The New Face of

Out with the old, in with the new – today we are launching the much needed refresh for our homepage.

Taking some inspiration from the Holo-light UI, the team at Glitch Agency ( has come up with the clean, fluid and modern site that you see. This design also adds a much needed dynamic layout for easier navigation and reading while mobile.

Keeping in tradition with how the Android ecosystem functions, their team is open to community suggestions on how to further improve the user experience on the new Leave a comment below with your thoughts and suggestions.

If you would like to reach out to their team directly, they can be reached at [email protected].

This is our second time working with the folks at Glitch Agency; they were the team behind our previous layout as well. Their team has always been a blast to work with and are super supportive of CyanogenMod.

Suffice it to say, we are very happy with the new look.

-The CyanogenMod Team

  • Aaron

    Awesome job guys, site looks sweet.

  • Hugh Isaacs II

    This design is beautiful and much easier to use too. +1 to Glitch Agency.

  • aNYthing6

    Very clean. Nice work, guys.

  • akorshunow

    Perfect view. But font of this article on grey background is ugly. Oh, my eyes…

  • Nathan Bryant

    Nice! Much needed.

  • David Margolin


  • frontsideair

    Great design, there’s just one thing. When viewing on mobile, the top right navigation button takes you to the bottom of the page. A ‘back to the top’ button there would be much needed. Thanks!

  • Kenn Lisudza

    Lean and clean deign. Perfect

  • Franz

    Simplicity meets functionality. The definition of CyanogenMod, and now it reflects upon the website! Great work to all!

  • WinSuk

    Looks nice!
    I think the Community/About/Forum spinner (mid right of the front page) changes too often, and the images on the phone are slightly too low (there’s a gap between the status bar, and the nav buttons get overlapped a bit)

  • Athi Sananikone

    i like!

  • joser116

    Switch to G+ comments.

  • mikeym0p

    Love it! it needed a Holo refresh, can’t wait for 10.1 to finalize. You guys rock.

  • Konshu

    Fuck yeah, love it!

  • josteinjostein

    Why? So that Cyanogenmod too forces people to join a social network nobody really likes?

    I’ll take disqus any day. It works, it doesn’t add 5MB of javascript which I have to load over mobile, and then crash and not work, like G+ does.

    Jesus christ I hate G+. I’m considering getting rid of my Google-account and Gmail because of it.

    So yeah. Keep disqus if you don’t hate your users. Disqus is great.

  • Yohanes Mario Chandra

    Great job guys! Fits my style really well.. 😀

  • ChrisSoyars

    I completely agree. I just changed the delay on the Community/About/Forum spinner to 6s, it was 3s.

    I also removed the gap from the phone images. Nice catch!

    You won’t see the changes right away, I’ll need to deploy them sometime tomorrow, but they are coming.

  • ChrisSoyars

    While most of our community does use Google+, Disqus is nice because it does not force a sign-on method for people to comment. If we switched to Google+, people would *have* to have a Google account to post comments. Disqus gives us Facebook, Twitter, *and* Google sign-in.

    While most everyone commenting on this blog more than likely has a Google account, as they are using Android, I like the fact that using Disqus does not force our commenters to have a Google+ profile.

  • Javed Khan

    Really liking this minimalist look. Keep it up guys.

  • NovaDNG

    New look is awesome!


    So clear, so clean… so well done !

  • Christian Kopp

    looks great! really love the design already.

  • Patrice FERLET

    Simple, clean, I love

  • c3vzn

    So you guys put a Nexus One on the page, when the Nexus S was out last time you redesigned and now you put a Galaxy Nexus when the Nexus 4 is out?

  • iron2000

    Looking good.

    Bright, open, clean and minimal.

  • Naz Mir

    IMO fonts can be improved. In a few places they are too thin to be legible. EDIT: I’m browsing the site on MBP+Chrome.

  • Brian Oswald

    Much better. Great work, guys!

  • Dave

    Love the new design and great to see people within the Android community taking design seriously. As a graphic designer and an Android fan, iOS gets far too much love.

  • sutt2m

    Good good good!

  • Fco.Daniel Ramírez

    Muy sobria la pagina!!! los felicito!!! aqui desde Costa Rica

  • Jeremy Birdwell

    I’m a big fan of clean web design, and I’m a big fan of the new look of Android. Fantastic. :)

  • Pjflo

    The fonts a bit iffy. Could just be Fedora though.

  • Matt Peeples

    looks awesome guys keep up the good work!

  • Nicholas “Lavacano” O’Connor

    looks alright to me on Win7

  • Nicholas “Lavacano” O’Connor

    Is it possible to allow OpenID signins from people who don’t necessarily want to log into one of the Big Three social networks?

  • ChrisSoyars

    Disqus used to support OpenID login from any provider, but unfortunately, not any more.

  • Nicholas “Lavacano” O’Connor

    oh that was Disqus dropping it? LAME. I might pick a new comments provider next time I set up a blog or something.

    Oh well, thanks for replying.

  • joser116


  • joser116

    I was just gonna say that.

  • joser116

    Speak for yourself

  • Harsh Doshi

    Awesome ! 😀

  • Kyle

    Looks slick, I like it!

  • kevk60

    Great new layout. Clean and simple. Awesome job.

  • Nuno Carvalho

    Cool, yeaps much easier and easy on eyes. +1!

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    Excellent site! Magnificent project! Thank you for your work!