Housekeeping: Sony Fusion3 and Moto msm8960dt

Another quick device update as our maintainers continue to improve the CM11 code branch. First the Sony fusion3 family of devices – Z, ZL ZR, Tablet Z – have all been updated to 4.4 Sony guts (10.5.A.0.230) and the latest from Sony’s GPL kernel source. This brings along with it a boost in performance over previous builds as things become optimized for Android 4.4.4.

The Motorola ‘moto_msm8960dt’ device variant is getting a rebranding to be simply known as ‘ghost’ – encompassing all previously supported variants of the Moto X (1st gen) device. Notably, however, we are officially dropping support for the ‘obake’ device (Moto Droid Maxx Dev Edition) moving forward. This change is in effect starting tonight. Existing Moto X users on the former ‘moto_msm8960dt’ device can update to ‘ghost’ builds without wiping. The obake support is officially being retired due to lack of a maintainer (and poor sales of the platform in general).

The CM11 M10 release is approaching this weekend and another device status refresh will be posted to our Device Status wiki page to make note of all recent developments and announcements after its release.

-The CyanogenMod Team

  • Paco Inurreta

    You will die waiting a whole month waiting for the next release then, just like the rest.

  • Amrit Zoad

    Cyanogen Police is on your way.

  • Shibli Aftab

    It seems M10 is not going to make its way.

  • Thomas

    Weekend is over. Still no M10. Hmmm.

  • Vincenzo Romano

    I whish I understood the last sentence above:

    > The CM11 M10 release is approaching this weekend and another device status
    > refresh will be posted to our Device Status wiki page to make note of all recent
    > developments and announcements after its release.

    My bad English hinted me about a planned release of M10 within the past weekend.
    As there has clearly been no release at all, I would like to improve my English with some explaination of that sentence.
    Thanks in advance. Really!

  • Justiciero!

    You were saying you will release 2 snapshots monthly (every 15 days). Yeah, i see it… no M10 and you are late, thanks!

  • gingeroots

    Guys complaining about free services are the worst.

  • Philip Yankov

    NOT M10 Stable… We need just a STABLE version of CM11 !

  • SkantoNisashi

    Haste makes waste!
    Take the time you need for improvements!

  • Don

    At the release of CM11 M6 this past may, Ciwrl wrote, “Our goal is to get a release out every 2 weeks with the same quality and expectations you would have of a ‘stable’ release (label for that yet undecided). But with that goal, it further underscores how the label ‘stable’ no longer works for us. With the current M cycle, we have gotten our routine down to every 4 weeks; to get it to 2 weeks is ambitious, but we can do it, and it would benefit everyone.”
    Note the period goal every ‘four weeks’ and the ambitious but doable goal of two-week release cycle of Snapshot Ms. Certainly, no one is pointing guns here! We love CM and what they are offering us! But the last blog post mentioned that “M10 is approaching with the coming of this weekend” and if all content is hidden behind the word ‘approaching’ (it could mean semantically even next weekend as even 2015 is approaching closer with the weekend we left behind) then why hide behind a word. I am just curious what is keeping them from releasing M10 from the normal past routine cycle. That’s all!

  • Johnnie Walker

    It was one snapshot per month… NOT one every 15 days!

  • Markus Napp

    You have understood the sentence correctly. The M10 was planned for last weekend and thus was approaching said weekend at the time of the post. Then the weekend went by without M10 being released to much confusion of the community. Something went wrong and they did not feel confident enough to release a wobbly M10 release but also did not clarify what happened or why it wasn’t released.

    Everything is fine … at least with your English comprehension.

  • Vincenzo Romano

    OK. This makes some sense (and makes me happy as I don’t use English as my primary language).
    My only criticsm in here is lack of communication.
    I bet it takes 5 minutes to create a new blog entry with, more or less, the same details you put above.
    Even nothing more than: some issues blocked M10, more details later.
    Wrong communication is an error.
    Lack of communication is evil.
    CyanbogenMod is good.

  • Markus Napp

    I’m all in favor of a “we had some problems, more info later” but this will mostly lead to people spamming the comments with questions about what problems, if it isn’t possible to make an exception for a specific device they are using if a bug only affects a certain other device they do not use, complaints about how everything is shit (trolling) and so on.

    Given the scale of this project (the amount of people contributing code, the number of devices supported, the sheer scope of getting all the changes sorted and tested and whatnot) it is very easy as a user to ask for communication. It might seem easy to us to push this out but the blog is a major communication tool and thus everything written there is very important to a lot of people and will be picked apart under every aspect.

    Unfortunately sometimes not saying anything is the only way to truly keep everyone equally happy.

  • EllicottR

    Poor battery life on M9 on both d2lte and otterx… Was looking forward to M10…

  • Wilfred Lam

    Yup, I would definitely agree with this, it seems like since Cyanogenmod became a company, they are not very interested at staying in touch with users.

    I don’t really mind if it’s coming out late, the main thing I want to know is if something is preventing the update from releasing and a chance to communicate.

