This Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: August 30, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

It’s Friday and leading into a long weekend in the States – almost enough to sing that Friday song…almost.

CM 10.1.3 RC1 

Following through with our plans for the 10.1 branch, the first release candidates went out this week. This included some new devices and some old ones that we have been fighting for ages to bring up to speed. As a reminder, if you find a bug on 10.1.3 RC1, report it to our JIRA instance – not the forum, not the comments on this blog, and not to FB/G+/Twitter. Logs are always useful, you can checkout our wiki if you need help generating one for your bug reports.

Please note, 10.2 code is still in a “no bug reports” status. Please don’t file reports against the 10.2 code.

Power Widgets be gone! 

Those of you running recent 10.2 code have noticed that we removed the old-school power widgets in favor of a newer system. Don’t like them? Then give us some constructive feedback – just don’t ask for the Power Widgets to return, that’s not going to happen. So far, there is some great discussion taking place on this JIRA ticket, and you are welcome to chime in with your opinions. Just remember to be respectful of others.

Trebuchet Icon Pack Support 

Also new to 10.2 is icon pack support for Trebuchet. Version 1 of this support allows you to use icon packs designed for your favorite other (gasp!) launchers. We’re actively working on this code to allow you to mix and match between packs as well, but this should be a welcome addition to those of you who like to stay ‘stock CM’ but still theme to your heart’s content.

CDMA Heartburn 

Some of you 10.2 CDMA users may have had a rough week or so as we worked out a lot of issues surrounding CDMA, ruim, data, ril, and other technical words and abbreviations. This work should be settled now, so if we gave you some heartburn, our apologies – but those kinds of issues are bound to arise when running nightlies. If you are running nightlies, make backups!

CM Account

We get a lot of questions about when CM Account will start shipping in the nightlies. CM Account is being code reviewed (publicly) and a handful of patches have been put up on gerrit. Once these items are merged, we should be ready to give the green light – likely sometime next week.

We take suggestions! 

You are likely familiar with JIRA in terms of bug tracking (hopefully). But did you know we also take suggestions for new features and improvements? Whether it is something simple like adding a new APN or coming up with some idea that you think everyone will love, feel free to share it! We can’t promise to get to all of them, but its always useful to see what the community thinks we should do next.

Big Android BBQ Hangout 

Last but certainly not least, Cyanogen, Koush and Utkanos will be in a Hangout on Air with the team from the Big Android BBQ. The hangout will be September 12th and 9PM CST and they will be discussing the topics they will cover at the BBQ itself. Should be a lot of fun, tune in if you can! We’ll be sure to link up the stream afterwards as well, in case you can’t watch it live.

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • ciwrl

    Correction: Sept 12th, 2013 is the hangout. I should stop drinking when I write these. >_>

  • Corbin Davenport

    Sweet, I can use Stark icons and keep Trebuchet! 😀

  • Zac Anger

    Lots of really exciting things the past few blog posts, but honestly I think I’m more excited for icon pack support than anything else!

  • Henry Park

    Ribbon is cool, but it seems pointless on my flo, though I can’t wait to get it on my mako. It looks awesome. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
    One gripe would be it seems bit too small, may be few pixels bigger? or option to leave it to the user?

  • Nicholas Snowdeal

    Sorry if this isn’t the place, but I’m still getting 4G drops on cdma gnex toro. Also can’t send mms pics. Have I missed something?

  • brgulker

    Yes, you completely missed where to post bugs.

  • kevk60

    I know the bug issues with 10.2 will eventually get worked out. Like what was said earlier, nandroid, nandroid, nandroid! Have a good one to all.

  • Vitor Gatti

    You guys from CM forgot to add the JPEG Quality options on Focal Camera App…

  • Nicholas Snowdeal

    You could of simply answered yes or no rather than be an unhelpful ass.

  • AdZ

    Instead of getting so defensive and calling people asses, why don’t you follow directions? ‘Sorry if this isn’t the place…’ does not substitute for anything.

  • Ethan Cottier

    Only gripe I have with the new quick settings toggles, is that there’s no option to stretch them to fit. For example, having 5 toggles leaves an annoying space on the end, yet having 6 goes off the screen, having to scroll to it. I know, just an OCD thing, but that’s my opinion anyway. Also I noticed a lot of lag on the notification bar when they are activated.

  • edisso10018

    Sorry, but the iconpack support is completely useless ATM since it doesn’t support icon masks.

  • ciwrl
  • Vitor Gatti


  • vcharette

    Please add system icon support. Icon packs are fun but I would like to change my Messenging shortcut with Google Hangouts’ icon. Thanks !