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Week Ending: June 19, 2014

“This Week in CyanogenMod” is an ongoing feature that aims to serve as a one-stop shop for weekly updates. Topics discussed are culled from our social media accounts, gerrit, status updates and general thoughts.”

4.4.3, 4.4.4, new features, devices, security, and towels – a jammed packed update this week!

Android 4.4.3

Released in the first week of June, Android 4.4.3 has been fully integrated into CM 11 source. With it came over 7000+ changes! All nightlies build between June 6th and June 18th are based on 4.4.3 code.

Android 4.4.4

Google did a two-for-one this month, and released Android 4.4.4 to address some OpenSSL items this week. CM actually already included these OpenSSL patches right around the time we did the 4.4.3, so 4.4.4 brought little more than a simple version number change. All CM11 nightlies past June 19th are based on this 4.4.4 code, as will be next month’s CM 11 M8 release.


Also making headlines this past week was the ‘Towelroot’ exploit, said to affect a large amount of Android devices. We are happy to say that the exploit used in Towelroot (futex) was patched for most devices’ kernels the day of public disclosure, June 5th – 10 days ahead of Towelroot’s public release of the exploit.



Some long running Sony devices received a substantial update this week, including the T and V variants. If you haven’t checked out the builds recently, now would be a good time to get back on that bandwagon. Many thanks to FXP for their continued support of the platform.

Additionally, support for the Sony Xperia Z2 (sirius) joins our roster of CM11 devices, bringing support for the D6502, D6503, D6506, & D6543.

LG P880

The LG p880 also received an overhaul, thanks to new maintainer Demetris Ierokipides, who has stepped up to take over this device.

Xiaomi Mi2

Another new maintainer – M1cha – brings in the codename ‘aries’ device for CM 11 support. Nightlies for the Mi2 are now available.

Oppo Find 7a

We also kicked off nightlies for Oppo’s Find 7a variant (find7) last week. Please note, this is currently only tested against the Find 7a – if you have the Find 7 QHD, please wait for confirmation on support until attempting to flash. We are expecting to receive some of the QHD units soon, and will begin integration afterwards.

OnePlus One

The newest device on the list of support comes in the form of the OnePlus One (bacon), which was open sourced and added to the nightly roster this month. Note for those of you who are using the retail version of this device with CyanogenMod 11S – the nightlies may release more frequently, but likewise, are prone to additional kinks and do not include some of the closed-source components that arrived with the 11S distribution of CM.

New Features

In addition to addressing the usual series of fixes – this month sees a multitude of new features coming into CM 11.

VPN woes

With Android 4.4.2, there were mass complaints of broken VPN routing in AOSP core. We merged in patches to resolve this for CM 11 M7, however, with the introduction of Android 4.4.3, these patches started doing more harm than good. We have reverted the change in question, so if you were impacted by broken VPN in our 4.4.3 nightlies, this should now be resolved.

Hidden apps meet protected apps

The much loved Trebuchet feature of hiding *ahem* apps you’d rather other people not find, we see the return of hidden apps with a new super-power. Apps can now be hidden per-normal, but the access to these applications can now be protected by a Pattern unlock. Additionally, the hide functionality is no longer just superficial to the launcher – apps now marked as Protected will be hidden from all launchers (including third parties), and even the Settings > Apps list itself. Protected apps will still be available via your multi-tasking recents menu, but the uninstall and clear data options will be blocked until the application is marked as no longer protected.

Got a app (or apps) that you’d rather have protected, but still have immediate access to? We are also introducing protected folders – allowing you to perform the applying of protected status to multiple apps at once, group them to your liking, and have them sit close-by on your home screen, but unreachable to those who don’t know your pattern unlock.

Trebuchet: GEL & CMHome

Also added to the Trebuchet sliding panel is an option for ‘Search panel’. This setting introduces Google Experience Launcher-like behavior, allowing for a custom panel on the far left of your home screen. For now, this merely launches Google Now, and you can exit this back to your home screen by sliding from the right most edge. Eagle-eyed watchers of our gerrit may have seen references to a new ‘CMHome’ concept. This is coming to a build soon, and we will showcase it when it is ready for nightlies.

Heads Up, Thumbs up

Buried inside the Android source code was a reference to a ‘Heads Up’ notification mode – and starting with tonight’s nightlies, we’ve brought that setting to you, with the usual CM enhancements. Heads Up allows for a floating notification to display on top of your current activity, with the full access (eg. Expand, Reply, Interact, etc) that you would expect from a standard notification. This allows for a quick and easy way to read incoming notifications while in otherwise full-screen applications (ie Games). Obviously, no one likes being nagged in the middle of their favorite Youtube video of cats – so we have introduced a ‘Do not disturb’ filter to this functionality. You can select which apps the new Heads Up functionality should not interrupt. 

