Releases, Releases, Releases – August 2015

Tapping into my inner Balmer with the post title

We’re queuing up releases across three branches this evening, releasing into the wild CM 11.0-security, 12.0-security and our very first 12.1 release. As always, these releases are being marked as ‘known good’ by their maintainer, and signed-off individually. This means that not every CM device will receive a release – only those marked as ‘Good to go’ by the maintainer.

The 11.0 and 12.0 builds are security releases built on top of the last CM11/12.0 releases, modified to include the recent security disclosures, including the vulnerabilities in Stagefright. Users of the previous 11/12.0 release builds are encouraged to update. Users of 11.0/12.0 weeklies (nightlies) will see no net change, and need not update.

The CM12.1 release marks our first Android 5.1.1 release which brings our IMAP idle support, SDK v1 release and the security fixes mentioned previously.

If you are updating to any of these builds, please pay close attention that the CM release version and the version of your third party installs (kernels, mods, gapps, etc) are compatible.

This is a substantial amount of releases, so bear with the build-bots as they go through the list. Should there be any hiccups in the process, we’ll resolve them tomorrow; for now, we’re going to go grab a beer or three.

-The CyanogenMod Team

  • Jerome

    Bringing back the request for the Idol 3

  • Jaimy Huppie

    Is it possible to record in 1080p 60fps with The Note 4, that would be awesome :)

  • Debaditya Dey

    Please release an official build for the Asus Zenfone 5

  • Дима Сайпанов

    will there be support 12.1 for Nokia XL dual SIM?

  • Emon Saqibh

    Hello, Is there any way to install CyanogenMod on any device that is not listed? I desperately want to go blue but my phone is not at the supported list. What should I do?

  • Tarun Sharma

    I have a yureka and since the last update sometime in the beginning of November my phone has become really very unstable. It would suddenly shutdown any app and would give error reports. It is not able to display some of the images in the gallery which it used to before the update. So many times I have forwarded these error reports to cyanogen in the hope they would do something about it but sadly no such luck. Besides, whenever any update is done it changes the look, feel and functionality of the interface. When I say functionality, I don’t mean there r any additions or enhancements, but the way the task r carried out. U have to relearn the whole thing again. Even while writing this, twice my task was interrupted. I m really lost as to what to do. Cyanogen sucks big time.

  • Eric

    What news about CM fro Alcatel idol 3 4.7 (6039Y)?

  • Kushal Sunny


    I have installed cm12.1 on my Samsung Galaxy Grand duos i9082 mobile sometimes in my mobile its displaying like unfortunately music has been stopped, unfortunately audio fx has been stopped ….

    whats the problem plz give me solution

  • Gabo Armstrong

    What about a CM version for Posh Pegasus S400A?

  • Frank Contreras

    I really like 12.1 and it work good I couldn’t tell much of difference from cm13 nexus 6 the only thing that I had lots of problems with cm13 cause lot of the cool apps from other developer’s no longer work anymore so they should of left at least a couple of the last nightly 12.1 builds for nexus 6 and I did manage to find the final 12.1 thank god

  • Prem Wani

    I can’n find cm 12.1, it shows only 13.0 ….soln.