Just a quick update..

I’ve been working on getting my source trees on Github in shape so that anyone can build a basic CyanogenMod system. Some small parts still need added but things are looking good there.

I’m also continuing to examine the backup/restore option for the proprietary bits necessary to operate your device, so I can simply ship open-source code only. I believe this is well within the license and the spirit of the ADP1 and ION devices.

A lot of people are helping to work many of these issues out, notably the guys from Google (Dan and JBQ) who manage the open-source project. Some great discussion and initiatives are happening like the Open Android Alliance and the Replicant projects. As much as it sucks to be sort of the “fall guy” for this, I can take it. Let’s fix the problems and move on.

Expect more from me by the weekend!

  • dpetrov

    Why not replace the backup/restore with a little more advanced update process which will NOT reformat system partition, but updating parts of it only (specifically Cyanogenmod-specific parts)? For end user the upgrade will be straightforward and seemless, and it should not cause any legal issues (you keepeing the stuff that you are not alloewed to redistribute).

    Now, consider the other useful approach – why you are not allowed to redistributed certain parts (apps, drivers, etc.), you are certainly allowed to distribute patched bult against them! I.e., for exmaple you can upgrade Google Maps to the latest version – provided there is a known version (identifable by e.g. md5 hash) is installed already.

  • arno


  • Joshua Hublar

    Great work and excellent attitude..

  • phx

    So many great comments by now, but I only can join them.
    Thank you very much for your great work and what ever will happen, never give up. The whole community is with you.
    Cyanogen 4 ever!

  • ismael

    This is my rom for eternity. Your personality in engaging situations is of a gentleman. Great work.

  • zhect

    Hey I appreciate everything you’re doing. I think you’re rom is the best there is. I just have one question, will we be able to get the new update via the updater or do we have to do it manually?

  • Antonio

    Your simply greath, as the works you do for everyone of us. Keep going on, tell to Google people that lots of their product ar knows thanx to your roms!!!! Don’t give up, man….

  • AndroidAutobot

    Can not thank you enough for your priceless contributions to the community man. If i werent so broke ($18 in my bank acft, no joke) you would be a very rich man ha ha. I dont know how you manage with all the time you spend on this stuff, but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents and thank you for all your hard work. Your product is, hands down, of the best quality and i look forward to seeing what you continue to bring to the table in the future. My hat is, and has been, off to you homeboy.

  • benji

    Thanks for all you do…if you need any help at all let me know. You know where to find me.

  • Randy Magruder

    Great news.

    I have a question, though. Do you have a sense as to how we will update Google bits that are normally updated OTA to subscribers? For instance, T-Mobile is now supposedly rolling out 1.6 along with updated Google apps like Market. Will we need to ‘unroot’ our phone, get the OTA update and THEN do the process of backing up, installing Cyanogen, then restoring our new apps? Or is there some way of updating the Google apps without reverting to a ‘stock’ build of the ROM?

  • Weber K.

    The first and fastest solution is to recover the apps and reinstalling after flashing…
    By creating an open source project for each proprietary app like Market, Gmail and others, someday we gotta have a fully functional and open sourced googled android device…
    I suggest CDDL or BSD license, this way you could sell it compiled for some money…
    Thanks for your great work!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  • http://seantorbett.com Sean T.

    I must admit that I’m surprised, but very glad to read, that you are committed to making changes and continuing your work on the ROM. Lesser men would have simply quit.

    As rooting the phone has become trivial now and your package is so robust I can’t help but be impressed with your attitude and drive after being blindsided by a C&D order. Your efforts clearly enhance the physical product and the Android ecosystem which is probably why you have gained Dan and JBQ as Google allies. Clearly the non-lawyer part of Google sees the value in your efforts.

    I’m currently running the mod on my G1 and have zero complaints. It has made an adequate smartphone a superior smartphone.

    I hope that my modest donation helps your efforts in some way.

    Please keep up the fantastic work.

  • zhect

    Patiently waiting =D . . . .

  • http://thecenterofthenet.com AntiNSA

    Where’s the beef? The weekend is almost over ! All the other roms suck!

  • http://www.legeek.net sylware

    Hope, Google “open source”s applications like sync and gmail.
    Hope, Google provides their framework and base apps as native C.

    Hope, people like you never give up is spite of attacks of that sort.

  • andros

    keep up the great work man. im glad you were able to work around your obstacle and keep the project up and running.

  • Landroid

    Great work, love your ROM’s!! Can’t wait until your next stable release! Keep up the great work.

  • http://www.test.com Test

    Yeah i heard the sum they provided you with to deviate the development was quite a bit. Just another nerd silenced by the big G…. Oh well it was good while it lasted

  • marzman

    tbh .. i dont use half the google crap on the phone .. so a mod without apps is gonna be great.. then i can just download the .apk files i want to instal and thats it really. keep up the good work best rom by far

  • ezieger

    Excellent news. I commend you on your drive and determination. We appreciate your work. Keep being awesome! :)

  • http://blog.costan.us Victor Costan

    It’s really awesome that you’re moving your code to GitHub! I find it easier to contribute to GitHub-based projects.

    Having your code up there will probably be the last boost I need to start hacking on Android. Looking forward to forking cyanogenmod!

  • Curtis

    Great I can’t wait till the mod is back up and running so that I can run my G1 with it. I just missed out last week :'(

  • marvx

    HTC Magic 32B Botscreen Stuck resolution found:

    1. Dont wipe
    2. use the 1.6 ADP rom from xda
    3. flash it……DON’T Reboot
    4. flash cyanogenmod 4.1.99,then reboot
    5. wipe ext3 and factoryreset

    this will resolve the Bootscreenissue

    Though i cant get into irc, i chose this way


  • Gori

    Sorry If I’m being to stupid or too noob..but in the newest version Cyanogen has released Google propietary Apps can not be distributed…so how do we access the Market? How do we download apps as we normally do?

  • http://blog.cpedia.com cpedia

    Hi cyanogen,
    I just flashed the cy 4.1.99, but I don’t like the circular corner in the top of the UI. could you please tell me how to change it to square corner?

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • http://www.spindel.se Peter Aandahl

    Your work is simply art! The latest 4.1.99 ROM is dead stable on my 32A Magic and the only flaw is Bluetooth not working properly. But the phone is so quick and responsive, it’s a dream to work with. Keep up the good work, I will send a small donation as thanks.

  • Xzibit

    Yo dawg, I herd you like ROMs!

  • http://e hhh

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