Last Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: April 12, 2014

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

Heartbleed, devices, theme engine and more – plenty to discuss this week.


As a somewhat lucky coincidence, the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability was disclosed during the period of time our data center was offline (Note: downtime was unrelated to Heartbleed). What this did allow us to do was patch all appropriate web assets susceptible to Heartbleed before we brought services back up. Do note, that due to the nature of this vulnerability if you use a common password it is wise to change your passwords once all the other affected sites have signalled the all clear.

On the Android side of things, CM 10.1, 10.2 and 11 builds are unaffected at a core OS level (your apps may use their own OpenSSL implementation). Android 4.1.1 was known to be susceptible, however heartbeats were disabled in Android 4.1.2; if you happen to be on a nightly corresponding to Android 4.1.1, an update is recommended. CM 10.0 stable was released based on the 4.1.2 code and is not impacted.

HTC One Mini (m4)

Not to be confused with our monthly ‘M’ builds, or its bigger brother the HTC One 2012 (m7) – the HTC One Mini is now receiving nightly builds. Your maintainers are veteran CM maintainer h8rift and newcomer Jurica Vukadin (u-ra).

HTC One 2014 (m8)

Marketed as The New HTC One, this device (m8) is the successor to the m7. H8rift, toastcfh, deck, invisiblek and other CM maintainers have already taken up the challenge to bringing CM to this device. No builds yet to share, but we will keep you updated as things progress.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Thanks to the efforts of Hashcode (with bootimg setup by verygreen), the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ (jem) and Kindle Fire HD 7″ (tate) have officially been merged into our Github repository. These OMAP based devices are waiting on one final kernel repository change (really just a rename) prior to making their debut on nightly rotation. Look for builds later this week.

Theme Engine 

A couple weeks ago, we started a limited alpha test of a new and improve theme engine for CyanogenMod. This new engine pulls together previous contributions from Sony Mobile & T-Mobile and is supplemented by nearly 5 months of work from Cyanogen Inc engineers Andy Mast and Clark Scheff. This week, we merged the core pieces of this new engine into our Github.

So just what is better about this engine? We’d like to think just about everything.

The new theme engine allows the following:
1. Simple creation of themes by compiling on the device
2. System level icon packs.
3. Font packs
4. Swappable boot animations
5. Lockscreen wallpaper
6. Alarms
7.  Of course all the things the previous engine could do including skins, ringtones and notifications. There is also legacy support for old themes.

Prior to the public alpha, we reached out to theme creators to give them a head-start in playing with the new engine and creating themes to utilize the new features. We are also working on tools to make themes easier for everyone to create. Lots of fun stuff is just around the corner 😉

Gerrit review 

A quick stroll through our recent features merged in to CM 11 mainline:

* Lockscreen: custom wallpaper

* Lockscreen: third party keyguard support

* Translations: migrate to Crowdin support

* Blacklist: add explicit permissions

* SMS: support for “mark unread”

* Voice+: migrate options to settings menu

* Quiet Hours: 4-state support(timed active/inactive, forced on/off)

Patches still needing review include custom grid layouts and hidden applications in Trebuchet and OpenCNAM caller ID support in Dialer.

Case Chase

We’ll do a wrap-up of the joint giveaway between CyanogenMod, Cyanogen Inc. and OnePlus – but first, a very special thank you to CM contributors Bumble-Bee, Dvtonder, and mad-murdock. We couldn’t have pulled off the international pieces without their assistance.

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Connor Tumbleson

    > Cyanogen Inc engineers Andy Clark and Clark Sheff.

    Isn’t that Andy Mast?

  • ciwrl

    Indeed, I caught that typo, but looks like the cache for this page hasn’t caught up yet.

  • David Mackey

    Great job guys!

  • Blab Blab

    Isn’t HTC One m8 released/announced on 2014 instead of 2013 given in the text above?

  • Tâm Huỳnh

    when for i9250 galaxy nexus ???????

  • Jon Tay

    Camera still broken.

  • Gabriel Sanchez

    Are there any themes already using the improvements of the new engine?

  • VladTheImpala

    I know this isn’t related, but prior to the 20140410 nightly for hummingbird, all was stable, but now my hummingbird has random hang times, where it’ll freeze up, and no longer be functional, then the screen will go back and ill be forced back to the lockscreen. Sometimes it just turns off. I noticed it happens mostly when I multi task. Mainly just simple stuff, like being in one app, and a pop up for another app like text free or fb messenger appear, it’ll hang.

  • Otherguy

    Sounds good!
    To the Kindle announcement: Does it mean that there will be a cyanogenmod for the 2013 Kindle Fire HD7? I mean the Kindle without a front cam? Would be awesome :)

  • meijin3

    How easy would it be for icon packs like Domo or Lumos from kovdev to be ported over? He supports a lot of launchers already so I’m wondering if it would be fairly easy for him to implement support. Or is it more like Unicon so he doesn’t have to change anything himself?

