Road to CyanogenMod 10.1.0

We haven’t used the ‘Release Candidate’ nomenclature since the ICS days, but we feel the 10.1 branch is quickly approaching the point where a ‘final’ build is due. To prepare for that eventuality, RC1 builds for CyanogenMod 10.1.0 are now landing on our servers! This will be one of (if not the last) milestone releases before a 10.1.0 is pushed out. These builds will appear as they complete the build process and, as always, you can download the builds via!

The RC1 release list is as follows (codenames):

  • a700
  • captivatemtd
  • crespo
  • crespo4g
  • d2att
  • d2cri
  • d2mtr
  • d2spr
  • d2tmo
  • d2vzw
  • e975
  • endeavoru
  • epicmtd
  • galaxysmtd
  • grouper
  • hercules
  • i9100g
  • maguro
  • mako
  • manta
  • odroidu2
  • otter
  • otter2
  • p3100
  • p3110
  • p5100
  • p5110
  • p760
  • p880
  • p930
  • quincyatt
  • quincytmo
  • skyrocket
  • steelhead
  • su640
  • tf700t
  • tilapia
  • toro
  • toroplus
  • vs920
Happy Flashing!
The CyanogenMod Team
  • diego lampurlanés

    will you make CM 10.1 for coconut devices?

  • Danny M

    When do you think 10.1 will be stable?

  • Joseph Morris

    Targa (Droid Bionic), not listed here, also looks like it is being built out; has nightlies almost every day and a couple of RC’s earlier in May.

  • A RI ES

    i am using CM 10.1 20130525 -nightly i9100, now problem is error comes “Camera not connected”…Please help

  • A RI ES

    My camera is still not working. : Cannot be connect error….please help….Model: GT-I9100, Anorid Version 4.2.2 CM version: 10.1-20130525-Nightly -i9100…need serious help please guide me

  • GRGS

    just press Ctrl + A. Simple…

  • Mateus Nightrain

    Can Make a Rom for LG L3 E405?

  • VAVA Mk2

    How much longer till the stable build? Can’t wait :) on 5/29/2013 Nightly on my GNex right now

  • Jefferson

    Please WORK in Galaxy S3 Mini, i want install your mod, Thanks!!

  • superalphajellybean1

    Niceeeeeeeee my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy S

  • nh4Rdz

    are you planning to release cm for other l9 variants specially p768

  • FRANK Mukarakate

    the bluetooth glitch isnt working for me

  • banoliang

    CM10.1 20130602-NIGHTLY-I9100 even previous versions, when new messgaes come, the screen still dark not flash, and the quantity of the unread sms and miss calls not shown on the icon, the basic fuctions of a mobile phone are not complete, how does CM roms become a good rom?!

  • Ali Hasan

    can you please teach me how to install the nightly updates for n7100 after downloading is finished?

  • pol

    Come on guys, are you kidding?! Where is NOKIA 3310?

  • Purple Ferret

    Just installed CM 10.1 RC4 on my SGH-T999 yesterday, Absolutely brilliant. No force closes with anything, even the Photosphere Camera I flashed works properly without any FC. Its almost 3x faster than Touchwiz for me, and to boot, takes up less space on the actual phone. Even the default kernel gives me insane battery life, I’m running ktoonz right now but both give insane battery life with CM10.1

  • Jim Weller

    I also get white on white for the comments on this page.

    It’s sad to see so many complainers. Especially, on a month old RC blog post.

    I think cyanogen is a great product and have really enjoyed using it since I upgraded my not-mainstream Dell Venue to an ATT Samsung S3. It’s nice to be in the mainstream supported builds. What a great way to have access to the latest Android features. Plus, all the value add Cyanogenmod brings. I donate!

    How does one file formal bug reports? RC4 won’t display images from MMS in Gallery correctly.

  • Tom

    Awesome. Can’t wait for evita.

  • Danny M

    I can’t wait for the stable version.

  • Gsad Dasg

    What happened to the hercules 10.1 RC images? There were 2 yesterday, now gone. Is the hercules RC2 image I downloaded a couple of days ago, no longer considered RC and should be discarded? Mako on the other hand has up to RC 4 since a few days ago.

  • James Haigh

    I have an LG Optimus 3D (p920). Do you still want me to file bugs against the ancient 7.2.0 release? It would be great if there was an ‘M’ release, or well anything other than nightly that I’d be able to file up-to-date relevant bug reports against.

  • Xander Red

    Is LG Optimus 2x (P990) ever going to have a RC or stable 10.1 release?? Why is the first dual core phone being ignored so badly???….Can’t you guys fix things like the hdmi rotation or wifi batter drain issue???

  • Mahir

    will lg optimus l7 get cm 10.1? please i cant wait for jb 4.2 :)

  • Pradeep Kumar

    [QUOTE=justforgot;42540738]I’ve Finnaly got a 3g-hc hspa+. Flash cm 10.1 Regular one from 727. and Flash uvmc6 From the Radio Thread.
    And you will have 3g Connection.[/QUOTE]

    A great forum. Thanks a lot for all the efforts by admins/developers.
    I flashed one after another cm 10.1 -> Google Apps -> Radio uvmc6 in a single TWRP recovery session. Is the right way of doing it or do we need to install any additional components e.g. apps/radio after rebooting once in CM ? After this it is giving me a speed of 3G. But I am seeing following issues:

    1. I noticed on 3G it eats up battery quickly :(, do we have any way to increase battery life with this ROM+Radio ?

    2. I am also sensing that my Skyrocket (SGH-I727) is getting up heated quickly although I am doing doing any CPU intensive work. Any idea ? or is it a known bug with CM 10.1 ?

    3. I am not able to enable NFC settings from System settings :(, any idea ?

    4. Do we have any way to enable 4G speed with this combination ?

    Your help on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Sean Molenaar

    Won’t ever happen, Ace just has unnoficial CM10.1 support.

  • Freddie Macik

    Will be cm 10.1 for haida?

  • brunokoob

    Good evening..

    Will there be an official CyanogenMod 10.1.0 for the Samsung galaxy S2 plus [i9105p]?ood evening

  • ne0zone75

    Well … i can see that a TF700T RC release is scheduled :-) What about the TF300T ?!

    Have a nice day 😉

  • link

    Xperia Arc (anzu) ?

  • RafaelLemke

    No love for XT925 (razr hd)?

  • ki

    Would have been nice to see an RC for the i9100, but we have only Nightlies, which are still very good.

  • stephen

    Is the kindle fire HD 7″ supported i dont know the codename

  • Jaime Ivan Cota Castro

    P768 please :(

  • Jaime Ivan Cota Castro

    P768 please :(

  • Aquademica

    it´s really Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

  • Mögel

    Great article. I’m been looking for topics as interesting as this.

  • sökmotoroptimering

    Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)