Unified builds – Motorola G and more

First, we’re proud to announce that the Motorola G is now an officially supported device in CyanogenMod. This popular budget phone will carry the designation of ‘falcon’ – with a unified build for both the xt1032 and xt1034 variants. We are in the beginning stages of supporting the multi-sim capable xt1033, so please be patient as we work through that process.

Additional Motorola devices are also seeing the benefits of unification, and in the spirit of our last batch of unified builds, a handy list is provided for the newest batch:

Previous Motorola X and Droid Maxx Dev Edition: xt1053, xt1058, xt1060, xt1055 & xt1080 (latter two previously unreleased)

Now: moto_msm8960dt

Previous RAZR HD, Photon Q, Atrix HD, etc. : xt897, xt901, xt905, xt907, xt905, xt925, xt926, mb886 (and the former xt897c)

Now: moto_msm8960

The new ‘msm’ designations are based on the common architecture used in these devices. As always, source for these unified device projects are available on our Github.

  • https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_falcon
  • https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_moto_msm8960dt
  • https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_moto_msm8960

Nightlies for all of the devices mentioned above, including the Moto G, are now available.


  • Isaiah Schultz

    This wouldn’t happen to include (officially or otherwise) the standard Moto Droid Maxx, would it?

  • Emílio B. Pedrollo

    were the xt910/xt912 models left out of this?

  • Eli Gukovsky

    Is the Google Play Edition of the Moto G included under falcon?

  • Manuel Peralta

    I’m waiting on the SM-N900 Exynos variant ROM. Any updates on it would be highly appreciated.

  • Jagjot Singh

    moto g dual sim variant support is coming, what about galaxy s4 mini dual sim variant? are you considering adding it’s support too?

  • 宇 王

    So where is SM-N900 Exynos variant ROM~ Come on! I love CyanogenMod. Cant wait!

  • 宇 王

    Holy… But where is the rom for SM-N900 Exynos. I am a big fan of CyanogenMod and still waiting for it!! Come on!

  • Ramiro López Baigorria

    What about the xt919?

  • Jaocagomez

    Thank you so much for the builds for Droid Maxx & Ultra, thanks!!!

  • Jaocagomez

    it states here that theres new support for droid maxx and droid ultra

  • Isaiah Schultz

    It actually says “Droid Maxx Dev Edition”. Technically not the same thing, hence my question.

  • Edwardcoe

    I am happy to hear about that , but could you please have a rom for the galaxy s3 for the Chinanet (i939d) ? So happy for this if it is possible ! Thx so much !

  • Jonathan Ray Pereira

    Would it be possible to add the i9500 ? .. We’re missing out on all the amazing work you guys are doing :(

  • Pyrostic

    How do you plan to implement the active display for the Moto X?

  • Ray

    How about XT1033?

  • SickSix


  • mionica

    ART is broken on xt897 – inifinite boot animation (worked fine on the last xt897 nightly) – posted here http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/88807-art-on-moto-msm8960/

  • Suman

    Eagerly awaiting CM 11 on xt 1033…

  • jamessuperfun

    Will this have “1-click installer” support?

  • Joshua Horton

    I have my Razr M xt907 unlocked on gsm and it has always worked with cm 11 as long as i applied certain build.prop changes or flashed a certain zip. But once I flash the unified build update, I’m not able to get data or messaging and nothing fixes it.

  • Morten Degn

    Where is the xt1032 build?

  • Morten Degn

    Where is the xt1032 model?

  • Touchpad0815

    is there a possibilty to change the dpi density value? In the build.prop is nothing to find. There is no entry. If i wrote the line with “ro.sf.lcd_density=280″ in the build.prop it works. But I find it very strange. I was using Cyanfox before without a unified build and there was an entry.

  • pinportal

    Please, make Samsung S3 Mini GT-I8190L an officially supported device in CyanogenMod…

  • Christopher Garofalo

    Since the unified builds came out (which is moto_msm8960 for xt926), Unfortunately MMS is not working with xt926. I’m unable to receive and send MMS messages a Continuous error popping up saying No APN settings. :-( had to install a back up of the last nightly on 2-18-2014.

    Help? Lol

    I have Verizon

  • arthur rugenstein

    Got the current build and can’t receive MMS messages it states no APN Specified on this device

  • Aaron

    Is there anywhere or anyway to request something to be added to a ROM? The moto_msm8960 build is great, but even though the xt901 is included in the compatibility list it is having trouble with LTE connectivity. Someone said that US Cellular’s LTE bands aren’t included in the ROM.

  • Sagar Kulkarni

    Is moto g dual Sim ROM available?

  • Wilson Rodrigues

    Can I leave a suggestion for futures CyanogenMod Roms for Moto G? Center the lock, in interface options, status bar, when option “Show clock” enabled. Thanks. And keep up the great work!

  • Wilson Rodrigues

    Can I leave a suggestion for futures CyanogenMod Roms for Moto G? Center the lock, in interface options, status bar, when option “Show clock” enabled. Thanks. And keep up the great work!

  • Michel Braga Guimarães

    What about XT1033?? Does this new cyanogenmod hás support to dual sim???

  • Akshay Salunke

    Even though moto g is officially supported device, why can’t i use the cyanogenmod installer (it says unsupported device)

  • Steffan

    When is the moto g supported for the installer?

  • arthur rugenstein

    question i don’t remember when it changed as I usually don’t look at the recovery screen to much when it’s updating but recently I was watching the install of a nightly update for my maxx dev edition and my recovery changed from touch to cwm and now I can’t get it back as my stock system backup is in touch and it won’t recognize the touch in cwm wondering if there is a fix for it

  • Prakash Yerra

    Does this new cyanogenmod hás support to dual sim?