The “L” is for Lollipop

Happy New Years (for all you Gregorian calendar folks)! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and month of December.

In the CM11 M12 post, we mentioned that we were entering the beginnings of CM 12 work, based on Lollipop. Today, we are enabling CM12 nightlies to showcase how far we’ve come since. The full list of devices ready for tonight’s first rollout is further below.

We would like to note that at this point we consider ourselves 85% complete for our initial CM12 M release. We’ll spend the remainder of this month bringing up additional devices and finishing up the features you’ve come to love from CM11 – implementing them into the new Material UI.

At this point, the following large items are not implemented, but should be in the next few weeks. Some additional smaller tweaks are also missing, but left off this list:

  1. Theme Engine
  2. Quick Settings reorganization and customization
  3. Quick Settings Ribbon mode
  4. Navigation bar reorganization and customization
  5. Sound panel customization
  6. Lock-screen quick unlock

Astute Gerrit followers will note that some of the above are already in various states of code review, and patches are available if you’d like to build these features (work-in-progress) yourself at home. The command to sync CM12 sources is repo init -u -b cm-12.0

CM11 features aren’t the only thing we’re working on, with new features such as Ambient display, a brand new Messaging app, and some small tweaks including a weather option in the new Lollipop extended status bar. Our team is continuing to work on new additions and we have some big plans ahead for L.

The full device list for today includes:

  1. bacon
  2. d802
  3. dlx
  4. e975
  5. e980
  6. evita
  7. falcon
  8. find5
  9. flo
  10. ghost
  11. hlte
  12. hltespr
  13. jewel
  14. jfltevzw
  15. klte
  16. m7
  17. m7spr
  18. m7vzw
  19. m8
  20. mako
  21. mondrianwifi
  22. moto_msm8960
  23. t6
  24. t6spr
  25. t6vzw
  26. serrano3gxx
  27. serranoltexx
  28. shamu
  29. v500
  30. ville
  31. vs985
  32. Additional devices will trickle in as the days go on

All devices in this list are shipping with full hardware support for the essentials (Calls, WiFi, BT, GPS, Camera, etc). Depending on the device some additional hardware (niche) may not be functioning, eg. IR Support – but nothing that will impede your ‘daily driver’ usability. As always, these are nightlies, so there may be are bugs to be expected. Our JIRA for CM12 nightlies will be up and running tomorrow night  (regression reports between CM12 builds only; please don’t report something broke/missing between CM11 and 12, we already know).

With this initial push for CM12, we are also moving CM11 builds to a weekly status (every Sunday). With core efforts changing over to CM12, the 11 branch is seeing less frequent changes; therefore, needing less frequent builds. CM11 M13 is still on our roadmap, and will be the final CM11 build before we code-freeze the 11 branch.

With that, some words of wisdom:

  1. This is an Android 5.0.2 Lollipop-based release – update your third party addons to ensure compatibility
  2. The CM in recovery will ignore and remove incompatible applications from your system partition (these are usually non-CM apps that users have opted to install). You must install a compatible app (or app pack) to regain that functionality
  3. You can flash CM12 nightlies directly from CM11 M12 or CM 11 nightlies (no need to wipe), provided you read and followed items 1 and 2
  4. Once on CM12 nightlies, you cannot downgrade back to CM11 without wiping – if you are thinking of just exploring the release, then take a backup of your existing installation if you want to go back to it.
  5. You’ll need an L compatible recovery

Happy Flashing,

The CyanogenMod Team


  • POY

    Nah bo

  • samansamo

    pls add gt-i9100g

  • Sruly J


  • Sruly J

    It’s the first device on the posted list…

  • TheHairySamball

    really? lmao didnt knew that. But will it be an OTA or do you have to flash it cuz i prefer not to root or unlock my 1+1 just yet,
    And do you know when it will release?

  • ibrahim biten

    Android 5.1??

  • Gunner9999

    Thanks, could you point me to a news source where I could find news about cyanogenmod developement?

  • Sruly J

    Flashed. Of course, you COULD just always wait till your device gets official lollipop if you want to stay stock…

  • Brandon Lang

    Can the kltevzw get some lovin? Thanks guys!

  • Jeremy Allen

    Do you know how to install it? I am new to this.

  • Sruly J

    Yes. There are several ways actually. Unfortunately I’m not very good at giving people clear instructions for rooting & flashing when I’m not talking to them directly,but what I can suggest is look on xda.

  • Jeremy Allen

    OK thank you anyway.

  • Vishwas Ks

    You can visit the CyanogenMod Forum. Or their GitHub. And you can get all the news on XDA too.

  • Sruly J

    If you want these, I believe they need to be flashed despite the device you are using. As for the OTA for your phone, the dates are as followes: OxygenOS On March 27th, CyanogenMod (12S) on March 30th.

  • Jeremy Allen

    When will we see the CM12 update if we installed via CMInstaller current version I have is CM11 Android 4.4.4

  • Matthew

    When will there be cm12 for s4?

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    will we see CM12 on Grand prime soon?

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    Will there be CM 12 for note 2 or should I just stop thinking about it? I don’t need unofficial ROMs, I’m already using resurrection but I need cyanogen.

  • Matthew Stephen Corl

    Can I install CM12 on OA6 formware? I cuurently have MOAR 6.1 on Sprint Galaxy S5

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    pls add Samsung galaxy s3 sgh -i747m for this

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  • Dario Silva

    I am having a problem with wifi I cant use wifi it shows me “authentication error”. Please solve this problem :S And there is a litle lag when options and camera and when opening screen options it closes.

  • Patrick Wirth

    What’s with cm11 ?
    Since CM12 Nightlys I don’t have see any CM11 builds.
    And all CM12 Nighltys was removed from Dosnload Page.
    I’m running the m12 build, but it has some Problems with Audio Routing on my Device (memul)
    In the last released Nightly of CM11 it was fixes already :/

    Now I can’t use Equalizer Apps and can’t playback Music without error’s (Next Track no Sound after 3 Sec playback)

  • Rupinder Dhiman

    When we tilt phone notification menu still remain small it didnt become screen size if remain small as it shown in phone is in vertical position useless

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  • Dimuthu Madusanka

    still no cm 12 for d2lte/d2mtr s3 us versions that’s not sign

  • Paarkhi Parekh

    Thanks and I will be happy once I see the official Update from Samsung, cannot trust on a report of single Samsung website.

  • Vishwas Ks

    That news was 5 months old. Lollipop has been probably cancelled. :/

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  • khalid

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  • Sudheer Ippili

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