Variants

Last month we began the process of reducing our usage of carrier specific releases in favor of a ‘master’ release for specific devices. The process has proven successful, with m7ul, m7att, and m7tmo all being retired as designations and replaced by a ‘m7′ (GSM) build.

Beginning with the next round of nightlies (tomorrow), we are extending this unification process to the d2, jf, and htle families (S3, S4 and Note 3, respectively). This unification goes one step further than the m7 example, bringing in both the GSM and CDMA variants into one single package. A handy list is provided to show the old versus new designation for these devices.

Previous Galaxy S3 (qcom)*: d2att, d2cri, d2mtr, d2spr, d2tmo, d2usc, d2vzw

Now: d2lte

Previous Note 3 (qcom)*: hltespr, hltetmo, hltevzw, htlexx

Now: hlte

 Previous (qcom)*: jflteatt, jfltecan, jfltecri, jfltecsp, jfltespr, jfltetmo, jflteusc, jfltevzw, jfltexx

Now: jflte

*i9500 and other Exynos based devices will remain separate

Functionally, you should see little difference between the new single build for your device family and the old separately named builds – phone, wifi, data, etc. are all working as expected. For those of you crackflashers, flash the new builds just as you would the old. For those of you who use the CM updater (or CMFota), we will have server side checks for this unification and you will be provided the corresponding build upon next release (M4/11.0 final).

Source trees have been made available for the new unified devices on our Github.

  • https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_d2lte
  • https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_hlte
  • https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_jflte

More on the horizon

We are also in the process of making this change for all Moto X  (xt1053, xt1058, xt1060 == ghost), Moto G (xt1022, xt1032, xt1033, xt1034 == falcon), Moto Droid RAZR (xt925, xt926 == vanquish) and the Galaxy Note 3 2 (t0lte, t0lteatt, t0ltetmo == t0lte) devices. We will make a post signalling the cross-over for these devices in the near future.

  • C Nexus

    It’s never been a “different” rom version. It’s not like one person runs CM 11-experimental and another runs CM 11-stable. It’s always been the same.

    Like I said and will continue to say, this will not change anything for anyone but those who build CM, making it easier to support more devices more quickly.

  • NathanDomier

    Does this mean that the d2dcm aka SGS III Docomo aka SC-06D was merged into d2lte as well? As far as I’m aware it’s a qualcomm build.

  • hallstevenson

    The Galaxy S3 has had this (unofficially) available for almost a month. The ZIP file increased by a *few* megabytes. Just found some ZIPs on my phone: d2vzw build, 140.9MB and a d2lte build, 142.0MB

  • Alex Mazo

    You should do this for LG, it may fix the problem of voice calls not working on unlocked og g prphones

  • Nikhil

    wat about Tab 2 …….. ?

  • Final Lau

    Bootlooped my S4 :(

  • Aryeh95

    How does the build.prop work on these unified builds

  • Jonas Karlsson

    My phone keeps notifying me that theres an update available. I dont want this update(i cant install it if i try anyway). How do i turn off these notifications/automatic download of updates?

  • mionica

    if you’re using ART, switch to Dalvik before upgrading – and don’t try enabling ART ever again :)

  • Karl Hill

    No ART here, maybe xposed installer?

  • Santiago

    Anyone had data connection problems on S4 (9500) after upgrade to CM11? Mine is dead.

  • http://www.benjihana.com/ Ben Taylor

    Incoming calls are showing the international plus + sign before the numbers and are NOT showing the proper contact upon receiving a call since going from d2att -> d2lte

  • Jeffrey Hauser

    You still getting MMS msgs?

  • Jeffrey Hauser

    Should be in setting > about phone > CyanogenMods and change the update search period

  • Santiago

    i did not check. But it seems I am the only one with this problem. No, with today’s nightly, also Camera not working…

  • Mark Visser

    Do i need to do a full wipe when comming from a non unified build?

  • Jonas Karlsson

    I dont have a “cyanogenmods” in about phone. Its just “system updates” in which the only option is “install update”. Theres also status/cyanogenmod statistics/view changelog

  • John Bistricky

    I wouldn’t flash D2LTE on the D2SPR model.

    1. 4 hrs and battery died.
    2. Back of phone extremely hot.
    3. Iffy data signal.

  • David

    Disable ART before and the bootloop is gone

  • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

    He means having more people focused on the same device tree, not literally the ROM version, I think. Even that is probably a stretch since I’ve seen many devs helping across device variants.

