This Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: July 26, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

What a week! We got a new Nexus 7, Android 4.3, and we debuted the first stage of Project Nemesis.

Android 4.3
We’ve started the process of integrating 4.3 into CyanogenMod to create CM 10.2. As of this post, we’ve finished merging all of the Android Open Source Project’ (AOSP) code into CM and have applied all the CM features that went in without a need for refactoring. This means most of the CM goodies are already baked into our github, and the outliers will be re-coding then merged back in.

Instead of providing picture by picture of devices coming live, here is a quick rundown of what devices have booted 10.2 as of this post:



10.2 nightlies are not yet enabled, give us a bit to flush out the issues before you jump into the latest Jellybean code! Home builders, sync and build at your will, but don’t complain when things break :)

The New N7
Not to be outdone, we got our hands on the new Nexus 7 and will be working on bring that device some CM 10.2 love as well.

Project Nemesis
Right off the bat, thank you for allowing us to have a little fun. We often get caught up in our work that we never really get to cut loose. The whole teaser video experience was a lot of fun – you guys sure know how to drum up the hype! That said, I think we’ll try and stick to straight forward news in the future, some of your expectations were way way way out there (CM on iPhone? Really?).

Steve (aka Cyanogen) gave a brief summary of what Nemesis is and what it means for our future. Though we can’t say what we have in store yet, trust that we are aiming to bring the best Custom OS experience possible to you all, and a lot more cools things will follow.

As for the debut of stage 1 for Nemesis, our pals at Android Police gave a first hand look at our first offering, Focal, a new Open Source camera app chock-full of features, including an Open Source replacement for PhotoSphere! It’s author, XplodWild, gave a detailed overview of Focal’s functionality, and even included an awesome video vignette.

We’re going to get back to work making awesome things happen for all the Android Community. Enjoy your weekend!

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All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Yoni

    Yes! Guys you need to do CM 10.1 for the S3 mini! I have an unofficial version but I really need official!

  • Corbin Davenport

    “All device/port requests will be ignored.”

  • Corbin Davenport

    I was a little overexcited for Project Nemesis, but after learning what it really was I’m just as excited. The camera app (if I understand it correctly) brings Photosphere to every device, which I’ve been excited for since one of my friends bought a Nexus 10 and showed me. I can’t wait for what’s in store for other applications.

    Keep it up guys!

  • cosine83

    Tell Samsung to give better code and documentation.

  • Byung-Hoon Cho

    Next roundup should be what the rest of Nemesis will be :)

  • merman1983

    Solution: never purchase an android device that is not already on the CM official support list.

  • iTalkThatTalk

    Sooooo stoked!! Cant wait to use this on GS3 d2cri. Thank you guys SO much!

  • torghoundy

    Love to have 4.3 on my i9100g!
    I hope you fix galley sync someday… Or built in radio app..

  • Pan Szym

    Awesome people, awesome features. Thank you so much.

  • Rafał Orechwo

    Video calling in 3G/HSPA

  • 00raq00

    Jfltetmo is similar to jfltexx, so it should working with jfltexx or not ?

  • Bjajjull

    There is an app for that, Hangouts.

  • ianjo

    He means real 3G video calling, compatible with all old 3G phones, not over-the-internet video calling.
    It’s very unfortunate that very few Android phones have support for this.

  • ianjo

    Yes! Indeed thank you!
    I’ve been unhappy with the stock camera app and had searched a lot in the play store for alternatives but there are almost none so it’s awesome to see CM pick up the torch and give as an awesome experience :)

  • Travis Willard

    Fantastic. :)

    Is there any thought of attempting to push some of your modifications upstream?

  • Jamm513

    Any advance con I9500 support?

  • Bjajjull

    Ok. I don’t understand why he wants that, what’s the difference between that and Hangouts?

  • Henri Eskelinen

    Hangouts isn’t as universal as the real 3G video calling. You can’t use Hangout with Symbian or the older phone OSs

  • Bjajjull

    That is true. But I don’t know anyone without a smartphone.

  • ianjo

    It’s kind of country-dependent. In my country almost nobody uses hangouts.

  • Bjajjull

    Same for me, but my friends use Hangouts 😉

  • Ranuk Wijesinghe

    Hi, There are alot of problems with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 p7500 (p4) nightly builds.

    1. Battery drains very fast
    2. If I dont use for one day, it has automatically shut down. I have to keep switching it on everytime to use it.
    3. The face unlock doesnt work

    Please try to build a stable update soon. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

  • edu_g

    Looking forward to CM10.2 for the nexus s & gnex. I hope with this release SIM Toolkit will be fully operational so I don’t need to keep switching my SIM card between devices to make use of M-Pesa. Keep up the good work guys, I cant wait for the improved camera :)

  • deedend

    An open source alternatives of Google framework

  • KurianOfBorg

    All IP based video calling apps suck over 3G. They are all laggy and have high latency. The native network 3G video calls get real time priority and a dedicated link like regular voice calls.