This Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: August 16, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

“CM 10.2 ate my cat!” 

As most people have noticed, we have initiated the nightlies for the 10.2 code branch. Incidentally, some of you didn’t notice, and flashed CM 10.2 directly onto your phones thinking it was just another 10.1 build. This is normally a non-issue, except that many of you did so while running incompatible third-party addons, kernels, and proprietary apps. For those that this applies to we’d like to calmly and kindly remind you that app force closures due to these incompatible items are not bugs – do not report anything 10.2 related to our bug tracker, we will close them. Bugs tickets are only accepted against M/RC and general releases.

“But 10.2 broke my phone!”

So, you ended up with an issue during your install and things are not quite working as they should, and want to know how to get back to ‘normal’? Forum moderator bassmadrigal was kind enough to write up a thread with a synopsis of best practices and troubleshooting for you, aptly titled “How do I update CyanogenMod?”, worth a read for those of you who are stuck.

Not to dwell on the topic too much longer, but we’d also like to remind you that ‘nightlies’ are unchecked, untested, automated builds created by our build machines. They are prone to bugs, regressions, breakages and other assorted oddities. If you cannot accept those possibilities, please stick to something tagged ‘M’, ‘RC’ or ‘general release’.

“My phone app is uninstalled?

Don’t panic, we didn’t remove the phone from your…well, phone. It simply changed names in Android 4.3, rendering old shortcuts broken. If you need to know how to add it back, hit the link.

“Where did the setting for [insert feature] go in 10.2?”

As we mentioned last week, the final piece to releasing the 10.2 nightlies was a complete settings restructure. Items have been moved, new categories created and code has been cleaned. This also means that in some of the reorganization, features we removed to be cleaned, re-coded and eventually re-implemented. If your favorite feature appears to have vanished, fret not, its being worked on and is likely to make a reappearance in the future.

In the mean time, those of you running 10.2 should (hopefully) find that the settings menu is no longer a mass of features categorized as ‘System’, and instead more neatly organized into logical categories. Again, this is an active code branch, which means things may further shift, move, or rename until we feel it is perfect – and then likely mess with it some more.

“Why not [my device]? Why does CM prefer [insert OEM]?”

We don’t play games with favorite OEMs or devices. The order is fairly straight-forward: build for what each maintainer uses on a day to day basis, expand and leverage that work for similar devices/chipsets, and move on from there. Being a ‘Nexus’ has no bearing on first or last, nor does being a Samsung or an HTC or anything else.

“So where does my device stand?

You can check the current roster on our Github repo for ‘Hudson’. To clarify how its read, we will use ‘mako’ as the example:

Designated as “cm_mako-userdebug cm-10.2″ this text means that on a nightly basis build the 10.2 “userdebug” (the one we release to you currently) build of mako aka the Nexus 4. Items with “10.1” get the 10.1 branch, “jellybean” the 10.0 branch, and “ics” the 9.x branch. Devices with “W” after the branch receive one build a week.

In essence, our build machines read this list and designations, and build. When a device is ready for the next code branch, it’s maintainer issues a request to the repository to change the designation. If your device hasn’t been changed yet it means your maintainer, who by the way you trust to make good decisions on the behalf of your device, believes it is not yet ready.

New Devices

This week we merged in some brand new devices, including the HTC One X+ International (enrc2b), Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (serranoltexx) and the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic Touch 4G D710 (d710) – which is a really long name.

A gift from Equiso

We got contacted by the folks from Equiso asking if we’d be interested in working on CM support for their Smart TV Android-on-a-stick device. With all the excitement and ideas Chromecast has drummed up, we thought it’d be a fun idea to see what we could come up with. At the least, this is a new form factor and challenge for us, and we like challenges.

Koush has his in hand and is aiming to go big – create an Open Chromecast stack, checkout his post to give him your thoughts!

AndysThreads Preorder Ends tonight! 

The window for placing orders is between now and midnight EST tonight. As a reminder, everyone who participates is automatically entered into a pool to receive a free CM hoodie!

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Corbin Davenport

    CyanogenMod is simply amazing. Nearly every day I get a new build with bug fixes and (sometimes) new features on my Asus TF300. I can’t wait for official CM10.2 builds for it, but I’ll be more than happy to wait until it’s somewhat usable.

    Keep it up guys!

  • zikalify

    I’m sticking to 10.1 after a few trebuchet crashes; am I correct in thinking that the 10.1 stable build will get security updates if needed like the two prior ones we had? (10.1.1 & 10.1.2)

  • ciwrl

    Correct. 10.1.3 is being tagged as we speak.

  • cabbiebot

    Excited to what gets worked up with Esquiso and waiting oh so patiently for 10.2 for Jewel :) Keep up the great work guys!

