Sony Ericsson Xperia Support

The CyanogenMod and FreeXperia team is happy to announce CyanogenMod support for multiple Xperia™ devices.

Users of Sony Ericsson devices have been left out of the CyanogenMod experience for a while now. We are happy to announce that users will be able to enjoy a full-fledged CyanogenMod with nearly full hardware support (we are still working on FM radio) starting in our next release. You can also expect nightly builds and more instructions soon.

The following devices will be supported:

2011 lineup:

Older lineup:

Andreas Makris (Bin4ry), Diogo Ferreira (defer) and Alin Jerpelea (jerpelea) will be maintaining these devices from now on.

We would like to stress that work on the 2011 lineup would not have been possible without the strong involvement of Sony Ericsson with the developer community. In addition to providing unlockable bootloaders to all new devices, they provided us both with devices and technical expertise that proved invaluable in making all this happen.


  • Rod

    Looking forward for X10 & X8 ROM! Nice job, folks!

  • Bazamuffin

    SIM lock issue with Xperia Play.  SIM has no PIN with official FW, CM locks my SIM with no way to unlock

  • [email protected]

    What about xperia play? Its still not listed in the devices.

  • vinu

    Neo update work on Neo V ??? Help Plz

  • Asengfta

    hohoho i can’t wait to install cyanogen mod on my xperia mini pro

  • Shrey Verma

    i am from india, now i m using android 2.1, i want to update my xperia x10 mini with latest CyanogenMod.
    plz someone help me by telling me the whole process plzzzzzzzz.

  • William

    Hi!congrats for your perfect job!you are amazing! Can i ask a question? Are you going to stop the support in X10 mini pro?

  • GirishKumarKaitholil


    This is a great news.. Where can I download the ROM for x8/w8..

  • Neeraj Vohra

    What about Neo V ?I suppose Neo V and Neo has the same hardware except the camera module. So are you devs planning to include Neo V in the CyanogenMod list ?

  • Mailchenruirui

    there are many bugs in the first released mod !

  • Julius

    Hi.  Does anyone know if there will every be X10 Mini Pro, X10 Mini and X8 instructions written on the wiki?  I just read, over on the XDA forums, that the FreeXperia Team are stopping development of the older line up.  It’s a bit vague on whether they will finish off their work on Gingerbread CM or just call it a day now.

  • Faber84
  • asees

    please tell me how i can update my x8 to cm 7.1

  • GirishKumarKaitholil

    Please andd SE W8 also, 

  • Dinglasan_bernie

    does it will work on non custom rom., im using xperia x8 with its original state.,im currently 2.1-1update version..,

  • Sutariya Karan1994

    cyanogenmod team what about xperia neo v??….why are you not supporting it??….please release a rom for it as quickly as possible….m eagerly waiting fo it!!!

  • asees

    pls help me
    when will xperia x8 will be there in the devices list.I want to update my phone to cm7.1

  • Nickpogr

    problem with camera function after updating to froyo 2.2

  • Mklzcx

    Thank you CM team for your hard work on our devices.Will it be CM 7 for WT19i(Live with Walkman )?

  • David J

    What ever happened to the update for the X10?

  • Sutariya Karan1994

    cyanogen r u sleeping…..when r u goin to make a rom for xperia neo v???

  • Shrey Verma094

    I want to use CM7 on my x10 mini, can any one help me by providing all the steps,my phone is un rooted
    Email id:[email protected]

  • Kenaz870

    When  can we expect to get the cyanogens  for X10 Mini and mini pro, they’re newer than X8 but X8 got the cyanogen first

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  • Денис Дмитриев

    ну и где блин на x10 mini

  • Zombi

    What happened with the x10 mini pro support?

  • halfbeing

    Does this mean that EVERYTHING on the X10 Mini Pro will work as it should? I’ve been trying to get confirmation that the slide-out keyboard works.  I’ve also read that earlier versions of Cyanogen only supported the camera at low resolutions. Has this issue been fixed?

  • Mark Pointon

    Where the Hell is the download Link? Been googling for over a hour now and found diddly squat and the XDA website is worse to search than Apple’s Support pages

  • Diego Fenner

    Where can i find updates for X10a?

  • Jahanzaib

    Please add support for xperia neo V

  • David Sepúlveda

    Please support Xperia Neo V :(

  • Sophanak

    Where is the CyanogenMod for Xperia Arc S?

  • Prakashbalaji

    When will we get support for Sony Ericsson live with walkman wt19i???

  • Legolas_him94

    i need this on my xperia pro !

  • Brdtest67

    I have been waiting for Xperia X10 Cynogenmod rom for a long time… I have tried multiple roms but
    could not find good stable rom. Including Miui and others.. Hope to see
    Xperia X10 on the list very soon.. Thanks all for your hard work..

  • jesper nyholm

    After I installed Cyanlgenmod on my Xperia mini pro, I can’t use the phone. The touch screen isn’t responding! Is that then end of my phone?

  • Misterdisguise

    3-19-12 and we don’t have cyanogenmod for Xperia x10 a mobile phone wich was 10 months ago in all android magazines now is kind of shit, could you please give us cyanogenmod for Xperia x10 as soon as possible?

  • ciwrl

    es209ra (the X10) was requested to be pulled by the maintainer with the following explanation “please remove also es209ra from launch
    it has camera problems” – so until camera is fixed, no RC will be put out.

  • Balázs Hain

    And what about Xperia U?

  • mahler76

    What about the sony xperia J?

  • Harikrishnan u

    Hey Guys, what about sony Xperia c????
    Can anyone plz help me to get the answer

  • Clenilson Silva

    And about the Xperia C??

  • dashmesh

    xperia sp also.. huashan…

  • Carlo Magno Carrero Santillán

    el xperia E1 d2004 es compatible? es que este dispositivo es muy lento con jelly bean o kitkat … ayuda por favor

  • Suresh BLR

    What is wrong with Xperia C? It does not get any updates from Android too. Still running Jelly bean? Would XPeria C ever get cynogen.

  • Vishal Bumbak

    Hey guys please make CM for sony xperia C(C2305)…

  • zubair

    how to remove cyanogenmod on my xperia m2 dual

  • Kaustubh Pise

    Need to sony xperia c cyanogenmod