This Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: March 21, 2014

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

GalleryNext Beta Update

In January we debuted the beta for the GalleryNext application, a large scale effort to start addressing the the gaps we’ve identified in AOSP applications. The reception to the application has been great and the interaction we’ve seen on the Beta’s G+ Community has been consistent – even when we went a bit ‘dark’ on the status of the project.

Since our last update on January 27th, the Gallery team has been working to address the incredible amount of feedback.

To note just some of the many changes:

* Better scrolling and load times

* Delete and Undo support for local and cloud

* Chromecast and Roku support

* Better integration with image editors

* DeepZoom support

* Provider bug fixes (Dropbox, Google+, FB)

* New animations for image loading and previews

* UI and UX updates

The updated beta application has been published to the market and should be available for download later today. As a reminder, if you are not a part of the beta, you can join by following the steps below:

1) Join the CM GalleryNext Beta G+ group (

2) Visit the Beta program’s opt-in page (

3) Join the beta and continue to the download link provided on that page.

Open Source Dialer Lookup 

Courtesy of Xiao-Long Chen, CM 11 nightlies now have an open source implementation of the dialer look-up features showcased in Google’s proprietary phone application. You can now simply type ‘Pizza’ into the dialer’s name lookup field, and the dialer will return a list of nearby Pizza places.

Asus Transformer Pad 

Long time Tegra maintainer and contributor pershoot comes through again, this week bringing in the Tegra 4 powered tf701T. Nightlies are already available on our download portal.

Status Bar Ethernet Icons

For those of you using ethernet adapters for your Android devices (tablets, Rasberry Pi, etc), you can now easily see the network device’s connection status.

New Nexus 5 dependency

Users attempting to flash Nexus 5 builds of any type dated March 18th or later must have the 4.4.2 bootloader as made available by Google, version HHZ11k. If you are on an older bootloader and attempt to flash newer builds, you will be met by a bootloader assert failure. You can update your bootloader via the fastboot, using the “fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img” command. Our wiki has information available for those in need of help setting up the fastboot tool. Setting minimum requirements helps us minimize issues introduced by subtle incompatibilities using the older bootloader. The impacts seen can range from general stability, camera quality, and even improved battery life.

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Asaf Nagar

    Does the dialer have reverse number lookup. For example, will I be able to identify bill collectors without saving their number?

  • Renan Carneiro

    Good… and nothing about the CM11 and its updates!? :S

  • Laminus

    Any chance to get the official cyanogenmod for the Galaxy Note 3 N9005 ?

  • Zetron Cakha

    CM 11 for Note 3 N900T pleeeeaaassee!!!!!
    You guys are awesome and hardworkers, I know. I really hate TouchWiz, and CM nightlies aren’t performing so well currently, atleast the multiple one’s I’ve tried.

  • Chris P

    Wow, four comments in and 75% of them are “but what about my device?”
    Blame your device maintainers. Or, if no one’s maintaining the device, start doing so yourself or move to get some maintenance going with the dev community.

    Actually on topic now, woo! GalleryNext updates! I should probably try it again, having only tried it when it first came out…

  • JRMoore

    I don’t know if there’s an entry on this already, but if there isn’t I think it would be interesting to know how you decide, or what the process is to add a new device to the officially supported ones.

  • Teh

    Holy smokes, camera being even worse, than it already is, is hard to imagine. I cant seem to find the HHZ11k for hammerhead, the site lists KOT49H as the latest. Any advice?

  • Nicolas

    Don’t worry, if you’re on KOT49H then you have the latest bootloader. KOT49H is just the build number. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

  • Coy Walker

    Is it just me or is there still no lte for d2lte?

  • gavtaylor

    KOT49H is the one you want

  • Elton torres

    Require a password to turn off the android,
    Will make The device More secure!

  • Teh

    so what about hhz11k the cyanogen guy mentioned?

  • Santa Cruzer

    IIRC my Verizon GS3 on CM11 20140319 d2lte indicated LTE yesterday

  • Coy Walker

    Did you so anything to get this?

  • Jedi Dna

    no it won’t.
    People can allways remove the batery.

  • David A. Galvez

    Hello! Could you please provide a link to the fastboot tool you mentioned in the post? I am not able to find it in the wiki. My fastboot version is HHZ11d. It is critical to update?

  • Roderick Johnson

    HTC one thieves will struggle

  • Ricky Barrette

    The nexus 5 thing is kinda a big deal, I’m surprised this wasn’t announcement all on its own…

  • Santa Cruzer

    Nope. And, I just today did a factory clear/restore and re-installed the 20140409 nightly (I had caused a different problem) and it came right up on Verizon with LTE again. Maybe try that? (A wipe/restore cycle)

  • Robert Asmus

    What nightly? I didn’t know it was April or is that September 2014?

  • Santa Cruzer

    That is a typo, sorry – I’m using 11-20140319-NIGHTLY-d2lte (19 March 2014, just a couple days ago) … I’ll go edit that.

  • Linh Nguyen

    Could you bring back onscreen navigation buttons in galaxy tab p1000 With cm11

  • Jared Kwan

    Thats for the Nexus 5.

  • yboy403

    The Nexus 5 is also called Hammerhead, which is Google’s codename for the phone. I believe the two version numbers are for different things – KOT49H is the build number for stock 4.4.2, and HHZ11K is the bootloader version number.

  • Coy Walker

    It continues to not work, it locks on to LTE for a serving then goes back down to 3G

  • SpinMD

    I absolutely love the feature on the Note3 dialer where you can have a custom label for the number (not just home/work/mobile) – I use this to identify the network (billing is different for different networks, so they m,ay call you from one, and you call back on another) and the country – if you travel and meet people in other countries, when they call you, their number registers in local format, and does not have the “=” and country code prefix – I have numbers for some people in more than one country that begin “07” and when I call them in the wrong country a stranger gets very confused!

    Please can we have the in the CM dialer(s). Preferably in a form that saves your custom labels and offers them in a drop-down list.

  • Doncho Papazov

    Can you please finally add folder functionality in the main app drawer? I want to arrange my apps…

  • Jonatan Martin Garcia

    Note 3 stable, please…

  • moxfyre

    For the Nexus 5 bootloader update, It’s a bit frustrating that I have to download the 440 MiB factory image in order to get the ~3 MiB bootloader image. Is there anywhere that the bootloader image is distributed alone?

  • John Mark Datingaling

    The link is dead. :(

  • SlowMod

    please CM 11 for Galaxy Note 2 GSM-non LTE

  • Pedro Costa

    I would like to see a new people/contacts app for CM too. Google’s People app is pretty but in terms of functionality it isn’t good, I mean I got my contacts duplicated without doing anything and that was a mess.
    And as for many others that have concerns about privacy that app isn’t good either as you can’t save the contacts on the phone itself and you have to sync them to you Google account

  • Imran Majeed

    I am waiting for cm 11 for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900

  • Imran Majeed

    please…please…..please….cm 11 for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900

  • Kevin Kuo

    There is reverse look up on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anik Halder

    Read Above: All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Matteo Scaccabarozzi

    the dialer outside the USA it’s useless.. please add more provider(for italy)!