This Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: March 14, 2014

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

And we’re back! Its been a while since the last TWICM, and I have to confess that as your narrator much of the blame in the delay falls back on me. Let’s get everyone’s favorite semi-recurring blog post back on track!

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

The ‘amami’ has been officially added to the CM roster, courtesy of the crew known as FXP. The first test-build and nightly are both available on our download portal.

Translations Galore

Our translation team and contributors have been on a tear! These guys have not only volunteered to update and maintain the existing languages supported (which have been growing steadily), they have also created documentation and tools to help assist new-comers to their fold. Take a look at their translation guide for more information and possibly see where and how to contribute. The team is also looking into a web-based translation solution to make submitting your changes even easier. Look out for more information in the coming weeks on that effort.

What’s new in Source? 

We did a pretty decent changelog for CM 11 M4’s release, so let’s look at what has changed since that code was branched:

Multi-sim (MSIM) support which will debut in full on the Moto G dual SIM model. For updates on this device keep tabs on Dhacker29.

QCRIL merged. This was not without its headaches, but such is life with ‘bleeding edge’ code. Some of you may have seen some odd behavior with APNs and Messaging. That dust should be settled (or will be shortly).

The Data Usage Cycle display got a more granular control – you can now set day and week on data cycles to better manage your non-unlimited data plans.

Faster booting on multicore devices. This nice tweak should benefit most of the devices supported in CM 11 by enabling multi-threading support for various boot-time processes (including that ‘optimizing apps’ dialog).

Nokia X? 

During our trip to MWC at the end of February we were able to secure an X from the Nokia team. There has been a substantial interest in this device from the community. While we won’t commit to releasing a proper ‘release’ (the hardware is more than a bit lacking) we have sent our X to dhacker29 to get up a source tree for the community. Just because CM won’t release a build doesn’t mean we can’t help other ROMs in the process. Nokia, to their credit, has already provided kernel source upon request and the bootloader is unlocked on this device – plenty of fun for the community to be had.

Privacy Guard gets beefier

With the help of CAF we’ve brought in changes to allow for an ‘Always Ask’ mode to Privacy Guard. Now, should you choose, your apps will trigger a dialog on first run for the permissions they need, and you can choose to allow or deny accordingly. To prevent this from being overwhelming, the ask dialog is currently set to be ‘stricter’ on the larger permission sets, example: it won’t ask for ‘vibrate’ permission, but will for ‘course location’. You can see what the behavior will be for any given permission on Github.

CyanogenMod @ CeBIT 

Sven and I were invited out to the Open Source Park at CeBIT this year. There we met and hung out with folks from Tor, Git, Knoppix, KDE, LibreOffice, Bitcoin and various other open source projects. The event also brought with it the Linux New Media Open Source awards.  And guess what? We won in the category of Best Open Source Software App for Android. Some of you may recall we won an award here last year as well, focusing on ‘Best Open Source Mobile App for Inclusion and Accessibility’. We couldn’t have received either of these without the continued support of our community of users and developers alike. So to all 11 million+ of you, thank you!


Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • John Kirk


  • Ahmadovich

    Sony is awesome. xD and of course you tok Cyanogenmod. 😀 😀

  • benjamimgois

    Good to hear, cyanogenmod is really a great project, it deserves all the credit. Any possibility of a future multi window support ?

  • aney1

    Privacy Guard would be much more useful if new apps could be set to Always Ask automatically.
    Any plans for that?

  • ianken

    Alas I reverted to stock on my N5 after epically flaky A2DP connectivity issues. maybe m5? Keep on trying guys! Still awesome!

  • Sultan Al-Otaibi

    what about note 3 SM-N900 ?

  • Renan Carneiro

    I only wish my congratulations CM and u more size in the future androids. THANKS!!!!!

  • William Swartzendruber

    Any word on NXP’s new support for HCE?

  • iron2000

    Maybe there can be some new features?

    Omni has got center clock at the taskbar and other clock appearance tweaks and also the notification drawer smart pulldown etc.

