This Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: August 9, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

Well, this week went by fairly quick. We didn’t share a ton of posts, but that doesn’t mean we were sitting idle.

“What happens now for CM 10.1?”

We did the initial code-freeze for CM 10.1.0 back in May when we began the Release Candidate phases. Since then, we have seen almost 15 new devices, many bug-fixes and new features including Privacy Guard and Voice+ be merged into the code, but only available for users of nightlies. Now, while we understand and appreciate everyone wants the “new” stuff, it would be a shame to not release another 10.1 build with the latest Android 4.2.2 code available.

To address that, we will have a CM 10.1.3 release coming up. The 10.1.3 release is slated to be our final release using the Android 4.2 code (outside of any unforeseen critical bugs). Once released, the 10.1 code will enter a permanent code freeze, meaning no new features or functionality will be introduced.

As always, we will let you know when builds are available.

“Who cares about the old, gimme 10.2!”

We have one last internal item on our checklist before we open the floodgates on CM 10.2 nightlies. We fell into an old habit in 10.1 and the settings menu became more cluttered than we would like, and at times confusing both in presentation and in code. We are working to resolve this before 10.2 nightlies begin, so the transition is less jarring than it would down the line. Expect the new layout to be in effect with the first nightlies. If all goes well, we are talking days, not weeks.

In the meantime, the majority of our 10.1 roster have transitioned to being 10.2 capable. This means for you at-home builders, things should be in a fairly good spot for your own personal builds. If you want to checkout all the stuff we’ve merged, click through the pages.

“KoushCasting” [1]

Koush has been a busy man with his ChromeCast, most notably tying the capabilities into the the Android MediaPlayer framework. What does this mean? Well, once we’re green-lighted to distribute the work, your devices will be able to take any media stream on your device that uses the MediaPlayer API, and send it to your ChromeCast! This doesn’t work with apps that use their own decoder, but this should work with the majority of the apps on the market. It also means that any local media on the device can be ‘casted’ seamlessly.

[1] No that is not the final name; that is a horrible name.

“Can I still get in on the AndysThreads Pre-order?”

Why yes kind sir/lady, the Pre-order with AndysThreads is still open! They ran into some server strain, so to balance it out, they’ve pushed the end of the Pre-order to August 15th! As a reminder, not only do you get some fine clothing, you’ll also be supporting the EFF!

You should also check them out in the near future, we hear they are going to be giving away a 2013 Nexus 7 (flo).

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  • Tom

    Sony devices are also pretty good for CM (assuming you get an unbranded one without a locked bootloader – NEVER buy a Sony phone from a carrier, including used ones that were previously carrier locked then SIM unlocked by code).

    That’s due to Sony’s AOSP support, which few OEMs can keep up with. It’s just a shame that the most common variants of Sony phones (the carrier subsidized ones) have tight bootloader locks so they can’t take advantage of this.

  • Tom

    Other than cache, no. You can update from CM9 to CM10 to CM10.1 without wiping any data – just download and flash (including the gapps)

  • Jansko

    Thank you.

  • hari krishna

    how can i make video calls iam using samsung galaxy tab 2.0 p3100

  • Gabriel Ignacio

    Honestly, you really couldn’t have done anything about it. A possible solution is to wait for reviews and surf around forums regarding the device you’re interested in buying.

    Nonetheless, ROM support is ROM support. Be glad you have a old yet popular device still receiving support from various custom ROM distributors.

  • Gabriel Ignacio

    Since CM10.2 is basically rolling out to many devices already, the only problem left is the root issue that many are facing at the moment.

  • Scott Busche

    What issue? Go to developer settings and toggle it and it’ll work.

  • SamLehman617

    I see that being a major use for the development