The State of CyanogenMod

I’ve been reading rumors that CyanogenMod’s core philosophy is changing, that we’ve been sold, or that we’ve given up and I want to go on record saying none of this is true at all. As you may know, there are only a handful of people that can approve changes for CM but a lot of developers for it. You may have noticed that we are operating at a slightly slower pace than normal, but that’s simply because we’ve been busy and real life responsibilities come before this project. No one is getting paid to work on the product.

You have most likely become aware that Cyanogen has been hired by Samsung, as that news is traveling through the Android community like wildfire. He is not leaving the project. Samsung is aware of his involvement in CM and there are no qualms from that end. He hasn’t been active recently because he is in the process of relocating to a new city for his new job, that’s all. ChrisSoyars has been hired by Grooveshark and is currently working on projects with them. Koush is working on his DeskSMS application as well as ClockworkMod recovery. And finally, my semester is starting as are my medical school interviews.

As they have before, our insane schedules will calm eventually and we can devote more time to the project. But just because we aren’t around to approve changes doesn’t mean development has stopped or even slowed for CM. There are 40+ talented developers programming behind the scenes night and day to give you the Android distribution that you have come to know and love. On top of all of the above, we are currently in a soft feature-freeze for another 7.1 RC. (You can call it a feature slushie if you like) Because of this, we are reluctant to approve new features that may prove problematic for certain devices for the sake of the stability of the entire tree.

All I ask is that you bear with us during this hectic time.

  • ktcup

    Hey man, I feel for you and your disabilities. It also must really suck being stuck in a contract (prepaid! :D). At least the OG Droid still isn’t too bad, I still use my old myTouch 3G! Good luck with finding a new phone eventually, I think I’ll be going for the Nexus S.

  • Kiren Velu Pillai

    You guys are the best , thx alot

  • Iconoklastic

    If you have an older phone, Cyanogen may be your only alternative to obsolete firmware. Even if in some cases this is the only alternative, it definitely disproves the notion of Cyanogen as a “cult.”

  • Dj_choc

    Guyz whatever u say i will be after u. thanks for bringins such a wonderful thing like cyanogenmod. At least my shitty galaxy europa is workin better and faster… GOOD LUCK!!!


    “I now see the full potential of this hardware and vow from this
    day forward to anything and everything to pass the word of Android and

    Mlijgib, your post said volumes about why some of us really appreciate what these guys do.

    AND it shows just why I despise ALL THINGS APPLE.

    Jobs wanted to control hardware, software, content and who we voted for or whom we wanted to marry..
    He thought he had us with the “I” PHONE”. He would Control hardware, software, the OS and content. Carefully screen and censor every program sold through the “I” store before taking his cut $. Once again Apple would rule the masses just like they tried to do  during the dawn of PCs.

    What a GORMLESS F**KWIT. He forgot about us Rebels. Those of us who refused to become pathetic little Apple sheep. Those of us who craved individualization, inventiveness and most of all INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM!!

    Just like Windows did to the Mac OS, the Android OS is squashing the “I” phone like an errant little bug, forever relegating it to second or third place (after the Android OS and the Blackberry) (check the latest sales reports) out in the desolate wasteland of dead outdated smart phones and pathetic attempts at control of the market.(and our minds?)

    Ever wonder why they call rooting the “I” Phone “JAIL BREAKING”??  Apple has it’s own police force. Just try buying a prototype “I” Phone some drunk Apple engineer left lying on a bar in Silicon valley and see what happens.

    There are major Smart phone manufacturers actually advertising the ease with which their phone can be “Rooted”. Quite a contrasting view of how things should be.

    Job’s view of the world or the Android way. The choice is yours.
    I choose your way and I will join you in spreading the “word” and helping to free us from the attempted bondage of Apple..

  • Muhammad Kashif

    Seriously man.. pure respect !! Appreciate your time, efforts and dedication towards the community.

    Lots of love to whole CM team.

  • phinn

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work when you have time – here’s to hoping my Incredible 2 makes it into RC status next. It’s an extremely underrated phone.