  • Sean Mark

    im not on ART nor xposed

  • David Dahan

    Random cell signal drops with the latest (26/02/2014) d2lte ROM. I have a d2att. I think that its best to have specific ROMs for specific phones. Especially if different models of the same phone are on different carriers (GSM, CDMA).

  • Travis Anderson

    This line needs to be added for the C Spire Variant of D2LTE, it’s been a problem since D2SPI was added to D2SPR.

    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “d2spi” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “d2spi” ||

  • Jason Heller

    Im wondering why when I flash from cm11 217 for d2vzw to the new unified d2lte….I lose mms sms and service all together the 217 build works good I had mms issues but I fixed that but I want to update to the newest unified build any ideas how to get this to work….I love cm by the way keep up the good work…you guys rock

  • Egenius

    Wow what’s going on here I flashed two different versions of jflte to my jfltcan and my phone was completely broken, phone process kept crashing and sim not recognized even after doing the 3 wipes, I’m very surprised and disappointed now I’m stuck with the last jfltcan nightly and it doesn’t seem like u guy’s are going to be updating these

  • reylin G

    Can you now install a jflte unified built to the Metro PCS version of the gs4???

  • reylin G

    can you now install a jflte unified built to the Metro PCS version of the gs4???

  • reylin G

    So can you now install a jflte built to the metro pcs version of the Samsung galaxy s4?

  • Jake Barthalemule

    Try m6, and let me know of this helps. Some nightlies faced a CDMA bug. Good luck!

  • Jason Heller

    Yea the bug was fixed in one of the earlier nightlies I appreciate the info though…installed m6 the other day works nicely

  • Bharath Kumar

    Will XT1052 (ghost_retasia) Single SIM be unified along with the other versions?

  • neonevin

    Hi… Thanks for making our lives easier with the new unified build. Are all qualcomm variants for GS4 (including GT-9506) supported in the unified build ?

  • calvin dmello

    Hey cyanogrnmod! I’m getting a lot of lag on my s4 (jfltecan) the lag is like when i tap on a notification in the notification panel, it takes almost a min to fully retract the panel and then switch apps. I’m also experiencing lag when opening folders on homescreen. What can i do to fix these things?

  • Kevin McDaid

    Glad to hear about this ***BUT*** there really should be a sticky on the old designation’s site to either this article, the new designation or some comment to the same effect. I’ve spent *months* refreshing the d2tmo page wondering why development had stopped.

    Great news nonetheless.

  • http://www.aquademica.se/mogel/ Mögel

    Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

  • Jasson Allen Carey

    i have a samsung galaxy s3 sch-s968c through straight talk im not sure what carrier it is i just know its on verizon towers. its all complicated cuz u can flash any phone to any carrier. but what im trying to fix is my straight talk activation *22890 an *22891 to get mms internet to work with cm11. no matter what i do i cant seem to get it to work> anyone that can help please message me on my gmail or cell 989 310 6060 please an thank you

  • Eric Scherzinger

    Seems that the d2lte releases have an issue with Wind Mobile Canada Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999). No wifi or network connectivity here. I reverted to an older d2tmo labelled release and all was well. Any update on this would be appreciated!


  • Richard Quinn

    I am running CM11 M11 d2lte on Sprint and everything works great but the play store thinks I am on verizon is there a way to fix this?

  • Gordon Fellis

    The unified jflte breaks cellular data on the i545 when using a gsm Sim.

  • Jasson Allen Carey

    How do I get my straight talk activation an internet to work on cm 11m12 I’m haven issues

  • Gordon Fellis

    That’s the issue, you can’t the libs are all messed up for gsm data the phones try to focus on the CDMA signal.

  • Jasson Allen Carey

    How do I fix it

  • Jasson Allen Carey

    How do I fix it

  • Jasson Allen Carey

    My sgs3 is a sch-s968c but when I take it apart its a i535 Verizon but I’m usen it on straight talk CDMA it can be used as gsm but the straight talk won’t switch it. I keep haven lots of issues

  • nasseh khodaie

    I have installed cm11 m10 and m11 which are d2lte on my d2att and they don’t work at all. The data connection won’t work and I when I enter access point info it won’t save the setting. Also I get non stop pop ups that such and such stopped working. I thank you for hard work anyway.

  • Nick Aguirre

    Was the t0lte ROM unified already? And it’s safe to flash it to other variants now right?

  • http://www.androidtopgames.com/ AndroidTopGames

    Can i install this cyanogen mod on my android one device ?

  • vahid

    Cm 12.1 for i9515

  • cemsahin

    Please cyanogenmod 13 s4 i9500