Pictures are always fun!

Settings Re-org

In our never-ending quest to make sure that CM remains easy to use with the addition of all these features we’ve, once again, re-organized settings for best fit. Trebuchet settings move out of the main settings app, and into the sliding panel as seen in the screenshots above. Gone is the generic “Interface” category – replaced by newly created ‘Status Bar’, ‘Notification Drawer’ and ‘Gestures’ categories. These all should be straight forward and allow you to find your favorite CM features more easily (though you may have to overcome a bit of muscle memory). Other notable moves: Expanded desktop now lives within the Display category; All lock screen items are now in the ‘Lock screen’ category, and duplicate entries in ‘Security’ have been removed; Navigation Bar layouts can now be found with all the other button controls under ‘Buttons’.

Got a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see in the next round-up? Let us know in the comments below. All device/port requests will be ignored.

  • Jason Fracaro

    I have to agree with @disqus_BmT4cDX7oI:disqus, I bought new batteries about 6 mo. ago and I have noticed a difference between version builds. M7 is a battery hog. Nonetheless, the battery performance issues have come and gone in the past

  • Jason Fracaro

    Speaking of bugs, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could generate bug reports from the phone without having to go into the terminal? I would totally contribute more if I was able to do a proper bug report in under 5 minutes (from generation to posting.)

    [Obviously I would have searched JIRA first to make sure it wasn’t already reported 😉 ]

  • Shaun Rajewski

    You already have that option… Open Messages, go to Settings and enable “Show pop-up” under Quick Reply. This will pop up a box over top of your current activity with the text and allow you to respond, close, or view the thread. (Note: Doesn’t show MMS messages, only SMS).

  • Felix

    I’ve been having crashes of my Dialer app when I attempt to open the page where I see my latest calls on my Maguro device eversince M4 or M5. Does anyone experience the same issue and/or has an idea how to fix it?

  • Paul Ajzenman

    Thanks, you’re right. Very much appreciate you. Found the appropriate gapps and Google Play is now playing nice.
    Havent’ been able to activate 4G. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • Ionut Chiritescu

    On my Allview p5Qmax will work Cyanogenmod?Don-t broke my phone?Thanks!

  • Kelley Cook

    Xperia T has always been nightly only. Starting June 14th, those Nightlys received the Sony Kernel updates. Offhand, the FXP maintainer mentioned that he hoped to get many of the Sony devices released with M8.

  • Ronin

    Thank you very much for the answer. I will wait for release candidate then!
    Keep on the good work!

  • Jackie Yang

    can you add stamina mode in xperia T next nightly ?

  • Jackie Yang

    also i want know what is next nightly ?android L ?

  • Moutasem

    and still no support for note 3 n900 exynos version when will you make a version for it please
    thank you :)

  • Kurt Grech

    When will you incorporate Android L in your later updates?

  • Kurt Grech

    When will you be incorporating android L in any future updates?

  • Juan Madrigal

    L android for dev being implemented into nightlies soon?

  • Travis Stiles

    I have no idea why but any time I update to 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 nightly I get this screen flickering glitch. It’s really annoying and it affects every aspect of my phone from individual apps to making my keyboard just dissappear (momentarily). I keep trying hoping that maybe it won’t happen on this update. I’m stuck on 4.4.2 nightly because it doesn’t glitch. Also another thing I noticed the screen glitch doesn’t happen when my phone is charging. I’m using the LG e970

  • Travis Stiles

    Hint if it’s a feature coming to ios then they probably got it from Android

  • gaurav dwivedi

    when m8 is going to release ?? ETA ??

  • Pure Drive GT

    I don’t know if this is an appropriate question but I really want to put my mind at rest so I’ll just go for it. Many Oppo Find 7 and future Oppo Find 7 owners REALLY love what you guys have don with the OnePlus One. Many of us are wishing for something similar for the Find 7. I’m not trying to request for it, but rather would like to know if anything is going on with Oppo Find 7 and “official” CM11 or even CM11S. It would be dream for Find 7 users, but as of now nobody knows what Oppo is up to. If you could give us even the slighest bit of clarification, we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for all your time and effort!

  • Dinona

    There was a option to disable google bar in homescreen, that definition has disapeared and now i can’t remove google bar. Even if i disable it in application the space occupied by it the screen still remain there, can someone tell me where de option to disable it is now?

