Developer Relations

Every good open source software project grows. With that growth, it sometimes becomes difficult to communicate with people within that project. This is true for the CyanogenMod project as well. With our continued growth, change is coming as well. A major change is to make it easier for outside developers to communicate with the CyanogenMod project.

This is where I, and this blog post, come into play. Are you maintaining a device that is not currently maintained by the CM team? Do you wish for that device to be added to the list with your support? Have you found a vulnerability that you discovered that needs to be disclosed? Is there a problem with code used that needs attention? There is now a face for you to communicate with to get these things taken care of.

I’ve been in the background of the CyanogenMod project for just over two years now. With the knowledge I’ve gained, I am now taking on the roll of making it easier for outside developers to work within the project. This change will help us to continue and grow as the number one aftermarket Android distribution. Please do not read this as a new contact for bug reports or feature requests. Bugs and features are to be reported on the CyanogenMod bug tracker. Code submissions will still be handled through our gerrit instance. This new contact avenue is to assist the community in ways previously described.

You can contact me via email at devrel _at_ cyanogenmod _dot_ com. I look forward to getting the ball rolling on whatever needs to be taken care of.

Here are the currently available resources for the community:
CyanogenMod Code Review
CyanogenMod Bug / Issue Tracker
CyanogenMod Forum
CyanogenMod Wiki

*Edit* Please do not send device requests. If you want to add a device to CyanogenMod and are going to do the work on it, this would be your contact avenue. Please keep requests to the Issue Tracker.

This avenue is also for questions about development process or submission guidelines. CyanogenMod does not want to exclude anyone from the development process. We want to give you as much help as possible when adding your work to ours.

  • Daniel

    I only read about external developers who want to work with cm in bringing cm to a new device, which project will cover how cm interacts with projects they wish to absorb, so proper integration can be assured, and breaking of said projects can be avoided?
    Where are the guidelines for cm developers to follow when interacting with other projects, how their code should be treated, outlining which practices are used and which are not to be used?

    Your post as positive as it may be does not do anything other than further cm’s advancements to new devices. Leaving out a huge area of what developer relations could entail if this is not meant as devrel within cm and those who wish to be part of cm.

    Could you direct me me to the right area if devrel does not cover what I referred to?



  • Damian


  • Jef Oliver

    @Daniel This contact avenue is also for what you describe. The post does note “problems with code”.

  • Djaypresley

    On there is a group trying got build an ice cream build for the pandigital white 7“ novel. They are close but still need to get afew things up and working right. The big problem we have is that pandigital has not released the kernals so they are building new one to get it working right. Please help us.

  • Arunjagtap

    with ur main guy gone to work for samsung…u guys hve slowed down considerably…i dont think u hve wat it takes to compete against other after market android distribution guys like MIUI…which by the way is far more better in UI n rolls out updates faster than u guys…no offence

  • Md Otoum

    I really hope that u guys support our beloved i9003 since it haas what it takes to handel ics and it has a community that rapidly grown over the past few months

  • Bigdropz

    Cameras should have the ability to record just like a video camera -start & stop multiple times within one video clip. This ability would be groundbreaking!

  • Charles Tsiartas

    Zt 280 under zenithink

    Needs ics cm9 rom have cm7 rom

  • Spanky

    This is for rooted evo 4g users come and join us Jared and the team are hard at work making pics only thing on this from that don’t work is 4g hardware accel and ffc :) make an acc and join us!

    The names spanky if you ever decide to join hit me up I’m usually always on!

  • ciwrl

    Well, perception of ‘slow-down’ is out of our hands. There has been no discernible distinction in gerrit submissions or patches merged since Steve’s hiring by Samsung. To further that, Steve hasn’t been the ‘main guy’ for a while now; that distinction would go to Ricardo.

    As for MIUI, their work is on top of the work we do, which allows them to specialize in their UI enhancements. In addition, their releases are more decentrally managed, allowing for greater market spread. Same goal, different method, each with unique trade-offs.


  • Adam

    Where are the MIUI ICS roms?

  • Dan

    Milestone 2 CM7 and CM9 is going gr8 here…

  • Shrikanth_holla

    I faced a deadlock situation in Cyogenmod 9 on my samsung galaxy s2 i9100. I used pattern lock to lock the screen. My friend tried to unlock the phone with wrong pattern too many times and the phone got locked. I had my gprs turned off when this happened. To unlock it I had to connect to the internet and enter my gmail id and password, but to turn on gprs I have to unlock the phone. So without unlocking there was no gprs, and without gprs unlock was not possible. I had to reset the phone in cw recovery mode and all my data, apps games were lost. Please fix this issue and provide a workaround to unlock  the phone in such cases.

  • Ben Buckman

    there should be an option to lock /unlock the screen by tapping or holding your finger on the proximity sensor

  • Hittngaudi

    Hey i use a Galaxy S i9000 with the latest CM 10.1 4.2.2 Jellybean NIGHTLY ROM! It would be great if i can place unlimited number of apps in a folder and not only 16!

  • tutscrin

    If i would send a device request, ill go for Sony Xperia neo L 😀

  • Parag Agarwal

    We can send feature requests on this link:

  • Suraj Pai

    Please create a rom for gt-s5302.

  • Jacob Allgayer

    Set ringtones to loop by default.

  • David Kramer

    Idk how easy or hard this would be, but I want this to be standard stock feature in android, but if I only get it in CM, that’s fine with me… My suggestion is : when you download an app, you get a notification in your bar. What I’d like to see is the ability to hold and drag a shortcut to a home screen, instead of having to open and look through my app drawer for it. Sometimes, the app name is even recorded, so it might not be where you think it would be alphabetically. Not a big issue, but I usually download several apps at once, and then try them out to see if I want to keep them or not, and being able to trim down several apps from one home page is easier than fishing through my drawer, which leaves some forgotten apps sometimes. This would give me the ability to streamline that process, and make it slightly simpler.

  • Ethan Samama

    I would very much like the ability to reassign hardware button functions. For example I have a galaxy s2 which has a capacitive menu button, which is slowly becoming obsolete. I would like it if I could make this into a recent apps button in the settings. Also I remember at one point installing a nightly in which I could turn on/off on-screen buttons, but I never saw it in any stable builds, which I think is a shame. I think ability to reassign hardware buttons and generally more button customisability would be a fantastic thing to see on CM in the future :)

  • Abhishek Kute

    please create a rom for micromax a96

  • Sumit Roy

    please create a rom micromax a96
    there are no roms for it anywhere
    please please please please please

  • paul xavier

    Volume balance L / R control is not available in CM11 for my galaxy s3 I9300 . I cannot use my left ear to hear songs, since it has some problem. So i always use volume balance to make all the sound go only to my right ear . If you could add this under settings–accessibility– hearing , fit would be very easy for many users.Thanks and Appreciate ur work guys.

  • Insanelycool

    Mono sound in accessibility settings would be nice. Stock has it and it’s quite useful for anyone wanting to leave one earbuds out (at work for example).

  • Aswath Naren

    Pls develop cyanogenmod for micromax canvas a120

  • Aswath Naren

    Pls create cyanogenmod for Micromax a120

  • jcc2024

    Hahaha Cyanogen mod can’t make a rom for Nokia xl

  • Saad Haider

    Can you please add knock on and knock off feature in lg g2.
    Knock lock too.