    Think this way, Cyanogenmod claims they are formed by the android community, but how does that happens when new devices doesn’t have forums in this website and some maintainers are not willing to browse around xda and talk to the users. As well, there isn’t a lot of information on how we can help out other than submit reviews on gerrit. Even than, it will take weeks or months before someone would review your submission or sometimes they don’t even look at it, leaving you hopelessly wait for your patch to get merged.

    Communication is the key of anything to be successful, it’s true people can’t expect 2 or 3 maintainers to do everything, why not have a open door to allow new maintainers to join?

    At the moment, you will need to go through a complicated process with no formal procedures or standards to join the team which cause a lot of people to step back and without communication, it will just make the issue worse.

  • derb2k2

    Why hasn’t there been any communication?? Disapointed but eagerly awaiting…

  • Don

    Approaching, that is the key word! Year 2020 was also approaching last weekend (and it is a few days closer tday than last week), but it is not here yet…

  • Vincenzo Romano

    I don’t agree, Markus.
    Look at the replies to this blog posts. They are mostly all spam already. A few relevant remarks and a whole lot “me too” requests.
    It’s not just this company’s blog. It’s everywhere.
    At least in the modders world.
    You cannot avoid people from posting “spam” once you allow replies.
    Surely you can ignore stupid replies.
    You can even moderate them out if you want.
    But if you decide to have a company blog in order to give users news, well, please do it. Keep your users up to date.

    In my opinion, a company/group/comunity that decides to shut the news up it just trying to slip the dirt under the carpet and making everyone equally sad and the company/group/comunity untrustable any more.

    I think there are a few things better than transparency and trustworthiness. Silence (either negligent or intentional) is not among them, for sure.

  • Vincenzo Romano

    There is a lot of stuff approaching at any time.
    Giving news like this is just kidding.

  • theafg

    where is the fucking m10??

  • Vitaly Gurevich

    I really wanted to get One Plus One at the time it was released and I waited and waited and waited and waited… FAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL!!!! Now same shit with these builds… I’m starting to think there are some internal issues with staff that are getting worse and worse. Get your shit together!!!

  • Ali

    Don’t be rude why don’t you be rude with Google they only give two upgrades in a year while cm team is upgrading every month people should appreciat what they are doing for free

  • King Mo

    Officially quit cyanogenmod. They can at least tell us what’s happening.

  • Shaoju Chen

    Hi,Guys! CyanogenMod 11.0 M10 well compile very soon!
    I checked CM build system “jenkins” ,It’s already in compile queue! 😀

  • Kirk Amvrosidis

    M builds are out!

  • Don

    CM11 M10 is rolling out right now. Expect your phone to receive it in the next five to ten hours, depending on the code name your phone has. Let’s hope it its better than M9 and so we forget this delay.

  • Sandm4n

    Just checked Jenkins build server, m10 snapshots are being built, expect release anytime soon.

  • 3dfx

    I just want to say thank you for your efforts guys!
    Please ignore the idiots and their “fail” posts…. patience can’t be buyed! And not everyone is blessed with it.
    Looking forward to flash M10 :-)

  • Harry Wortman

    Google Nexus – Verizon (toro) now missing from cmxlog. Updates have stopped at Nightly 9-13-14.& no M10 release. Does anyone know why? It say that the Nexus is no longer supported?

  • jaberwocky58

    M10 may or may not be out this week.If it is, don’t expect much.If everyone looks at the time line of the developers builds.Straight after M9 they all took a holiday in August.The developer builds only started up in Early Sept.

    For example Mako ( Nexus 4) started up again on the 9th Sept after the M9 was released on the 4th August.

  • Don

    If your phone is in the following list and you are on M9, you can already update to M10. If you are on nightlies you should search for more info how to update to Snapshot M10. The rest is following:

    Nexus 5

    Galaxy S

    Galaxy S (B)

    Galaxy Express (AT&T)

    HTC One

    Incredible 4G LTE

    Epic 4G

    HTC One

    & Noble Nook Color

    Optimus G Pro (All e98x GSM)

    Optimus G (Intl)

    Optimus G (Canada)

    Optimus G (AT&T)

    Droid DNA

    LG G2

    Galaxy S III (US)

    Nexus S


    Xperia Z1 Compact

    & Noble Nook Tablet

    Iconia Tab A700

  • Amrit Zoad

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mu Guillermo Karawański

    You can contact the CM team and ask for your money back… Ooops they are giving you this for free, I forgot…

  • Don

    So M10 is rolling out!!! Yippeee!!! Less then an hour and my I9300 should be ready for flashing M10. One thing it did not cross my mind about the delay of M10 was August holidays for the devs. Probably because I got none myself :(. If that was the case of this delay, then MY APOLOGIES, guys!

  • Amrit Zoad

    It’s available now! YAY!!

  • Vitaly Gurevich

    please don’t do this again to me, i had the shakes for over 2 weeks now.

  • Ulises Camarena

    Please support for xt925 (Droid RAZR HD)!!

  • Tristan Gatineau

    I’d like to request that you guys reinstate the obake device, especially since sunshine now allows us to turn our regular devices into bootloader unlocked “Dev” Devices!!!

  • Justiciero!

    No, they said in the future they will put 2 snapshots per month and im sure about that.