Last Week in CyanogenMod

Week Ending: October 26, 2013

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.

DroidCon UK

Shane and I just wrapped up the DroidCon weekend and have to say we had a blast! The event offered a unique opportunity for us to communicate with users, device manufactures, network operators, and application developers all in one place, giving a great insight to the larger Android community outside of the custom OS space. We were treated great, welcomed with open arms (even if we didn’t fit into the traditional ‘app developer’ mold) and being asked to give the Keynote was an honor (we’ll link the video when it becomes available). Shout-out to the organizers and sponsors for the event – looking forward to next year!

Intel SDP

Intel’s representatives sat with us for a quick chat at DroidCon and graciously gave us one of their Software Development Platforms! The special Galaxy Tab 3.0 went home with Shane and he will (hopefully) use it as a head-start on adding x86 support into CM. Watch this space for more in the future.

New devices

Last week saw the addition of 6 new devices: Moto X (3 variants) and the Sony Xperia SP went in on Monday and Tuesday saw the addition of two variants of the LG G2.

Iconia Tab A700 status update

The a700 jumped to 10.2 nightlies (previously only 10.1).

10.2 M1 Preparations

We’re gearing up for the initial ‘release’ of CM 10.2 and with that will come a code freeze in the near future (possibly even this coming week). Be sure to follow the G+ page (or Twitter) for updates when this takes effect.

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Daniel Roberson

    First! Lol man I love this rom. Great work and always makes a phone better when flashed…. I wonder what will come next

  • Sean White

    Does this mean I might see the ability to run Cyanogenmod on my laptop in the future??

  • Daniel Roberson

    Awe crap lol beat me….. And I bout it lol

  • Andreas Koepke

    I guess since the screen sharing code isn’t in the nightlies as yet it will most likely miss out on being in the release version of 10.2.

    Is CM Inc looking into the legalities of including this feature before it is merged?

  • Ahmed Magdy

    Any news about tab 3 rom? 7 and 10.1 inches?

  • amehaye

    what legalities?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    CyanogenMod for PC?

  • Carl McPherson

    When will the app be available. Wanna get cm on my N4

  • Pepparkakan

    I’d like to see a status update on the AirPlay stuff in the next round-up.

  • Adam

    I will love to be informed about date for CM installer release – maybe some down clocking??? :)

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Will the x86 image be universal for all baytrail tablets?

  • skrusrnmz

    I would love to hear what the future is for the camera app. My phone is my point-and-shoot of choice as it’s always with me. I have a GS3 and the stock camera still far outperforms the CM one for my use. This is *almost* a deal-breaker for me.

  • Kirn Gill

    They’d be smart to work with the Android-x86 dudes.

  • drt054

    OMG.. I am already looking forward to the Acer Iconia W4 (Win8Pro).. would be awesome if could dual boot with Android/CM!!!!

  • nathan1465

    any new features?

  • Dave Carters

    Camera dont work in Galaxy s3 with 10.2 nightly 28-10-2013

  • Jeremias Adamiec

    gallery and camera lags/crash on HTC One. please fix it. Thanks!

  • Damien

    revert to previous nightly and utilize forums for technical help.

  • Damien

    utilize forums for technical questions. Revert from nightly builds to 10.3.1 stable until a release candidate becomes available and try it again.

  • Gilberth Cordova

    Razr i !!

  • Arpit Agarwal

    does supporting x86 means support for lenovo k900 as well… ?? woohoooo!

  • Jigar Shinde

    K900 Community needs your attention for X86 goodies Cyanogen team :)

  • Ayush Agnihotri

    Please do support the Lenovo K900…

  • Hansel

    Topic suggestion: I would like to hear from you guys what the Linux 3.10 kernel that is included in kitkat means for cyanogenmod in terms of future development and performance. I know Linux 3.7 was a significant update for ARM devices . If you guys could make a post where most users could understand the significance of this , it would get users get excited about CyanogenMod. Thanks

  • Rickin Palmeira

    Focal will be featured on google play soon

  • madanlmg

    The only thing i still havent figured out with x86 android is this :
    How the hell do I implement a pinch command???!!!

  • BaluBear

    CM for my Lenovo K900 would be AWESOME!! Please!

  • Efreak

    Any news on that status of x86 support? Ideally I’d like a recent nightly that could be installed in virtualbox, but news of any work on support for x86 architecture would be welcome.

  • che

    Please do support the Lenovo K900

  • Timo Teuchtmann

    Plesse support yoga tablet 2 series!

  • Kedar Mangle

    Please post link of CM ROM for lenovo K900