This week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: June 28, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

Happy Friday! This was a busy and exciting week for us; this round-up has a lot of ground to cover.

CM 10.1.0 Release

We pulled the trigger on the release, with builds of Android 4.2.2 based CM 10.1 now available on our servers. As a reminder to those upgrading from CM 10.0, this latest release is based on a newer version of Android and will require that you update your third party add-ons to be compatible, and for some of you, your radios and bootloaders as well. If you receive an assert failure or can’t sync your email accounts, you are likely in need of an update.

We are actively tracking the need for any point releases (ie and will put them out on a device by device basis.

Homepage Redesign

With the help with the team at GlitchAgency, we launched the new look and feel for this website. Next on our makeover list – Keep an eye out for its new look, coming soon.

Big Android BBQ

For those of you in the States, CyanogenMod is sponsoring the big the Big Android BBQ and the tickets are now available! Come hang out with us this October!

With 10.1.0 out of the way we unveiled some of the features we have been working on.

Xperia Camera Features

With some hard work and fancy code, we enabled some of the more advanced features on the 2012/13 Xperia devices, including HDR and Sony’s image & video stabilization.

HDR Video Capture

The HTC One variants and the Xperia Z received the added benefit of HDR video recording!

Camera Quick Settings Tile

Nebkat joined all the camera fun and introduced our first Advanced Quick Settings tile, with the ability to access the camera viewfinder and take a picture directly from the Quick Settings panel!

Privacy Guard Merged

We merged the Privacy Guard (formerly Incognito App Mode) patches into the nightly builds, and the functionality is now open for wide-scale testing. If you find a bug, drop a mention in our G+ thread and thank you in advance for not reporting bugs for a nightly build on JIRA.

Trio of Status Reports

With the device roster for 10.1 being finalized, we received a lot of questions on missing devices. We put out a few brief updates for affected devices.

First, for Tegra 2 based devices, we will be discontinuing general releases moving forward.

Next up, we brought back nightlies for four of our HTC devices, after a short 3 month hiatus.

Finally, the Exynos family got its report card and we aren’t going to be giving up on you Exynos 4 users (eg. i9100, i9300) any time soon. There was also a silver lining for International S4 users (i9500) with the announcement that we have the device in hand and are hacking away – no ETA.

Koush’s Secret Feature

Last week we teased that Koush had something in the works, related to SMS and Messaging. This week Koush let the cat out of the bag, with the reveal of Secure Push/SMS messaging coming to CyanogenMod! Checkout the patches and source code!

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • DuduMaroja

    Please.. extend the amazing privacy guard to Location and internet access ( indivuadly )

    and maybe a incognito mode for apps.. great for apps that not support multiple users

  • Bay Area Tech Pros

    OpenDroid / Pdroid works better than privacy guard, at the moment.

  • Vivek Chamoli

    Great , Keep the Good , Keep the great momentum and new inventive ideas flowing …

  • Juliusz Maciejewski

    Please fix calling sound echo in LG L9 P760 phone. It’s there since official release for our phone.

  • Shivam Maharaj

    I would like CM to take from the GPE S4 and bring those enhancements to the OG S4. And perhaps add Air View and Air Gestures.

  • Shivam Maharaj

    I would like to see, in the next round-up, how CM plans to implement what they got from the GPE devices into the original S4 and One.

  • edu_g

    Hey ciwrl. The sim toolkit on the stable CM10.1 for the nexus s isn’t working. Any possible fix for this?

  • Armands Jermaļonoks

    Cyanogenmod have got really good future. Only question is, when GPS will start work? On my nexus 4.

  • Gavriel Ostrow

    can you guys incorporate touchwiz features that are specific to galaxy devices? also my galaxy s3 recently got stolen and i realized that even if i had a password protection on boot it wouldn’t change anything since recovery and usb are not password protected. I would like to suggest a capability of putting a password lock on recover and on usb that can’t be bypassed.

  • Tom

    Since CM8 was cancelled, and it looks kinda funny going from 7 to 9, why not make CM8 again but for older devices like the Nexus One and HTC Desire Z? Keep it on Gingerbread but make the whole interface visually resemble Android 4.x as much as possible. I understand some visual effects won’t be possible or won’t work well on that old 2.x framework, but the general stuff like icons, fonts, status bar, notification drawer, system settings arrangement, etc shouldn’t be too hard to reproduce.

    In other words, take Gingerbread and “officially” disguise it as ICS :)

    Yes, you can already download icon packs and custom lockscreens, but one peek into system settings and you know it’s Gingerbread. Plus, there’s the comfort of knowing a feature is native!

    If I knew how to code (I technically major in that stuff, but I’m no pro) and had the time I’d attempt a project like this myself.

  • Viper1568

    First of all, I would like to thank all the CM team people for coming up with this amazing ROM for everyone.

    I am currently using the i9305 variant of the S3 and the nightly CM10.1 is stable enough for my daily driver. Personally I feel that the CM ROM for the S3 is close to perfection already, except for 2 areas – scrolling wallpaper and Apollo music player.

    1) I use only 1 home screen with non-scrolling wallpaper. Right now, even when I set the scrolling wallpaper off, the wallpaper selection still crops to 1440px by 1280px. As such, I have to install Nova launcher just for this purpose.

    I hope to see an option to use a wallpaper according to the screen dimensions (720px by 1280px) when the scrolling wallpaper is turned off. If this option is available, then CM10.1 for the i9305 will be perfect !!!

    2) Not much of an issue but as far as the stock music player goes, I hope to see an option to allow the embedded ID3 music art in .mp3 to be shown rather than the album artwork.

    Thanks again for all the hard work.

  • Tom

    Most touchwiz exclusive features are closed source. They can’t be ported.

  • Nathan Campbell

    So my Google play store won’t work, when will that be fixed?

  • ciwrl

    When you update the play store version you use.

  • ciwrl

    Works perfectly on mine…File a jira bug report with a log if you are having issues.

  • ciwrl

    I’ll check with the maintainer if they have heard of any wide-spread issue with this. Have you opened a ticket on the issue tracker?

  • ciwrl

    We are still working our way through the kernel sources, so nothing substantial out of this yet.

  • ciwrl

    Which enhancements in particular? The camera app everyone is fussing over is Closed Source (something you’d find in a gapps pack).

  • edu_g

    I have just done that. Sorry It took me a while to get the Logs. I have uploaded two logs, one from a Crespo running CM10.1.2 with the error and the other a Maguro running stock 4.2.2 working successfully.
    Hope this helps as I’m very new at this. The work y’all do is very much appreciated.

  • Jose M. Berumen

    I have problems with nDrive 10.1.15 the app stay freezed with black screen, can some one confirm this?

  • Nathan Petralia

    There was also a silver lining for International S4 users (i9500) with the announcement that we have the device in hand and are hacking away – no ETA.

    << This post was 6 months ago… what happened to the SGS4? It still hasn't made it to the list of compatible devices.