  • Exiel J. González

    I must be lucky, because I clean intalled 10.2 on my SGH-M919 and haven’t had any actual problems (except for the general bugs of a recent released ROM)… In all, a pleasant switch from 10.1… No to wait for 10.2 to get all its small bugs taken care of and to get some IR blaster support… GREAT ROM and GREAT JOB for all the hard working CM Devs!!!

  • Lane Anderson

    I didn’t think Samsung released the code for the IR blaster… That would be nice for my Tab2.

  • ciwrl

    Already working on IR support for Sony, Samsung and HTC 😉

  • Mathias

    Thank you so much for your great work. Because of your effort, I am able to run 4.3 on my SGS 2, you are amazing!

  • Alex

    Great work for all of you and for keeping alive my SGS2! Though I’ll wait for a bit more stable release because of the crashes I had with 10.2

  • Ömer Fadıl USTA

    is there a git repo which we can follow for 10.2 (for i9300) or common ? It will be great if we can send pullrequests from github or similar alternatives

  • curtis

    Can I update straight to 10.2 nightly from 10 stable?

  • Ömer Fadıl USTA

    I think i have found it thanks anyway :) Now time to dig in ^^

  • Ian Galler

    i rooted my device for the 1st time and added cyanogenmod to it. My 4g doesnt show up at all. How do i fix this. Its a Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T

  • James Caplan

    Warning: if you just download grouper CM 10.2 from the site, without preparation, you will have big problems! No Clockwork Mod, no play store, and the keyboard well be crippled. At least that was my experience. I had to struggle to reboot into recovery and restore my nandroid backup. Either Clockwork isn’t ready or the daily needs more work, or more likely, i didn’t do it right.

  • MasterMuffin

    The last sentence is most likely correct :)

  • squiddy20

    Anyone know what is holding back toroplus from having 10.2 nightlies? I realize (from the above info) that the maintainer doesn’t deem it stable enough for even nightly status, but I’m wondering what specifically (or even generally) is out of whack still.
    Not that I’d be much help in fixing any issues since I have virtually 0 experience with coding…

  • ciwrl

    Keep in mind we don’t accept pull requests unless it is a management thing (buildbots,, etc).

    If you are pushing code, use gerrit.

  • Ömer Fadıl USTA

    Don’t you accept translations via pull request ?

  • ciwrl

    No. If it touches anything in the ROM, it goes to gerrit.

  • Corbin Davenport

    You just need to flash it from recovery. If you use google apps then you will need to get the gapps zip for 10.2 and flash it along with 10.2.

  • Mike Palmer

    Mine wasn’t either but I fixed it after a couple hours of messing with it :-)

  • Mike Palmer

    I fixed it all my self all had to be re-down loaded including play store

  • EvildaddyRBLX

    Auto sync frequency is gone and the option to turn off the key backlight or whatever is gone too.

  • ihatemakingnewuserids

    it’s -> its

  • jpeps

    anyway we set the glitches on dolphin hd

  • jpeps

    Error getting the new update download not working

  • sami

    I downloaded tge cm10.2 few days ago (19/8) and since then i have my samsong galaxy s2 reboot every few hourd.. Its fast reboot but its annoying.
    I’m downoading now 21/8 night and hope it’ll fix it…
    Never had it in 10.1…
    Beside that i got the feeling10.2 is consuming less power and works for longer time…

  • sami

    Since the update no reeboots… But there are wiered behaviour in the screen some times the fonts get weired shape… Rotating the screen solving the problem… But also i get some of the apps black upper header.. Again rotation solves the problem…

  • Charlie Meyer

    I’d just like to say how impressed I am with the stability of the nightlies for the Nexus 4. Probably more stable than stock haha

  • Simon B

    Went from 10.1 night to 10.2 night on galaxy i747 Bell canada. Works well!

    Only thing i noticed so far is daydream does not activate when put on dock compared to instantly with 10.1 night.

    It’s awesome to run 4.3 on a carrier that doesn’t give a damn about updating above 4.1.2 ! Great work!

  • Mark S

    10.2 on Rogers Galaxy S4 and everything seems to be in working order. I know a lot of people have had issues with their external SD card not being detected and Camera not working. Both these are working and no errors so far with phone use.

  • Chris

    This would be a terrific addition to an already excellent ROM. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  • Marwan Ab

    Is there a fix for the 10.2 camera crash? Or do I need to download a camera app off the app store? I use the S4 SGH-I337M (canadian)

  • Gaurav Singh Rautela

    can i update cyanogen build for someother handset to some other handset

    i.e Samsung S3 Cyanogen version into my Samsung S Advance.. What will it do if i try to do so?

  • HristijanWR10

    I have CM nightly, can i install CM stable over it? What should I do to make that installation possible on my device?

  • Mika

    Thank you so much for this and everything you do.finally i got my n7000 rooted with great this thing is smooth like babys butt :)