Expanding the CM device family

Over the past few months, device maintainers new and old have been pushing hard to get support up to par for a wide range of devices. While some flagships (M9/S6/G4, etc) still need more time in the proverbial oven, we’ve seen a large increase in the medium range devices.


Thanks in part to device contributions from Huawei’s team directly, we are now supporting the Honor 4 & 4x (cherry), Ascend Mate 2 (mt2) and Snapto (g620_a2). These devices represent the first set of Huawei devices we’ve supported since CM 7(!) and it’s nice to see the company supporting the community ahead of the rumored Huawei Nexus. We’re expecting good things to come here.


Moto continues to make headway with their budget line – and we’ve now enabled support for both the Moto E (otus) and G (osprey) 2015 variants.


This Chinese OEM has been making waves in Asia. That wave has reached CM with the support of the Mi3w and Mi4 (cancro).


The ‘Powered by Cyanogen’ AndroMax Q (rendang) is an Indonesian device with the unique nature of being the only CDMA Cyanogen Inc device.


The newest OEMs on this list will be seeing their release in Europe soon – and as with all Cyanogen Inc devices – we’ll have sources and nightlies ready to go alongside their delivery.


Oppo has shown their strong community support for nearly two years now, and we are working on their latest R7, R7Plus, and R5 devices (with previous support for the Find 5, N1, Find 7, and N3), thanks in large part to their device donations. Look for the latest waves of Oppo devices to hit CM sources and downloads soon.

Samsung, HTC & LG

These perennials have more device variants than we can count, but we can knock a couple off the list with support for the Korean G3 (f400), M8 Dual Sim (m8d),  Galaxy S5 variants of Japan/China (kltekdi/kltechn) and the S5 Duos (klteduos/klteduoschn).

With more to come and others in the wings (eg. Nvidia Shield tablet), we’re glad to welcome our newest team members and devices. If you are working on a port that you’d like to see join the official roster, checkout our wiki page on submission guidelines.

-The CyanogenMod Team

PS. Have you seen the new contributors screen in your ‘About Phone’? It takes an army to support the combined 200+ devices receiving CM 11, 12.0 and 12.1.

  • Jonathan Chacon

    when the galaxy s6

  • kudouyuzi

    Why NO Moto X Pure XT1575’s CM 12.1 or ready be come CM 13?

  • Eric

    What news about CM fro Alcatel idol 3 4.7 (6039Y)?


    xiaomi mi note lte (virgo)need CM

  • Raúl López

    When cyanogen will be available for the LG G Flex 2?

  • Pola Venkatesh

    i want to install cyanogenmod 12.1 on my mobile intex aqua power plus
    how can i install

  • 7ASON_6D

    huawei Ascend Mate 7 :'(

  • David Sn

    What with the support for the US and European Honor 4X/4C (Che2-L11) models? I am very disappointed of Huawei’s stategy giving Cyanogenmod for Chinese while the customers in the US and Europe look for a stock ROM like Cyanogenmod -.-

  • Юрий Есаулов

    Are there any plans to support Xiaomi mi4c device?

  • Юрий Есаулов

    What about Xiaomi MI-4C?

  • Юрий Есаулов

    why have you deleted my messages?

  • Sami

    I have a oneplus one and just received the update CM 12.1.1 but still has the same problem witch is the frequent absence of network! Does anyone have the same problem and can help me with that?
    Thank you very much!

  • Pedro Sousa

    Please support Huawei Y540!!!

  • djghost98

    No news for oppo r5s? It seems that you haven’t started the development!

  • Rick van Doleweerd

    is There an ETA for the oppo r7?

  • Ricardo Brandão

    Huawei P8 / Huawei P8 Lite??

  • Paolo Barbieri

    hello, do you have some update for R5s? Thx!

  • neil rees

    Is there any chance of the elephone P6000 pro being able to have an official or unofficial rom

  • Gabo Armstrong

    We want a version for Posh S400A

  • Giuseppe

    Hello everybody! I bought the wonderful Huawei Mate S, sure to have an available CM version… but it’s not!! ARGH! will it be supported in the future? (It has a KIRIN 935 micro)

  • aziz

    Good job for you …
    There is an official build for xperia c3 dual marshmallow …?
    When you make it ?
    I am waiting for it .

  • Ricardo Sanchez

    So nothing for BLU branch?
    Best Regards

  • Navegador

    Any plans to officially support the Xiaomi Mi4c? (I know this has been asked before, I’m just adding to the number of requests!)

  • Viden Videv

    I haven’t heard anything about for the current Huawei p8 flagship, are you ever going to support it?

  • aziz

    Whats about xperia c3 dual?
    When it receive Cyanogenmod roms?

  • Bastidn Dillon

    P7 too

  • avfreebird

    moto e lte 2015 (surnia)?

  • Motaman

    Mi alcatel. Pop 2 5042a. Me funciona muy bien pero me gustaria actualizarme, ya que se quedo en la versión 4.4.4. Porfavor necesito ayuda ya que no encuentro alguna rom actualmente

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/110297224959855395697 Brad B

    Oh just look at their support page and see of it is there. If it is not get to work and make it. They have all the deployable software you’ll need to begin building. If you don’t like open source you can just buy an iPhone. :)

  • Soumyadeep Das

    Please build CM 13 for LETV Le 1S

  • Rahul Chugh

    Please develop something for le1s, the phone is amazing with pathetic os, please help

  • jhul

    Pls. Make a mi4c rom

  • Damanjeet Singh

    Hello Cyanogenmod!Please make Cyanogenmod available for Xperia C Plzzz! And also Plz tell me the reason That why Cyanogenmod is not Available for this device.Is it due to the boot loader that is not unlockable.

  • Anand Thakur

    can we get cynogen mod for oppo r7 lite please…..please advise if its already available and how to do it

  • Hope Peal

    I would love to have CM for my LG Ultimate 2, my friends all use CM on their devices and im jealous lol

  • Ankush Chhabra

    Letv le1s as soon as possible pl

  • @tech101

    How about the Huawei P8 Max (DAV703L)? Really would love Cyanogenmod on this device.

  • udirviolento

    Nothing for P8 Lite?

  • _Binz

    How about Sony Xperia Z5 Series?

  • Brian Samuel


  • Ahmed Elzayat

    So no support for other huawei devices like the G8?!

  • Prith Deb

    I am a novice…someone help me. I have a google sprout4 on cm13. And I have another phone infocus m2 3G. Both the phones run on mt6582. Was wondering if a working port can be done or if someone can actually work on the latter phone.

  • Omar Shaarawy

    Pls builds for Samsung galaxy alpha g850f

  • Shamod Kavinda

    Is there any chance that i could run Cyanogenmod on Huawei P8 lite (ALE-L21)?

  • Chris

    Any love for the Huawei P8 Max (DAV-703L)? I love the P8 Max and use it in the AT&T Network in the USA. No LTE, but I’m ok with HSPA+. Really would like to flash the device with a ROM that does away with EMUI and all the Chinese Language material.