The new Jira bugtracker is here

CyanogenMod has been due for a new issue tracker for a while now.

The existing Google Code tracker was started when we only supported 2 devices and Cyanogen was the only developer. Now we have about 150 devices and almost as many developers/maintainers, across 3 major versions of Android. There are almost 500 open issues on the tracker and nearing 7000 submitted in the last 3 years. The logcats and screenshots (and the occasional mp3 or video) attached to all the issues take over a gigabyte of space, and each increase in that quota has to be asked for manually. Google recently silently removed the RSS feed for all project updates, making issue tracking a bit harder for me.

The last two points there indicate the need for our own hosted solution. As several project members have worked with it before, JIRA was chosen. They provide a free licence for open-source projects (just like Google Code) and provide for a much better bug submission form and overall workflow.

If you have ever submitted a bug to a bugzilla or trac issue tracker, JIRA should be easily useable. Instead of the Google Code single-textarea form that is easily blanked, there are text boxes for each piece of required data with descriptions below. The bug searching should be better than Google Code’s, and the need for me to hand-tag every issue will be reduced (if not largely eliminated). In addition, we have loaded a plugin that ties our issue tracker to gerrit, better tracking when bugs are solved.

Utkanos, our wonderful new Wiki overlord, has rewritten my (admittedly bad) “How to use the issue tracker” page both for clarity and to correspond to JIRA.

But, and this is a big ‘but’, there are no pre-existing ways to transfer Google Code issues en-masse to JIRA. JIRA supports importing from several other trackers, as well as CSV files, but not Google Code. Meanwhile, Google Code doesn’t have any easy export options (the CSV download offered on the main issue list is only the summary/tags, not the complete text and comments) and the Google Data (gdata) XML interface can pull either the initial submitted report for all issues or comments for one. I haven’t found any good xml-to-csv converters that can handle the data, and writing one by hand has proved problematic at best.

So we will need you, the community, to re-submit your bugs to JIRA. For me to manually copy/paste everything by hand would be hours, if not days, of work. For each one of you that has submitted a bug or enhancement request to move your report to JIRA should only take a few moments.

This blog post will coincide with a bulk update of all open issues (except ‘shouldbefixed’ ones already handled). I would request that only the original submitter copy their issue into the new tracker. When doing so, they should include a link back to the original googlecode submission so I can close it. Alternatively, a link on googlecode to the new JIRA bug will suffice.

As of right now, new issues will NOT be accepted on the Google Code tracker, users should begin submitting bug reports to the JIRA instance at Existing issues will be closed as they are moved to JIRA. In a couple weeks, I will close any remaining issues on the Google Code tracker. After that point, anything reported on JIRA will be treated as a new issue, and the google code tracker will be closed and shut down.

[An added bonus to the move to Jira is the ability for you as end users to better communicate what you’d like to see included in CyanogenMod. A new form and tag for ‘feature request’ has been added. As with bug submissions, you should search to see if your request or one similar to it has already been submitted. Duplicates, or perceived duplicates, will be merged. Please understand, unlike bugs (where we shipped something in a broken state) we are under no such obligation to fulfill requests. The sheer number of you out there compared to those available to code instantly eliminates our ability to fulfill every request. That said, if we spot a good idea that also interests us (and that’s the key stipulation here), we will work towards it.]

This has and will be a lot of work for everyone, but ultimately we will have complete control of our bug tracker and hopefully a better experience for users and developers going forward.

-PsychoI3oy, your CyanogenMod BugMonkey

  • anon

    When adding a new issue, I’m getting “Model: Model is required.”

  • Evan Widger

     Pick the model of the device you’re reporting on, it’s the 3rd field down.

  • infogulch

    Psychol3oy, you sir are a machine. How you keep your cool while being inundated by brain-dead “bug reports” (not excluding myself here…) day in and day out is beyond me.

    You are awesome. Keep up the unicorns. That is all.

  • anon

    That field wasn’t there when I reported the issue. It is now appearing and works.

  • Felix Herzog

    I am a professional and advanced Jira administrator. If you need help, assistance or consulting in how to manage that tool, just contact me. (snoopotic on issue tracker)

  • androidhax0r

    this is all lie!

    we all know CyanogenMod is so awesome it doesn’t contain any bugs!
    (they are all features of course… )

  • Jase

    Google code allows you to export at CSV and with a little tweaking I am sure you could pull this into JIRA.