  • Dinona

    There was a option to disable google bar in homescreen, that option has disapeared and now i can’t remove google bar. Even if i disable it in application the space occupied by it the screen still remain there, can someone tell me where de option to disable it is now?

  • dylan robins

    If you go in the developer options in the settings, you can enable a button in the power menu to generate a bug report. I don’t know weather you’ll have it, I have on my asus tablet.

  • Jason Fracaro

    @Dylan: thank you sir, I already tried using the take bug report button under developer options, it does not seem to do anything still. It has never worked on Maguro.

    It doesn’t matter anymore as I switched back over to the nightly releases the milestone releases have been too buggy on my platform

  • Adrian Oprea

    can merge this to cm 11 ?

  • Guest

    md5 verification failed ..??? anyone gets this at end of download?

  • Nazo

    The only way it could affect those is if the apps used to actually perform those actions won’t run on ART. The grand majority of apps by far do work fine with ART however…

  • Gumby

    Try again Player 1. It works here.

  • Galileo

    Battery seems a bit, only a bit better on M8, but now…. Lag and performance drops:/ fuck man.

  • Jason Fracaro

    I switched over to the nightlies because of this.

  • Phil

    I had this problem only once starting with M7 (on a nexus S). Check your battery usage stats and see if it’s google service consuming everything. If so you’ll have to find a way to make it stop – I ended up re-flashing, but it solved it.
    Other than that my battery life has been great since M6

  • Mögel

    Interesting to see …

  • Sascha Peilicke

    I was disapointed at first too since it just seemed the feature
    vanished. After reading this release announcement and configuring
    “locked app”, the result is the same again, no useless icons littering
    the launcher. It’s not the most accessible feature, but the old one
    wasn’t either. IMO it’s just different and something one can get used to
    easily :-)

  • Jman556

    I have a question, I just upgraded to CM11 M8 and it automatically had the Google now launcher running and trebuchet isn’t isntalled please help


  • Mögel

    Excellent entry! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

  • Jeevan Pingali

    So can we expect CM 11 M8 for Galaxy Nexus soon?

  • Arnold Bogarin

    does the cyanogenmod installation work with galaxy s3 at&t running android 4.4.2..?

  • Jack Zeile

    When does cyanogenmod for the galaxy s5 come out???

  • khaled

    After installing CM11 M8 to galaxy note 3 I have battery drainage issue , I do not know how to fix it , need your help

  • SeanKurth

    If its experimental, then why are they removing Dalvik? About half of apps in the store haven’t been updated in years and never will be, so ART will be an unmitigated disaster. Seriously, compatibility mode or no CM12.

    I’ve grown pretty angry with Cyanogenmod due to unresolved issues that have been around since CM9 and the monthly release schedule that leaves tons of glitches that wouldn’t have even made it to RC in CM10.1/2.

    However most of the alternate ROMs I’ve tried are based on Cyanogenmod, and if Cyanogenmod abandons Dalvik completely then anyone who doesn’t have a Top 50 device (Paranoid and AOKP still don’t support much of anything) is screwed. Half of their phone will instantly break, possibly even core System apps on initial monthly builds of CM12 and its distros.

  • SeanKurth

    A few days ago

  • SeanKurth

    As a consolation prize, this deadness is a result of the fact that Sony is going the way of Blackberry, and shedding VAIO (which has been losing money for years now) hasn’t helped them much. Eventually you’ll be able to get a (probably upgraded) Z3 at firesale prices, or even a Z4/5 if Sony survives that long (I’d be surprised if they do).

  • Flamefire

    The locked apps are actually worthless to me. I don’t want to hide an app (if I would, I’d uninstall it)
    I just want the icon to be gone from launcher, as I already have it elsewhere (e.g. homescreen)

  • js290

    Have you tried disabling non essential services?

  • Eslam Tayseer

    i have sgs2 i-9100 runs cm11 4.4.4 installer version battery really sucks it takes it 5 or at most 6 hours to be fully discharged battery status shows that screen and android os are eating the battery although is set screen on medium or low brightness and disable auto brightness the battery is new it worked fine on official ics and jb i have to charge it 3 times a day please solve that or tell us the way to cause others suffer from that sorry if bad English

  • Reeyan Qazi

    Sir i have a questions? please can you do me a favour in 4.4.4 cyanogenmod facebook messenger is not working properly when i call from messenger it mutes and after 7 seconds drops the call can you get into it?

  • aTomek

    Exactly, why they devs are so stubborn and resistant to keep this simple, yet very useful feature? I just want to hide app from apps list, and just from this list, not make it inaccesible!


    Hello waio plus one cynogen custom ?