This Week in CyanogenMod – June 21, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

Privacy Guard

We’ve decided that the name “Incognito App Mode” is a mouth full, and sort of backwards in its labeling. Traditionally incognito mode in a browser prevents tracking based on cookies and the like. This isn’t true to what this new functionality actually accomplishes, so we’ve opted for the much simpler name of Privacy Guard.

But the new name isn’t the only thing that we worked on this week. A handful of ‘work in process’ (wip) patches for the Privacy Guard have been submitted to our gerrit instance. There are five patches in total, including the patches to the Framework, Contacts, Calendar and Phone. These patches can be cherry-picked and included in your home-builds, and we encourage folks to help test out the functionality as we prepare for its eventual merger. Additional patch-sets will be coming as well to address bugs and to add a notification when a Privacy Guard enabled app is in the foreground.

Transformer Prime

The tf201 received its first 10.1 Experimental build this week, and entered the nightly build cycle yesterday evening. Builds are now available on

Profiles Triggers

The Profiles functionality received an enhancement, adding the ability to trigger specific profiles based on the wifi access point (AP) you are connected to. Wifi AP triggers have been merged into the nightlies. Next on deck for profiles are Bluetooth based context triggers, still in review.

SMS Survey

We ran a quick poll to gauge the usage rates of the CM included messaging app versus third party alternatives. It’s still very early in this space, but we have a lot of interesting and exciting enhancements in mind for the text-messaging aficionados. Keep an eye out!

Koush’s super-secret feature

Not to be outdone in the survey space, Koush launched his own poll for a feature he is working on. G+ users can still respond and, as he said, let the speculation begin.

Road to 10.1.0

At this point, we do not believe that there have been any patches merged into the 10.1.0 staging branch that would merit an RC6. We will continue to knock out identified bugs on our JIRA instance, and aim to have the final release soon. Stay tuned.

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.


  • Artem Russakovskii

    Where’s the “I have no clue what ROM my friends use” option in that poll, Koush? 😛

  • kovacslaszlo13

    Is incognito cm10.1 only?
    Because i only get CM10 nightlyes :(

  • weed4feed

    I would like to see the phone dialer have a scroll so that if you hit the screen to hard it does not dial. A place for your finger to move or scroll the contacts that has room and will not activate if it is double tapped or tapped tooo hard.

  • Vitor Gatti

    I’d like to have an option to invert colors in any screen.
    I’d like to have Halo implemented into CM.
    I’d like to have multiple screens support on tablets.

    Thanks for this awesome ROM!! The best of the bests 😀

  • Zachary Hinson

    take into consideration the t-mobile galaxy s2 has a problem with its rc5 detecting the SIM card. I love cyanogenmod and would appreciate a fix… thank you.

  • LiCo – The New Linux Counter

    I’ve tried so many times to install a nightly build of cyanogenmod on my german Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile, i9505) and never had success. Beside the fact, that none of the discriptions on how to install cyanogenmod on a S4 is really working, I’ve also problems with error messages like that something is missing in the rom or similar (Don’t have the exact error messages available yet, because my last try is some days ago).
    Any chance that there will be a cyanogenmod working on the german i9505?

  • Rahul Kumar

    In the camera app, maybe you could add the option to save to the SD card? :) would be very helpful

  • OneOfOne

    very much appreciated but I need to know that the camera works properly on the d2spr as well as bluetooth before its a daily driver

  • Stefan Egger

    I would like to see HALO from Paranoid Android included in CM10.1
    I would like you to stop calling your daily releases “nigthlies” because they are stable as FUUUUUCK!

  • Stefan Egger

    That’s arleady included, I guess not for all devices? At least I have it on my SGS2 nightlies since weeks…

  • azazelscariote

    Es excelente pero cuando abro alguna aplicación a los 5 minutos me sale la aplicación de musica que puede ser?

  • MtK

    It’d be really nice to have a post about supported devices. Those newly added and specially those long forgotten like the i9300 international, that has no release since the CM9 and the forum is full of questions about it without any proper/official response.

  • Arnel Zapata Jr

    Halo notifications please, I just love the “chat heads” feature for all apps.

  • ahmad fauzee

    Is it can for i9100g to use i9500 firmware?

  • LiCo – The New Linux Counter

    ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.3.2

    — Installing: /external_sd/roms/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    set_perm:some changes failed
    E:Error in /external_sd/roms/

    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    (This was today on a german Galaxy S4 (i9505, T-Mobile)

  • Joe Anthony Suarez

    You have to flash “jfltexx”, not “jfltetmo”.

  • ciwrl

    Are you actually using the jfltexx build?

  • ciwrl


  • ciwrl

    Noted. I’ll touch on this next week

  • ciwrl

    Currently these features are for future CM releases, ie those after 10.1 (10.2 and so on). To date, we haven’t discussed backporting these features.

  • Woot woot

    would love to see battery bar added to Cyanogenmod

    such a small feature but loved by so many

  • LiCo – The New Linux Counter

    uh… really? What is the difference? I’ll try that today evening, thanks!

  • Jonathan Lancett

    i am loving the new site it’s grate with screenreaders thanks

  • LiCo – The New Linux Counter

    okay… just tried… with jfltexx exactly the same error as before….

    Any ideas?

  • Fede Fedemyth Obrist

    I’d like the Random reboot to be fixed… because it’s an exelent rom!!!

  • kovacslaszlo13

    Thanks! :)

  • ahmad fauzee


  • Konstigt2

    Can NFC be used as a profile trigger?

  • Saurabh Patel

    Halo is top on my list or requests.
    Getting around the Cornerstone issue would be the next 😉

  • Olivier Chauvet

    Crap ! Gps location takes too long, Home wifi is not detected automaticaly.
    Thanks to avoid regressions in futur.
    On SGS2.

  • Olivier Chauvet

    Crap ! Gps location takes too long, Home wifi is not detected automaticaly.
    Thanks to avoid regressions in futur.On SGS2.

  • MtK

    “no ETA”, that’s it?

  • ciwrl

    Because the Installations are always device specific

  • ciwrl

    If that’s all you took away from the post, then I got nothing else for you.

  • MtK

    well, that was already pretty clear that no one has anything else to say about it.

  • ciwrl

    I suggest you read the comments from Andrew Dodd (entropy512) in that very post.

  • XDTZ

    I want inverted color mode so bad!

  • create812

    I suppose Wi-Fi AP profile triggers means I’d have to have Wi-Fi on all the time. This defeats the purpose of controlling Wi-Fi via profiles.

    Also, can these triggers be for access points that are in range, but not connected to?