  • Evan Widger

    Have you looked at the csv it exports? It’s just the table of numbers/status/summary/stars that you get looking at the list. It has none of the important information from the body of the reports, attachments, etc.

  • DuduMaroja

    there are no bugs in Cyanongenmod, there are only easter eggs to see if users are paying atention! 

  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    This sounds great. Will there be a short url like how the downloads section has “”; “” for the Gerrit instance and “” for the Jira instance could work…

  • Dennis

    Are you a programmer?? You need not to “manually copy/paste everything by hand would be hours”, but need somebody to wrote a script.

  • Md. Mahbubur Rahman

    before i install this custom rom my lg optimus black was radio paly option, afetr that i couldn’t find it, you should add “redio play option” on lg optimus black p970.

  • meijuh

    Jira sure works well. Release notes and such are quite awesome. Nasty thing is that performing a force push screws up comments on an issue. So a git push –force is not really recommended when using Jira.

  • Nutskid

    villec2 we staying without cm rom this is almost rasism

  • Digital_b_

    please fix the bluetooth issue in which the phone will not connect to vehicles automatically after having been paired. this is the reason I dont use cyanogen any more. also the fact that with the galaxy s 3 for sprint the camera doesnt work or locks up

  • Bradstheannoying

    To the people leaving bug reports here in the blog comments… Scroll to the top and read again, if you have already read this and understand but still feel the need to leave it here then please delete your system32 folder or disconnect your internet… Forever.

    To the bugmonkey, great work and keep it up!

  • Bigmind

    MetroPCS S3.
    – Phone will freez and act laggy when bluetooth headset is paired! at some point it will not give me unlock screen and stay dark and i had to remove battery.
    – Tethering/Hotspot – can NOT get auth for device! devices can find my hotspot “galaxy s3″ but just keep saying connecting.

    Thank you

  • Alimohsin2000jp

    can you make a cm10 or 10.1 version for the htc one s (s3) villec2……………………….( its not an unpopular phone u no )

  • jrubr

    Why not asking for help to write a script to migrate data from gcode to jira? This petition to manually rewrite all the issues seems a bit shocking to me, except if you want to “filter” or get rid of old or unimportant issues.

  • 卓豪 陈

    When can I use Cm 10.1 on LG Optimus 4X HD? Please give some love to LG phones.

  • Guest

    can you please add “easy log in” to the jira system for example with a google account or XDA account?

  • Noctis Yamazaki

    Well, we are looking forward to enjoying this brand-new function.

  • Spinx Inc

    Nice informative article. JIRA is more powerful than Google code to solve the bugs in project tracking and issue tracking softwares.

  • Hannes

    If you can live with un-sorted submissions, you may consider something like for automating the copy&paste from one tracker to another.

  • Stranger0302

    plz add native sms app with group sms feature…

  • carlos diaz

    speed is only unique interface but the player very controversial and criticized the sound is very vercion relaciondo to the official host would have more di samsung fixed the player and the volume is otherwise not have a video player decided to call this for more good your rom cyanogenmod 10 I prefer the original rom samsung its call is a failure that has no good sound in music player and video player and has no fixed video and audio

  • Liam

    vBulletin uses Jira, I know how to use it :)

  • Craig

    What’s wrong with BugZilla?

  • Sebastian Unger

    Hi there,

    quoting from above: “I haven’t found any good xml-to-csv converters that can handle the data, and writing one by hand has proved problematic at best.”

    This should actually be quite straight forward in XSLT2. if you can give me samples of the XML and the CSV you need it to turn into I can probably write a xslt transformation fairly quickly.

    Not sure how to get my email address to you though without it being public. Have you got a public GPG key?


  • Bob Mac

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place, but I have a d2vzw and I am on the nightly builds. I am seeing the random reboots, but I’m not sure they are all that random. From what I see any time I am alerted from Google Play that I have an app that needs updating is when the reboot occurs. Hope this helps.

  • manoj

    Lot of confusion after making sd card as my default storage in huawei ascend y300 using CyanogenMod 11 !! Which one is internal storage , sd card and it’s showing two sd cards ??