Domain situation has been resolved

(ciwrl wrote this, I’m just posting on his behalf so this is resolved)

So earlier today we put up a post on what prompted us to transition to our new domain. We refrained from identifying the ex-member out of respect for his privacy and career outside of CM. Suffice it to say you guys aren’t slouches, and figured it out on your own.

With that said, the ex-member in question contacted us and has agreed to hand over control of the domain. This was done as amicably as these things can be, and CM did not pay the fee he requested.

We will still be using as our primary domain, and the .com address will simply redirect to this new domain. Ironically enough, ‘.org’ is better than ‘.com’ as we are not a commercial entity, and is far more in line with how CyanogenMod is structured.

We received a common question, that we’d like to take a moment to answer. Some of you contacted us mentioning that you had previously donated to a different address. When the forum began, up until about 3 months ago, the forum utilized this other address as the mechanism for forum donations and establishment of the ‘Donator’ badge. Donations made to this address prior to three months ago were used for the CyanogenMod forum IPB licence and forum related costs and were not misappropriated.

On a side note, we have also gone through internal restructuring to make sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Nobody has control over everything, and there is no longer such a large single-point of failure. Our lessons have been learned.

We ask that you please not perform any vigilante actions, we do not condone any such thing; just let this fade.

We want to move on, get you the builds you expect from us, and not mess around with distractions.

  • mystrdat

    I like the way you think.

  • mystrdat

    I smell bullshit.

  • Aaron Weyhrich

    “CM, you’re a classy crew and y’all handled the entire situation with class”
    -I couldn’t agree more.Thanks guys!

  • Mike Rigsby

    Good deal. I have a feeling lessons were learned by both sides. Lessons like that are ‘punishment’ enough so “vigilante actions” would be excessive at this point. 


    minor blip in the matrix , move on

  • Tommy8987

    Sorry. But the CM 10 stable for samsung galaxy s2 ???

  • Brian Duncan

    Please provide an alternate to PayPal for donations.

    — Thanks

  • Sudipta Sen

    Awesome. It was very unfortunate to see such things in open source. Glad that this is resolved. March on Cyanogen!

  • Ryus Lalonde

    I have a lot of respect for you guys and i love what you do:) i’m glad you got everything back up and running. 

  • Nomade Owner

    Heil to the CM members on the dealing of this crucial event. Cheers 😀

  • Ryan Baker

    your sir, are a riot

  • Guesstimate

    why does hurting people he cares about makes any sense? what if he cared about you, would you kick your own ass? or you would just kill yourself?

  • Bj2531

    saying that “nobody has control over everything” sounds a bit weird. if someone’s is willing to, it’s highly appreciated to elaborate on how this statement is actually practiced.

  • Choni0823

    I’m just happy that the situation has been resolved and that changes were made to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again.

  • Max

    i never heard of Cyanogen until i seen the post on hacker news, i took the time to get it on my htc evo4g last night and am absolutely in love with it! why did i not ditch the stock sprint crap before!! keep up the top notch work guys :)

  • Lordralh3

    Well done CM team, you guys are as always, living up to your hype, thats a rare thing nowadays as most things are letdowns, you handled this very well and very quickly…Props to you guys and keep up the great work for all of us who depend on it

  • Lork89

    If only our politicians were as mature as the cm team….

  • King Monty

    I’m happy for the CM team! Congrats on getting this resolved.

  • ArchAngel570

    Cyanogenmod 2016

  • Bill

    It’s still light grey text on a white background.

  • Mauricio Valladolid

    I say you post his xda account name, just in case i get drunk over the weekend and i get bored…

  • Kevin Burton

    Class dripping everywhere. Congrats to the entire team!

  • kml.krk

    “We ask that you please not perform any vigilante actions, we do not condone any such thing; just let this fade.” Nice CM! Very classy! You guys rock!

  • nashashmi

    That guy should have been paid.  He bought it for you and then gave it to you.  You reacted not so well to his fee.  

    But alas!  All is well now.  I hope here everyone is happy, including the guy.

  • Fonzyvrsexy

    classy indeed (thumb up ) to you guys for handling  it in the most professional way 

  • Shane Phillips

    A pretty sorry tale, given what you guys have done for the Android modding community the fact that somebody would try to extort money from you is completely disgusting. Congratulations on getting the problem resolved amicably.

  • john

    nice to see the intelligencia has arrived

  • Martin

    Well said and well handled.

  • Chaplin Benjamin

    Amazingly handled, CM team. Hats off to you. It really hits you where it hurts, the betrayal of trust. Keep on rockin`!

  • Tom

    I’m glad even idiots can be ‘persuaded’ with the right amount of pressure.

  • Quire2001

    Well done, guys (and gals, if any)!