  • Scott Norcross

    Cant wait for this to drop for the HTC sensation this weekend!

  • Put spyware in its place

    You tout anti spyware features. Why no integrated adblocking? Why no data spoofing to apps with inane permission requests?

  • Put spyware in its place

    Thanks for all the bacon

  • M0nke10fdajung1e

    they work really fast usually we just have to understand that everything doesnt just fall into their hands. hard work pays off.. in thier case its not momentary.. its the sheer pleasure in knowing that their hardwork makes alot of people happy

  • Weapondrift

    We miss you guys but congratulations to all!

  • Weapondrift

    While I understand your statement. I have to disagree, if it wern’t for doctors that actually cared I wouldn’t be alive today. Only thing that saved me was aplastic surgeon who actually put me before his own family and that’s something I can never forget, nor ever repay.

  • Brian Oswald

    Thanks for much for making this possible, guys. The commitment and dedication to this project — without making a dime — is truly a remarkable thing. Thanks for showing us we don’t need to be bound by contracts to enjoy our phones!

  • Markohmatic

    Simply a thank you.  My Nook Color is running with CM7.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s nice to know that people still do noble things without regard to profit margins & return on investment.  Everyone involved in this project has much to be proud of.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  • Ariel Horwitz

    I think y’all deserve another donation…

  • Rémi Blanchard

    Amen :)

  • Mohammed Hamdi

    you all guys stay the best, don’t mind the haters

  • com


  • Jason

    Yet, still better than the alternatives.

  • Debarry

    I’ve installed Cm on pratically all my devices since I bought my first device years ago and I love it! I own a GS2 and I hate the Touchwiz so bad that I installed CM on the first boot of the device and I found out the Bluetooth is not working. That sad cause I use the phone in my car for music and calls and I really miss this feature. I know there are many post about this around the forum but I really need to know if you guys are working on this… I dont want to use the original ROM with the touchwiz… and I dont want to install another custom ROM…. so – I’ll be waiting for the BT repair for as long as I can!!! but don’t take long! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Sacha

    Wow. I’m all for individual choice, but reading this post is worse than anything I’ve ever read from an Apple fanboy. Calm down. I followed your suggestion, and Apple have sold more iPhones in the last quarter than they ever have before, 20+ million. I knew Apple fanboys had their crazies, I guess Android has their crazies too. Good luck on your endeavour of ironically transforming people into Android sheep through blind propaganda.

  • James Wilson

    You are all fantastic individuals who do very clean and very solid work. More power to you.

  • Fritz

    Good goobly. You act like Steve Jobs is holding a gun to your head and trying to force you to use an iPhone.

    iOS is awesome. So is CM7. I use the hell out of both and I’m one happy little geek.

  • Jorge Montoya

    When do you expect the “stable release” of 7.1.0 be out?

  • Jordie Laforge

    Hat’s off to the work that is being done. I completely understand that “day job” responsibilities take priority. In other words, “paying customers come first.” I want to encourage everyone on this post to contribute financially to the project. I do understand that the team isn’t money motivated, but we can show our gratitude…..

  • Jin

    We want to be your partner in China, in order to your promotion, we have a group of people who love Android Forum

  • Phil Graham

    Not sure if this is the right section where you post requests, But I would like a rom for  Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Wifi. Also a rom for the Alcatel One Touch 980.



  • Michal Palczewski

    Samsung? Maybe we’ll see some EPIC 4g love from cyanogenmod

  • Gannon27

    However long the waite night be,ill be paciently waiting,cm is a fine projekt and ill support whatever cm developers say and do,they work for free and that alone has my depest respect,ty for the great work sofar

  • Abrhmalvarez

    Cyanogenmod.. please support our samsung galaxy ace.. please. thank you so much

  • uilson

    Well once Cyanogen has been hired by Samsung, it should be easier for him to ask and get is hands on the Samsung Wave (gt-s8500) and Wave 2 inner software/firmware guts, allowing the core team to resolve the issues present in the existing roms..

    please tell me it cam be done.. pleeeease.