Introducing Cid

“Why the change in Mascot? We loved Andy Bugdroid!”

A lot of people love Andy, our former skateboarding mascot. This was clearly evident with the polarized reviews to our announcement of selecting Caio’s prototype. We love Andy too, he has served us faithfully for close to 3 years now. However, he increasingly became a symbol of what CyanogenMod was when Steve (Cyanogen) started it, a ‘playful spin’ on AOSP, and reflective of our immaturity as a project.

We believe we’re more than just “stock Android for a zillion devices”, and we felt the need for a distinct identity; a change was needed.

This change would allow us to have a unique representative, one not reliant on Google’s mascot creation. Contrary to popular belief, both Andy and his penchant for skateboarding were Google’s design – we added the color and arrow under Creative Commons licensing, but it’s still a very slight variation of Google’s own bugdroid, as seen here. As much as we’d like to say it was ‘original’ it really wasn’t; its iconic status was achieved through the merits of CyanogenMod and our community of contributors, not as an epicly designed mascot.

This new mascot will be unique for CyanogenMod and provide an identity and attitude by which the project can continue to develop – a mature Android OS.

Inspiration for design:
We’ll let Caio speak for himself on this one:

“When I first started working on the new mascot I had this vision of making something that could also work as a polished and modern logo. I came up with two humanoid figures whose bodies took inspiration from heroes action figures and resembles the original Android robot. For the heads I started with two ideas: a power socket and a simplistic round head. I wanted CM’s own robot to feel like an evolution of what we had before, giving it its unique look – and it’s a huge challenge to try to evolve something people know and love.

The idea here was to create something cute (people love cute), modern and extremely flexible. Something simple yet iconic; so we could do thousands of different things with it. I wanted the mascot to look great everywhere in every size and color.

For colors I decided to keep the most obvious choice, which was keeping the cyan and grey from our Andy.”

As you can see, compared to the prototypes selected, some modifications have been made. Cid has ‘grown up’ from the child like form of the original design. Additionally, his head has taken traits from both prototypes, not quite a square block and not quite perfectly round.

While the wrench-like hands were unique, we felt trying to pitch them as ‘tweaking Android’ was a stretch, and went with the more subtle rounded hands. This allows for a cleaner look in many different forms, colors and applications.

Cid’s eyes were made wider, to allow for expressions to be conveyed, and a mouth was added to enhance this capability. The ears were added as an homage to the much loved Andy.

Caio’s opinion of the changes:

“When reviewing the design I felt the need for some distinctive features and we decided to give him some attitude and the ability to convey different emotions. Cid has big eyes and his default form rocks a challenging look — something the CM community is all about.”

And we think it looks great!

Cid (Pronounced: /si:d/):
When we started brainstorming names we wanted to pick something short, simple and fitting for the new mascot. Obviously trying to stray away from the *droid or *Andy type names we decided to pay homage to D.A.R.Y.L., B.O.B Maximillion or V.I.N.Cent and create a name that could also be an acronym.

We chose C.I.D. which is short for Cyanogenmod ID, the common thread that all CyanogenMod users share; each user’s unique place in our community.

Some of you may also be familiar with the concept of the “id”, the instinctual driving force behind our personalities. It seemed fitting, that this chaotic force and need for immediate gratification, was incorporated into the image of a OS which strives to be on the bleeding edge of Android development.

Thus C.I.D became Cid.

  • ciwrl

    oh no! the sky is falling!

  • ciwrl

    The old prebuilts willbe available through our source history, or you can stash a copy for yourself by copying it out of /system/media/

  • ciwrl

    Apology accepted 😉

    Snark aside, we are happy, and your interaction (even if dissatisfied) will not alter your experience with the OS itself.

  • ciwrl


  • Jayyers

    Whats up with the angry rabbit?

  • Hameed

    Just did, thanks :)

  • sicc

    Not feeling the new look as a whole but the shape of the head is a win, even if the eyes and mouth aren’t they can easily be tweaked. The body seems all wrong for the stated desire of being more mature, it’s kind of throwing everything off imho. I’d like to see maybe just the head (tweake a bit) next to stylized text with the arrow either encompassing it all or scaled down some and placed in the background or even as part of the character. Just food for thought. Coming up with “simple but dope” is a lot more complex than it seems so thanks for your hard wor thus far.

  • Tburch82 Db

    It looks like a silly squirrel….

  • Carlos Solís

    Just a very important question: which license is Cid released with? CC-BY? CC-BY-SA? Copyrighted?

  • ciwrl


  • Carlos Solís

    Which makes it nonfree, not like you would mind:

  • Detrick Douglas

    What does Justin Bieber have to do with any of this??

  • Lol

    This is hideous. Your design team is made of idiots. This mascot is the reason that you never let software people play at marketing or design.
    The Android robot made your project look legitimate, clearly communicated the project goals. This thing says… “I have a racecar bed and have not been laid in years. I write code and I LOOK like I write code. Here’s my mascot which communicates how bad I am at sports (note, the skateboard is not even sized to be usable).

    What I suspect is that there is probably some legal rationale to change your mascot. Because I can’t believe that anyone would willingly switch to something this stupid looking. If you have to change it, get a real designer to do it. Or even someone who just “sort of designs”. But tell whoever designed this to remain in the basement, write code, and let the big boys do design. 

  • Ralphellison

    The wide eyed one (rightmost) is the best one. Not angry but friendly and less menacing.