  • Nazo

    Perhaps we need a “strict mode” for the privacy guard where newly added things could default to always ask even for the stuff that’s considered “safe”? I’m having to go through every app I add to disable a lot of stuff like autostarts that I just don’t want them doing. (It’s also scary how many at least have provisions to read location, but that’s a discussion for the app devs rather than CM devs.) It seems like it might be also a lot nicer if when it does ask it could have a “remember” checkbox and keep the deny or allow all the time if you select it while letting you choose to manually allow or deny as needed at other times.

    And yeah, I really have to agree with aney1. Too many things default to allow when you add a new app and you have to manually change them. Along with the “remember” checkbox, always ask could actually become a pretty good default choice for those of us who want to squeeze what little privacy we can out of the system.

  • Harshal Bhave

    About Cyanogenmod installer. So the app automatically gets the latest stable version once you guys release?

  • Manos

    On last Nightlies for Nexus 4 there is no WiFi data indicator on status bar. Will this feature be back on the Nightlies to come?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Congratulations on the award, CM!

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  • Aitor Hidalgo Moreno

    Can you add a officialy suport for the Xperia P?

  • Plumeex

    Nice! Next time you should tell us more about the future of Trebuchet. c:

  • Khalid Basheir

    You deserve that award, congratulations

  • Khalid Basheir

    Let’s know something about CyanogenMod future next time.

  • Nicolas LEUCCI

    Congrat to the team, very nice work and you deserve this award

  • Zach Papadopoulos

    Try the nightlies. They always are more stable for me. Especially lately, they are rock solid.

  • Mini Mansell

    the one thing i am really missing is the option to hide apps from the app drawer but still have them available, as CM10 settings allowed.

  • Geoff Totten

    Well done guys I have been using the jflte nightlies lately and they have been rock solid.

  • Hypocrite

    Looking forward to the web based translation solution. Thanks for taking that into consideration.

  • squiddy20

    Try asking your maintainer/fellow forum users, instead of posting in the comments section of the blog.

  • Guy

    after the update my Galaxy Nexus went wacky. the keyboard doesn’t work so i can’t text or type anything in any program. the back button doesn’t work either so i can enter into settings or programs but i can only go forward and not back.

    also other programs crash a whole bunch and my ringer doesn’t seem to be working as well as sounds for incoming text messages.

    is there an easy way to go back to the last version with out me having to download and install all the programs again? perhaps another more stable update will be available really soon?

  • Imran Majeed

    what about note 3 SM-N900 ?

  • Imran Majeed

    Release cm 11 for Note 3 SM- N900

  • Jonatan Martin Garcia

    “All device/port requests will be ignored.”

    Think how much longer ignore important phone? Some has been long awaited stable Cyanogenmod for Galaxy Note 3 (hlte) …

  • Vincent Betts

    You should know that nightlies are not guaranteed stable. Things might be broken.

  • Manos

    I am aware of that. I’m using Nightlies since the 1st day i bought Nexus 4 and i was using them while i was on Galaxy S1. The thing is that i asked the same question on Q&A section of CM on both G+ and xda and no one replied, and that’s why i asked in here too.
    I didn’t know i couldn’t ask such a thing in this blog, sorry if it’s forbidden.

  • Vincent Betts

    Don’t count on all nightlies being stable or have the same features just because you’ve had stable nightlies before. Support for nightlies doesn’t really exist anyway.

  • Zetron Cakha

    Snapshot or Release candidate of CM 11 for T-Mobile Note 3 please!!!!! Any idea when?

  • A J Kidd

    Why have LG devices been so thoroughly ignored?

  • Imran Majeed

    waiting for cm 11 for my note 3 SM-N900

  • broke86

    i’m wondering when they’re going to fix that video issue with instagram, vine, snapchat ecc.

  • oscar


  • oscar

    Arte forma i9100

  • Frank Theplank

    Well done keep up the good work. I have not moved to cyanogenmod yet but will soon. But looking in from the outside I’m still not sure weather to go yet. Does anyone know roughly how far away the stable version of 11is thanks?

  • Meet Patel

    Waiting for NOTE3 SM-N900.

  • Erkin Sencer

    what about nokia xl?