Microsoft and CM12.1 Nightlies

Sorry for the clickbait title, but given today’s news cycle from most of the blogs, I couldn’t resist using their same tactic.

For those looking for a good read on Cyanogen Inc’s announcement, head over to AndroidCentral.

To highlight the one take away that matters to CyanogenMod users – We are not bundling or pre-installing Microsoft (or any Cyanogen OS exclusive partner apps) into CyanogenMod.

Edit: Those reading the AC article have asked about ‘ads’ showing up. No, those won’t be in CyanogenMod either.

And yes, that April fools joke is still a prank.

Your nightlies will not see a sudden influx of Microsoft applications – you can put the pitchforks down. CyanogenMod has historically stayed neutral on your services of choice, whether you use Google, Amazon or Fdroid; we leave that decision to you and we have no intention of changing that.

What you will see are new APIs available in the source code, using CM as a platform for other developers to do cool things with. Remember when CM 9 had support for Host Card Emulation well before that functionality was available in Android proper? How about adhoc WiFi support? Those kinds of pushing forward of the Android platform are something we have done for years, and will continue to support whenever we can – but do so in a non-‘force you into it’ manner. We’re all about options here.

On that note…

CM 12.1 Nightlies

A week later than we anticipated, we’re ready to flip the switch for a multitude of devices to begin release of Android 5.1 based, 12.1 nightlies.

As we stated last week, these are safe to install on top of CM 12.0 official builds, with the caveat that you must manually update your third party add-on zips. For most of you, this boils down to finding an Android 5.1 compatible gapps if you want a working CM installation with Google apps that don’t crash.

Do recognize that these are the first releases, and as such they may have some cobwebs. Regression reports are being collected via our JIRA, so please do let us know if we broke something.

Gerrit Updates

We took Gerrit down last night for roughly an hour to process some much needed changes. This brings us up to date with the latest Gerrit version, and crucially, addresses the death of Google’s OpenID service, replacing it with their Google OAuth. Non-Google OpenID accounts should still be functional.

We are aware of some Google OAuth users being marked as ‘untrusted’ due to this update and are working on the solution. Expect the dust to settle with this update by the weekend, and we should be back up to 100%. If you are bit by other Gerrit issues, let us know in the comments below.

Happy Flashing,
The CyanogenMod Team

  • Karen
  • lolpopo

    Keine Daten rechte man kann nix mehr löschen seid cm12.1-20150724-Nightly
    Ambiente display sollte wieder hinzugefügt werden.
    Datenspeicher zu voll beheben auch wenn man nicht viele apps hat.
    Und Akkulaufzeit sollte man verbessern
    Sonst alles top

  • PizzedOffAmericano

    Personally I’d rather use Microsoft’s services over Google. If you trust Google then they got you man…Wake up!

  • Manohar Ch

    Having cyanogen mod on mobile feels awsome but cm 12.1 is still having some major issues like draining alot of battery and getting heat a lot faster

  • Víctor Javier Gallardo Gonzále

    En ninguna de las versiones cm12.1 para MOTO MAXX funciona el GPS .. Sería bueno que lo arreglaran pues aparte de eso no he pillado problemas .anda muy bien la pantalla inalambrica con chrome cast. Estas Roms cyanogenmod siempre las he instalado en mis dispositivos anteriores. Esperó que arreglen el GPS solamente. Saludos . desde Santiago, Chile

  • Mike Miller

    ROFLMAO, and you think Microsoft hasn’t been doing what you are scared of Google doing for years already?! Why do you think IE has been litigated through court and forced to become a removable application when M$ first tried to make it mandatory? How about all the small companies M$ has bought out and shuttered just because they were scared of the possible competition? How about with Windows 10 doing full on background analytical collection without hardly any notice to the user upon install? How about the banner ads they now force on you EVERY time you click to open the start menu in Windows 10?

    I am not knocking your overall statement to be careful of large corporations who love to collect all your personal data without you realizing it and selling it to the highest bidder, but if you think Microsoft is going to somehow look out for you and Google is the corporation to be wary of let me let you in on a little secret… MOST ALL LARGE CORPORATIONS ARE THE SAME NONE CARE ABOUT YOU AND THEY ARE ALL OUT TO MAKE MONEY my friend.

  • ThePar

    Not sure what all the hubub is about, but I currently use MyPhoneExplorer to “integrate” my android with my Win10 PC and Laptop and I wouldn’t be too upset if Microsoft-friendly functionality was somehow added to CM.

    If I did have a problem, I could drop into a shell and rm -rf the shit, and/or restrict it completely with XPrivacy. Devs would fork CM with Microsoft removed and people would vote with his/her feet.

    I’m not completely in the loop with what is going on…but…
    It’s not like we haven’t the tools or human capital to handle it, guys and gals.

  • Cj di WakaR

    Pliz I need CyanogenMod for Samsung note 3 neo SM-N7505…I am using cm12 on note 2 lte its working well…

  • Mike Miller

    Actually, the boxer app and a couple others are built in such a way the OS itself depends on them so if you attempt to remove it even with root privileges the OS will either not work or will constantly throw error messages. You can not remove apps that the system framework directly depends on to be there without negative consequences.

  • Mike Miller

    LoL, if anything this is M$ getting it’s foot in the door of an Android developer house that’s having potentially business ending issues. if anything especially if they begin small by getting their core apps running within Android ecosystem then they can sit back and if Cyanogen goes the way of the likes of Netscape then M$ has a really cheap and easy ripe picking to take and gain the most well known put together ROM development house Android has. If this happens then they have a large chunk of Android talent to use and that more than likely is the shape this is taking (either that or like when M$ loaned apple money back in the day it’s wasn’t out of the goodness of their heart. They are getting to the point where they can be accused of being a monopoly and using unfair business practices on smaller companies. If they instead inject money in to other “competitors” than the feds can’t come investigating them and they can continue to do whatever they wish). So I find it super interesting in reading your comments about M$ as they begin to sound like M$ is some small start up looking to make it’s mark. This is definitely not the case I ASSURE you.

  • Mike Miller

    They “lose” money in order to keep up appearances that they are not as large and monopolistic as they are and this keeps the federal investigators away and from them getting labeled a monopoly. It may look like tons of lost money, but with Bill Gates always being in the top 3 richest people in the world anytime a list is made I can guarantee you they are continuing to make WAY more money than they are losing.

  • UsernameCensored

    “We are not bundling or pre-installing Microsoft (or any Cyanogen OS exclusive partner apps) into CyanogenMod”

    And the first update contained Cortana, and ‘suggested apps’ for other Microsoft products.

  • realsmart987

    What if the reason Microsoft is expanding into other mobile platforms is exactly *because* they are in 3rd place behind Android and iOS? Whoever you are when you are 1st place in popularity for something you feel less incentive to innovate (“resting on your laurels” as they say). I assume this is a part of Microsoft’s plan to try to become #1 itself: by offering it’s services/apps in as many platforms as possible.

  • Heryan M

    Cyanogen never fix instgram. Goodbye cyanogenmod

  • AZ Weekly

    I came looking for the build. Someone ran CM on a nokia lumia.