PSA: HTC Devices recovery updates

Beginning with nightly 20140501, an updated recovery that has kernel support for by-name partitions is required to install/update CyanogenMod on certain devices.

The following devices are affected:

evita – HTC One XL

fireball – HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

jewel – HTC EVO 4G LTE

m4 – HTC One Mini

m7 – HTC One [GSM]

m7spr – HTC One [Sprint]

m7vzw – HTC One [Verizon]

ville – HTC One S

For more info (and steps) see our wiki:

  • Badcam3

    I was wondering why my EVO wouldn’t take the update xD. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Brandon Power

    Holy crap you still have a evo?

  • Badcam3

    Ya man. Contract is up next month. Still gonna stick with my EVO though. M8 isn’t my style.

  • Scribble

    He probably has the Evo LTE, which is basically a slightly upgraded One X. I had one, it was great until the LCD connector cable went bad.

  • iAmOren

    goes to update available. i have the latest… won’t stay on connect to device screen…

  • serg compani

    Why? so little devices can be sewn through the program!!

  • mohammed

    Is there any thing for htc desire 600

  • Carlos Silva

    Hey I had an iPhone but now I have an HTC one X with sense 5 can someone instruct about cyanogenmod and if I can installed and make it work on my phone thanks in advance

  • rörinspektion

    always top …