PSA: Device Updates – M9, Jewel and Moto

With the release of CM11 M9 over the weekend, this is a perfect opportunity to touch base on a couple of device support related items, and information that may be relevant to many of you.

Device status roster

One of the more common questions asked after every M-release is with regards to the status of any one particular device in general – usually one that missed the M release mark. To help give you a central place to  check up on this information, we’ve created the Device Status page on our wiki. This page will be updated alongside each monthly release to include an assessment of currently supported devices and what (if any) reasons prevented its release for that particular month. This can be simply because of time constraints for your maintainers or something more severe such as known blockers and bugs.


Some of you may have noticed that jewel was pulled from nightlies after build 20140729. Unfortunately, some modem issues were too unwieldy to throw in a quick fix. These issues are resolved after upgrading the firmware on jewel to version 4.13.651.4, however, updating to this new firmware also includes a big caveat – the data/media transition.

This firmware upgrade was not an easy decision – one of CM’s features has been your ability to update on top of your previous build without data loss. However, there is no data migration path from an existing CyanogenMod installation when updating to the new 4.13.651.4 firmware. Updating your firmware will wipe all of your data, applications, and anything stored on /sdcard. Ultimately, this is the best (and only) path forward for continued support of CyanogenMod on jewel.

More information on this topic and a firmware update guide has been posted to the wiki: Jewel data/media transition. Discussion and help on this topic should be directed to this forum thread

Jewel nightlies resume beginning with build 20140806 and require a minimum bootloader (HBOOT) version of 2.10.0000 to install.


Over the past month or so, Motorola has released 4.4 firmware updates that introduce substantial updates to a couple of the devices under the moto_msm8960 umbrella. To-date, this includes the xt926 and xt907 devices, with updates bringing in new bootloaders and modem firmware.  On July 1st, CM moved nightly code for the msm8960 to require the 4.4 dependency, under the expectation that Motorola would continue to roll out the 4.4 updates to their other devices – this proved wrong, with Moto going as far to confirm cancellation of the expected xt897 4.4 update.

As a result, many devices supported under the moto_msm8960 are still using Jellybean bootloaders, and could not update to the latest CM 11 builds. To rectify this issue, we have decided to split the moto_msm8960 family into Kitkat (4.4) bootloader and and Jellybean bootloader releases. A new moto_msm8960_jbbl (Jellybean bootloader) variant has been created in CM sources to account for those devices that have not (and may not) see a proper 4.4 release from Moto. Builds for this variant are already available on our downloads portal, and will install as proper updates (no need to wipe) for those that could not use the normal ‘moto_msm8960′ builds since the July 1st switch to 4.4 based code.

No further changes are required on your part, simply grab the right build as it applies to you (based on your bootloader).

  • Steve

    What are you on about? There hasn’t been a build released since the 13th of August.

  • Ties

    I kindly refer you to the date stamp on my original comment. It was still receiving nightlies at that point.

  • Aurelio Diaz

    There’s a rumor that there might be a Galaxy S5 GPE. I hope it’s true. I gotta see the phone to believe it.

  • Sly

    Somebody can help me with update on SGS2? i have a problem after phone reboot for install the new CM11.0.
    assert failed: apply_patch_check ……

  • Aurelio Diaz

    Hey I found an Unofficial build of CyanogenMod for the S5 on the XDA forums. I have it running on my phone and its working flawlessly. A few bugs here and there, but I really can’t complain. No issues so far. Check it out on XDA

  • Andrew Kender

    Yeah, I’m pretty active on there. I used that build for a couple weeks then switched to Team UB’s builds. It’s pretty beast.

  • Akuma

    working well on Xperia T, very fast and smooth…no lag, but there is huge battery drain, and the system UI crashes sometimes, ther is no wifi based on location function, the camera app has a bug, can not take shots sometimes, the vibrate intensity menu not working and the volume tile on the quick settings not responding…i hope this wil be sorted out…loving the ROM

  • Orazio Greco

    hi, I wanted to point out that in this version you can not answer the second incoming call while you are in conversation with the first.

  • Orazio Greco


  • Orazio Greco

    hi, I wanted to point out that in this version you can not answer the second incoming call while you are in conversation with the first. samsung S2

  • Ties

    Also, nightlies have resumed.

  • Hasan Ayati

    When will M10 release? it’s over a month now.

  • Thanh Vu

    What new update CM 11 for Samsung Vibrant? It stop at CM 10.1.3 when capitivate and i9000 (it same chipset and RAM) updated CM 11. Why why why not faire for Vibrant

  • imacop

    regarding the moto devices and Jellybean bootloaders, thanks for the heads up

  • Wojciech Kmiecik

    ahhh. this info with moto_msm8960_jbbl should be written on EVERY moto upgrade wiki page… i was after wipe data, and then i noticed that package is wrong…