Ready. Set. Translate!

We’re two months into the CM13 Marshmallow work and nearing our feature complete mark in anticipation of a release towards the end of January. As we work towards finishing and stabilizing the multitude of devices in our roster, we’ve now unblocked the other half of our contributor teams – our Translators. These 1600+ individuals are responsible for localizing the software for our features (which we’ll go through on another post) and new regions. This post is for all of you translators.

CrowdIn is now CM13 ready! Michael Bestas (translation lead) has done his due diligence and carried forward as many translations as possible from CM12.1 to reduce the workload for CM13. In total, we count roughly 380 new strings (not including plurals) as a delta from 12.1.

Additionally, we are now making use of CrowdIn’s new version management functionality. The ultimate goal here is to reduce the amount of effort required on the part of our translators. One item of note here is that the new system is additive – to complete the translations for 13.0 you should translate both the 12.1 and 13.0 projects, as 13.0 only shows the new and untranslated strings.

Finally, the project for languages not originally in AOSP (project CM AOSP on CrowdIn) is not yet 100%. If you are the owner of one of these projects, please keep an eye out as we should be set for these by the end of the week.

If you have any questions, reach out to Michael through the tool, IRC or (if you have joined) the Translators G+ community.

  • kha lil

    is there any chance that galaxy grand prime will get CM13 ? please let me, i wanna try this wonderful rom on my phone.. im sure it’s gonna be super awesome rom on the grand prime ♥

  • Craig

    Nakinngaaqpin Suminngaaqpin?

  • disqus_GST7fAruCk

    Waiting untill New year, even no nightly release for HTC One M7, especially for Sprint M7

  • Manuel Dominguez

    Do you guys why they’re not supporting the lg g2 ls980 sprint variant on cm 13?

    Alguien sabe cuando sale cm 13 para el lg g2 de sprint ls980?

  • disqus_GST7fAruCk

    still cant found CM13 for HTC One M7 and M7 sprint, still waiting for them 😭

  • Stefano Lambelet

    really hope note 3 gets cm 13 soon

  • wazee

    dont cry man search unofficial downloads . Maybe there is somwthing :)

  • wazee

    I am having fun in cm13 sprout4 . Thanks to varunchitre . It was him who made all these possible . Really happy . Now we are official cm13 user 😀

  • Ricardo Xavier

    I’d gladly help translate the software to PT-PT.

  • Shrek Quickscoper

    A list of the following things to fix, for the OnePlus One anyways,

    Search: I cannot search for anything anymore, and it’s incredibly annoying. I don’t want to have to keep manually searching for things anymore because it takes too much time, even though, it does give me the opportunity to get to know my phone a but better

    Make sure to not have the same issues CM 12.0 had which were the cell service cutting in and out. I eventually solved it by resetting my One, but I shouldn’t have had to do this in the first place

    And lastly, improve battery life. Maybe make CM 13 not so RAM heavy, if at all possible. Thanks for reading this! 😀

  • Joseph Diolola

    Hi sir. you also working for treltexx note 4 sm-n910c.. My currently rom now is cm13 marshmallow.. I cannot find gapps,.

  • Emanuele Esposito

    Guys i have a problem with CM 13. In on NIGHTLY.
    The root is broken. (Broken E_PIPE) Thx

  • Hel Thanatos

    The environment there is crappy because the site sucks…

  • Victor Chih

    If you need any help with traditional and simplified Chinese, i am here to help.

  • Rafael Brasil

    Hi! Where is cm13 fo Moto G 2015? Why tooking so long? Thanks!

  • Bendegúz Györe

    If you need a hungarian transalator then I may be able to help you guys.

  • Brian Wenner

    Parece que alguien no está entendiendo como funcionan las cosas.

    Para que un teléfono tenga soporte en CM, una persona (o grupo de personas) tiene/n que dedicar mucho tiempo y esfuerzo a portar un build, O HACERLO DESDE CERO. Y todo esto teniendo en cuenta que el terminal soporte por completo la versión de Android que se trata de desarrollar en este, que sea tan estable como sea posible, y soportando quejas y reclamos de gente desconsiderada. (Ah, y ¿mencioné que los devs de estas roms generalmente trabajan GRATIS?)

    Si ESE build resulta siendo de calidad, recién entonces tiene la posibilidad de hacerse oficial.

    Si no tu terminal no tiene soporte, creo que la energía que gastas en quejarte podrías, no se, ¿emplearla en portar la rom tu mismo?

    Probablemente no. Quejarse es mas fácil, ¿no?

  • yesfabime

    If there is help needed with German, feel free to contact me.

  • Mehdi P

    If you need Farsi/Persian, I’m totally down.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

    Same but for the Greek language, but having less than half brain as most was burned during my studies in the U.K. 😛

  • Bobr Productions

    Don’t think so. Just technical words.

  • Bobr Productions


  • Bobr Productions

    It certainly will

  • Jamison Edmonds

    Good point. I guess my thinking was doing the work should be helpful to learn by. But, see how submitting the work maybe another story?

  • Bobr Productions

    Not a rare story 😀

  • Bobr Productions

    I think translating this is not a good way to improve your language, but chatting in comments like that is. Google translator can’t help you there:D

  • Bobr Productions

    Developers are trying as hard as they can and making such an optimisation like is hard to realise in such old devices soo… S2 is dead

  • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

    at least I got to keep my hair ;}

  • limbo

    Will there be CM13 in Sony Z1C (amami) ?
    Really hope for it .

  • Shaheer

    What happened to a realese towards the end of January? It’s February….

  • Ronnie

    I can help translate to Arabic, because i can see that the Arabic language if far from good in CM

  • Ghost13

    i’ll be glad to help the french team of translation

  • erkqut

    Hi, how are you! I have fully translated CM13 and CM12.1 into Uyghur
    language. But i can`t see it on my HTC M9 phone after i have installed
    CM13 on my phone. My problem is uyghur translation did not add to CM13
    yet? Sorry!

  • Shaheer

    It’s March now, and cyanogen hasn’t even given an update on their blog. I wouldn’t be complaining if they would just tell us what’s up and why the update hasn’t come out yet in a stable release. They did this with lollipop as well and it is really annoying. If you want people to trust and support your company, you should at least support and inform the users.

  • Robert Rivera Bula

    i can translate into spanish

  • Paweł Pleskaczyński

    Hey there, I can help you with translation to the Polish language. I would be glad to help :)

  • Chris Verra

    i am looking for download os for Alcatel pixi3, does somebody have a link for that ito