New Build Servers Online!

We put out a call for help back in February asking for support from the community to help us get our nightly builds back up to speed. The community answered our call in force! With the contributions, we were able to acquire three Dell R610 servers. Each server has dual Xeon X5675 CPUs (12 cores total) and 32 GB of RAM. These are some serious machines! We also purchased a few new devices for our team members with what was left. Your donations have helped us to grow immensely.

The servers have been installed and are now starting builds. These machines can build CM9 in about 9 minutes, pretty serious stuff. We still need to set up a scheduler to automate the process of building every target- I expect this to be done in the next few days. We’ll make another announcement when nightly builds are being made for all targets on a predictable basis.