The Future of CyanogenMod 7

It’s been nearly two months since we released the initial 7.2 RC1. Since then, the team has been working hard to identify and fix the issues reported to the bug tracker. We are nearing our release of CyanogenMod 7.2, based on Android 2.3.7 and will be releasing…….soon! You didn’t think you were getting an ETA did you?

Users may notice that some devices that received RC1 will not be graduated to a stable release. This is due to bugs we consider as showstoppers, but we feel there is no reason to hold up working devices for a few stragglers. The stragglers are not dropped, but will play catch-up to receive a 7.2-stable release.

What’s Next?

Many people have wondered what will become of CyanogenMod 7 now that Ice Cream Sandwich work has begun, and likewise, what happens to all the devices that won’t make it to CyanogenMod 9. We aren’t just leaving you behind.

The 7.x branch of CyanogenMod will stay open, available, and active beyond 7.2. We may switch to a more weekly drop of the infamous nightlies at some point, but they will continue as well.

In addition to that good news, we have a slew of new devices being merged into mainline thanks in part to our developer relations initiative and the greater Android community.

After CyanogenMod 7.2 is released, we will be merging in and welcoming aboard maintainers for the following devices (with more queued):

  • HTC Status (chacha)
  • HTC Wildfire S (marvel)
  • LG Optimus Chic (e720)
  • Motorola Photon (sunfire)
  • Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5500)

CyanogenMod Team

  • Dan

    are you gonna give up on commtiva z71 variants?

  • -ION-

    Damn hoped you would merge in the Samsung Galaxy S Plus (i9001) because it replaced the Galaxy S (i9000) in the Netherlands.
    Anyway thanks for the heads up

  • theblindlady

    I am using 7.2 on my Nook and it doesn’t support Kindle app or any mobi reading apps.

  • ciwrl

    Most likely, yes

  • brandon

    Cm7.2.0rc3 fascinatemtd the wifi don’t work please fix. Thanks

  • Rafs

    Any news on release date? My HtcDesire is getting me crazy!!!

  • gwj

    Do you think EAP-SIM Wifi security mode will be available soon ? It’s massively waited in France for Free and SFR providers

  • lapeno

    maybe you should make cm9 build for wildfire s… on XDA forum are some builds but not stable..:(

  • Mikko Lukas Räsänen

    And in Denmark, our politicians have been a little clever (on this point, at least) and made it illegal to call random people to initiate a sale. So maybe this could be a problem your politician could solve, instead of having you getting all the annoyance and maintenance of a spam list. It is a very effective solution here. No spam calls. Ever.
    Sorry if this is a little off topic.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Hi CM team, can you works on any CM for AT&Ts Pantech Burst P9070 ?????

  • Scott

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but several LG Revoluton users “vs910″ have been anxiously awaiting news of this firmware being made available for their device. I have seen many posts/threads in the forums but have not seen any responses from devs on here. Can you please consider supporting the LG Revolution….I am sure there are many users willing to “donate” for this to be made available as the phone has nearly no devs left on it!

  • Ben Smith

    Nice to see more support for the galaxy 5 :)

  • Gratzy

    AND FOR LG OPTIMUS L3 E400 ? What about CM for it 😛 :(?

  • satish the RACERS

    Is there a CM for galaxy fit

  • Chris

    The most recent CM 7.2 RC link is broken for Droid Incredible…

  • John

    Is it possible to provide a patch or an update for Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V? I mean the build.prop and the camera are the only difference if I’m not mistaken. Thanks!

  • prath

    does it mean that wildfire s will be officially supported by cyanogenmod team???if yes,
    great news for us WFS users:)

  • efde

    galaxy s plus gt 9001 ! pls

  • soorajprasad

    Can i install  CyanogenMod 7 on Wildfire S? Will it work?

  • chintan

    Where to find the official release for the Samsung Galaxy 5(i5500)?

  • Raeed Asif

    It will be available for wildfire s
    if yes then whennn ???

  • Femalelion

    I wait for a lot for my wildfire s (marvel), thanks a lot.

  • Romy

    Still waiting for cyanogen rom for HTC Status (Chacha)

    You guys posted this thread on 9 May its been more than 2 and half months when it will actually launch?Please let us know thank you

  • Ankit

    Plz anybody tell me how to install cyanogenmod on galaxy mini???

  • PleaseWildfireS!!!

    +1 for wildfire S!

  • knuckles

    Hello, I am from China, my phone is htc salsa in Response to, because it related the rom small, so hope can be developed cm7. This phone and wildfires s almost.Very grateful to you

  • Wulongji

    Thanks for adding official support to HTC chacha! :)

  • Wulongji

    Thanks for adding official support to HTC chacha! :) 
    CallRecorder normal job? Two – way within the recorded support
    From China

  • galaxy 5 user

    Yeah! very excited to use an official cyanogen on my galaxy 5

  • Coffinderrick

    Is Motorola razr included

  • Edvardas Cvychas

    Thanks for including  Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5500)! 
    When it will be available for download?
    I see that nightlies for LG Optimus Chic (e720) and Motorola Photon (sunfire) are available 
    Could you please confirm if i5500 is till getting the update?

  • Rodriguez

    When is Galaxy 5 going to be available for download? Thanks!!

  • Katakulli

    waiting for HTC Wildfire S… thanks

  • gumball3000

    fuck you, you make cm7 for galaxy 5, a crap, highly unpopular phone and you don’t develop cm for galaxy mini. Shame.

  • Diego Asf

    Thanks a lot by including Samsung Galaxy 5!! but…When is going to be available for download?

  • ashok kumar

    hi this is Ashok from chennai,India.

    please make the stable cm7.2 or cm9.0 for htc wildfire s

  • ashok kumar

    thank you for including wildfire s,when the links are available to taste?
    We are Waiting…………………………….

  • Wulongji

    Thanks for adding official support to HTC chacha! :) 

    From Wulongji ,China 

  • Usa_pak

    when it will be available for chacha…sick of the battery eating stock


    Thanks a lot by including galaxy 5 =) ARGENTINA

  • Filip S.

    Is there official CM7 for HTC chacha? And if there is not, when will it be available?
    Thank you.

  • RARE

    Thnx for HTC Wildfire S but when it will get released.

  • stfil

    Give link for chacha please.

  • Antxon16

    Will Wildfire  S ever be oficially supported?

  • Elvinnathan040497

    What about samsung galaxy y duos GT-S6102?

  • Supreet

    When would u release cm7.2 for galaxy 5 i5500

  • ME