More Stagefright

The issue described in the the latest publication of Stagefright issues (link) has been patched in source for CM 10.1 -> 12.1. Nightlies for 12.1 beginning tonight (~2hours) will include this fix, in addition to all the other exploits that came as a result of Stagefright and DefCon/Blackhat.

On the topic of 10.1 & 10.2, while these have been patched for this particular series of issues, we do not intend to issue a new release for these branches – the patches are there more so to protect derivative ROMs that use our source as base code.

We will be releasing another stable version of 11.0 and 12.0 (as well as a stable 12.1 release) with all of these fixes (and more) by the end of this month. More on that in a separate post.

  • xapoliz

    Have you checked out the unofficial builds by JustArchi in XDA? He’s made a lot of progress, I believe he would be willing to help or at least contribute with some source-code…

  • Death Mask Salesman

    I’m using CM12.1 nightly on GT-I9195, and my latest bug discovery is that the phone freezes and reboots eventually when an audio jack is plugged in.

  • Stewved

    (ffs getting peeved by my comments being rejected cos they have a link in them)

    Yeah m8, I found out about justArchi and Moster2 when I was looking for a ROM to use the kernal/drivers from, and I came across their ROM on XDA (cannot put a link to it)

    I have decided to let the professionals do their thing!

    if JustArchi, or anyone else thinks I could be of some help, they are most welcome to contact me; I will leave my Ubuntu install intact just in case :)

  • Bennieboj

    3 more days to release those patches in stable releases :)

  • ayy


  • Craig

    Hmmm, last day of the month and don’t see CM11 Stable, last build listed (for moto_msm8960_jbbl) is still the june snapshot.

    When you do release it, can you call it M13, that’ll fulfill the previous blog prophecy of M13 being the last CM11 build…

  • Dave Jones

    HTC One M8 still running CM 11 for performance and interface reasons.

    Waiting patiently for news on the CM 11 fix. Thanks

  • danz207

    “How do I into reading comprehension”

  • Nathaniel Clark

    I think I am the only one still maintaining the LG lucid (vs840). I run CM10, Still trying to get 10.1 to work.