  • NubCake

    Does the new theme engine still have broken “Quicktile” Battery widget, meaning it can’t be themed?

  • David Li

    M7 2012?

  • Diaz1999

    It *never* could be themed because the battery icon in statusbar & quicktile is hidden somewhere (isn’t at SystemUI, framework-res etc.)

  • Jonathan Decker

    Just got the M8 today from Verizon, CM build can’t come out soon enough for it! Love this community CM rocks!

  • RealTalk

    When can we expect a release for the galaxy s5? Touchwiz is killing me :(

  • KyleVPirate

    I love the sutomization, but please improve battery life. It is just atrocious. I would recommend maybe adding s powerful power saving mode like the M8’s and S5 etc. Love the new customization features :)

  • Linh Nguyen

    navigation buttons on all tablets you have supported

  • Linh Nguyen

    navigation bar like on nexus 5
    it so beautiful

  • Craig Carmichael

    Any thoughts upon CM for lg g2 D802?
    The cartoonish ui and the massive stock ROM is really beginning to annoy me!

  • Adam Burton

    I am running cm 11 nightly on my d802. Works fine except for a weird Gps issue I have (Gps works though). Or are you waiting for a stable release?

  • Evil Emery

    All the nightlies ive flashed for April my data completely disappears after approximately 12 hrs. And the waze application does not work. Google maps is terrible as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Craig Carmichael

    Good to know, thanks.
    I will have a go at flashing cm11 nightly to my phone later on. Appreciate the feedback.

  • JC

    I’ve noticed this as well with Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I turned off a couple items, that may have cause instability (in performance – 16bit transparency and memory management allow purge of assets), not sure yet if those things helped. I’m on 4/15 now.

  • JC

    On Galaxy Tab 2 7, camera also broken, but other camera apps do work fine (like Camera Zoom FX).

  • VladTheImpala

    I’m on 4/16. And still having the hangs

  • Dragan Milenkovic

    Prevodim Cm11 na srpski jezik preko Crowdina. Idite na pomenuti sajt i glasajte za srpski jezik, potrudicu se da nam Cm11 bude 100% na SRPSKOM :-)

  • Евгений Беликчи

    on/off navbar in settings for every device!!! it can be very useful for a lot users)) thanks!
    sorry for awful english -_-

  • JC

    Same here, 4/15 still freezes, screen changes orientation, turns off, fairly rare but twice tonight. Is there a place to report these issues so developers are aware? The forums for GT 2 7″ don’t have much activity. I rolled back to 4/5, see if it does it.

  • VladTheImpala

    I noticed it mainly happens when I try to pull down the notifications. I think more often when I pull it down and i get a notification at the same time.

  • VladTheImpala

    There’s a site for bug reports, but not for nightlys

  • Leo

    How bout the google camera recently released. Do we have that? I cant find it on playstore.

  • Dominic Mondello

    Thanks guys! You’re the bests. CM10.2 and CM11 gave a new life to my old Galaxy S3 😉 Keep going. Wanted to buy a HTC One, but I think I will finally buy a OnePlus when the device becomes available in Canada. I would be disappointed to lose CM

  • Adam Darko

    I installed CM 11 M4, I know its a nightly but goddamn. I mean, I like the idea of having 4.4.2 but I miss the stableness of CM 10.2.1 this new nightly crashes my snapchat whenever I try to look at, I can’t even use Google play ffs

  • Adam Darko

    Should’ve got a HTC One M8 then

  • Khalid Basheir

    Great job guys, is there any chance for SM-N900 (ha3g) builds ?

  • Khalid Basheir

    Hi guys, can we expect cyanogenmod builds for SM-N900 (ha3g)? because we love to see this rom running on our devices.

  • Joseph Peters

    I believe you’re correct, if you hear any information on this would you please let me know.

  • Luqmaan Mathee

    Can’t wait for custom grid options and hidden apps

  • aboud shamaan

    When the (hardware) settings button is pressed on the homescreens, why don’t other devices than samsung show more options than just launcher settings?

  • Joseph Peters

    I would like to thank all who contributed with this project, I can’t even begin describe the fabulous changes that have occurred with my new Cyanogenmod Rom. The whole operating system is liquid smooth, conjoined with out of this world speed and a user interface design that demands recognition, simply put it has the very best of everything you could possibly want in your device hands down.The Developer’s and all who were involved with this project deserve a standing ovation, You’ve went above and beyond with cutting edge technology and for this I thank you, all the hard work that into this will not go unrecognized, J.M.P.

  • Venâncio Ferreira

    Since the New Theme Engine that CM11 don’t work quite well with the Maguro. The screen just lock up most of the time.

    The last nightly that works fine, is from 10 of April.

  • hstlr31

    Will the jflteatt ever get any support with the latest ota updates?

  • Eric Terry

    where can we now download boot animation for them to show up in the boot animation changer in themes?

  • bartez719

    When CM 12?

  • rohit soni

    i want cyanogenmod for my note 3 ha3g device please help me..