  • Braaainz

    Yeah, I gotta say, I don’t care for the looks of Cid. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud your reasoning for the need to update the mascot, but I feel you’ve created the love child of an angry alien and a teletubbie. It definitely does not say “matured” to me.  

    UPDATE: I was reading thru some of the other comments. I actually am okay with Cid’s head… it’s the body which throws me off.

  • Aaronage

    Not a positive comment to be seen, damn!

    I actually quite like Cid, I didn’t know there was a big hoo har over this design until this morning. I Installed CM9 nightly last night and was happy to see the new boot animation, wallpapers, icons etc., assumed most other users would be happy too, but obviously not.

  • Bestoun Haidari


  • Voice of reason

    The truth is that to the many the picture is IMMATURE at best. I have showed the design to countless people of various backgrounds and races at work and on the street. Many of them have no idea what CYANOGENMOD is so there there was no biased fanboi/sycophant type comments either, but their reaction was always the same. Some mentioned their nephew, or a kids cartoon, others a toy or some such. To people who like it, that’s no problem, but to dare say it’s a step towards polished or mature is something the rest of the mature-minded world will disagree with; unless of course they are into anime, excessively nerdy etc… To quote some comments I agree with. “This mascot is the reason that you never let software people play at marketing or design.” “I write code and I LOOK like I write code.” something in the knee bend with the skateboard makes it look like it was drawn while goofing around with vectors. the mock fierce eyes yet ‘hand tips’ pointing out like its a little ballerina dance gives it a tacky appearance” “Juvenile. Doesn’t reflect the dedication and path toward maturity that has gone into the brand.” “Doesn´t invoke maturity to me at all, looks like a pubescent “who knows it all” but it´s still a child with funny long limbs” “I had to laugh loud, after reading this lengthy deep dive business language analysis on why it has to change, and how it will help the brand, I see this teenage project as a result.”        

    And that lengthy deep dive business analysis language carries with it a distorted perception of what’s considered mature and polished that could only come from the mind of a *dare I say it*. Easy to fob it off as “with change there is always resistance” What a cop out phrase evident by the AMOUNT of resistance. You chose the design according to YOU and ‘like-minded’ agree. If you wanted the new Logo to represent to THE WORLD about cyanogenmod’s maturity you’ve failed dismally and embarrassed yourselves. So keep the logo, but don’t dare to imagine it’s anything more than juvenile to anyone outside of the diehard fanboi or cartoon club crowd.

    IMO: As for AOKP’s Pink Unicorn. Even though the color is pink (a little silly, I agree), the Unicorn itself does not look childish, and if you change to pure white it’s no problem at all.

  • Keith_jesso

    I really really like Cid. From a style standpoint to a metaphorical one.

  • Frank Zermeño

    Great explanation, and I agree with most of what was said. However, I definitely DO NOT like this new logo. Something is still missing. I think it may be *too* humanoid, maybe. If nothing else, he has weird feet. I like the direction, but I don’t think it should have stopped with this as the final result. (Then again, if it were up to me I would have wanted something like the duck on the skateboard from that joke build long ago)

  • Emmanuel Reynoso

    Honestly, (even though I’m a teenager, guess that influenced my decision) but I love Cid, Altought his eyes creep me out in the pic to the far right, to me he looks more like he;s smirking than angry.. kinda like “hey check me out ip.o.s” (for those of you who know what p.o.s stands for)… I honestly don’t understand all the hate behind it.. I mean damn, almost seems like if you guys wanna burn down CM’s servers and kill all the developers? Honestly just chill

  • Claudio Pagan

    I couldn’t agree with you more…can’t understand what the big deal is. I like them both. CM rocks no matter what mascot they use.

  • highdiver_2000

    Cid looks mean. Keep the basic shape, the eyes and mouth need tweaking. Lots of it.

  • Stephen Kiselewsky

    IMHO game recognize game. No matter what he looks like, people will notice how your “phone” operates on a whole different level.

    The knee does look a little funky though. lol

  • Saif

    Where can I download high quality of all logos and wallpapers of CID?

  • SteveHaze

    I am fairly new user of CyanogenMod so I don’t have much of a history or any nostalgia towards the old logo. Many will discount my opinion for that reason, but I love new guy. Cid has personality. Two of them it seems. Sort of a digital Bruce Wayne. Rule follower by day, rule breaker by night. Keep up the good work guys.Love Cid

  • codeworkx

    It’s awesome 

  • Anthony Yogarajah

    This is why Cid has won me over – wicked, smart, cool, secret, interesting, unique rebel(ish) yet professional and delicately exquisite. I love it and it really is me (kind of hehehe) – loving the design, look and feel on my Nexus 4 running CM 10.2 M1

  • Scooter

    In my most humble opinion, I wish Cid would die. His look is the reason I protested to stay away from going back to Cyanogenmod for so long. There is nothing more in the world I would like to see than a newer mascot that doesn’t look so childish. Or even no mascot at all. The CM boot animated logo would be more than enough for me to approve.

  • Vitaly Gurevich

    Cid is a n00b!

  • 江湖笑笑生

    no,man.this mascot is very cute.cute is not your so-called CM,love Cid.By the way ,I come from China,cross the Great Wall to see you guys,you’d better watch out,I am gonna to hunt those who insult CM

  • vishnu

    hai iam the great fan of cm rom but i could find some bugs in every rom y does it cant cm rom has bugless every waiting for it…