CyanogenMod will never have Carrier IQ

I asked my friend Russell Holly to write a short blog post about how CM will never contain Carrier IQ. Enjoy.

Everybody with access to a web browser over the last week or so has undoubtedly seen the recent upheaval about Carrier IQ. The truth is, Carrier IQ has been around for quite some time. It is one of the nastier examples of bloatware installed by carriers, and it is more than likely something that will always be there in some form or fashion. That is, as long as your phone is running the OEM provided version of Android.

As this version of Android is based entirely on work from the Android Open Source Project, the CyanogenMod team would like to assure everyone that Carrier IQ has never, and will never be a part of our Operating System. There is no risk of this kind of software to ever be shipped as a part of CyanogenMod, period. Please, take it upon yourselves to educate anyone who is concerned about Carrier IQ, and offer them CyanogenMod as the only real opt-out they are likely to get any time soon.

I couldn’t agree more with his words. We at CyanogenMod would like everyone to know that if you are running our software, you are not running theirs.

  • Maxim

    *tool not tools hehe

  • Kwokmingchan

    That’s is the reason I support CyanogenMod

  • Isldd

    thank you so much :)

  • Ron D. Lite

    compare ad stats to your calling details/sms/location/app use details? an ad never prevented me from using voip 

  • CrAZY Drew

    This is why I LOVE you guys. Clear and to the point. Why can’t EVERYONE be THIS transparent with their decisions! :) Thanks

  • Mackendw

    you do realize however that almost ALL carrier traffic is intercepted, analyzed and dispatched to appropriate intelligence groups as deemed fit by the severity of the data encountered….right?

    So, this whole schmozzle is pretty much a moot point.  They ARE watching, listening AND acting anything that is deemed “of interest” …on whomever they deem “of interest”….

  • torqued

    Congressmen and women, Senators…. don’t work. State attorney generals work… sometimes.

  • Charlieboy2k

    Wouldn’t it be a solution to distribute a VM-Image, which user can download and install on their system. For the user this is a blackbox, you have root access to the VM and the VM calls a server every X Minutes and asks for build-jobs. The build jobs which are offered will loop through all devices. The VM compiles and sents the result back via SSH/FTP etc. You wait until there are N identical builds e.g. same hash, then publish this build as nightly and delete the according open build job. 
    So you don’t have to care if one special machine is online and I’m quite sure there will be hundrets of user who support this project by providing cpu-usage of their systems. If the build time is arround 45minutes on a octalcore with 24GB Rams, I would bet that you have builds of 50+ devices in less than two hours including down- and upload of the files.

  • Charlieboy2k

    sorry, this post belongs to nightlies…

  • I hate the system

    Congresspeople don’t read the emails. I swear they don’t, I have worked in an office and we just found out what issue the email was about and which way it went and then some list got a checkmark. They don’t pay any attention to it. I promise.

  • I hate the system

    No shit brother. We are almost to a Chinese-style police state

  • Olof Beckman

    That is just silly. Why would they read every single mail? Wouldn’t that be a bit of a waste of time? And what would they do with the information?

    But gathering statistics on how many that gets in touch on a certain issue and on what they think, well that is useful. That is something they can act upon.

  • neowiz73

    not only that but less security problems as well because AOSP is the most secure and generally all the manufacturers add bloat that ends up having security issues especially HTC.  and with Cyanogenmod you don’t have to worry with that.

  • Bughunter

    Please check this thread and answer questions there, why ramdom IPs are contacted by CM, thanks!
    I also appreciate the comment about trackers on this website that invade our (the readers) privacy – should be removed.

  • Sisuo

    That’s a cheap one, but where did you make it? who’s your producer?

  • Jackdomiact908

    we all know how every one of those items you listed installs itself as an unremovable rootkit on your PC 
    I guess the producer is from your area, right? I see your drop shipping 

  • bitflung

    their support for the HP Touchpad is pretty nice too, btw. dollar for dollar it’s hard to find a higher-spec’d tablet running android at anywhere near the same price point.

  • Will Fowler

    Yeah, except CyanogenMod doesn’t have a port for MANY phones. Where’s the one for the Stratosphere, or the Charge?

  • kenyae holloway

    i need help. i have everything working on my TOUCHPAD, but my sd card is not reading when im in android mode but when i go back to the webOS its showing my card n memory is anybody else having that problem? and if so do u know how to fix it?

  • Vincho

    Really good job !
    I installed CM 7 on my Desire then on my Galaxy S2 waiting for CM 9 : I really dislike the samsung’s Android 4 “TouchWizz” version…

  • NinadC

    yup you are correct but the sad thing is that CM is not for all devices but stock (which sucks) is for all :(

  • Zeh7o


  • John_Westra

    It’s great that “Carrier IQ has never and will never be part of” CyanogenMod.  Unfortunately the CyanogenMod Forums are NOT free of malware.  Today, when I attempted to access the CyanogenMod Forums, my Kaspersky Internet Security system alerted me with the following warning:

    Access Denied
    The requested URL cannot be provided
    The requested object at the URL:
    Threat detected:
    object infected HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframner

  • Paul

    For all you ice cream sandwich lovers here is the latest xda-developers release for the Samsung galaxy S – to find your phone simply search their website to see if they have it.

  • Tajhay73

    Love and appreciate all of your efforts

  • Wawaqsqs


  • Michael Hazell

    And those are things that you see on every other site. And Disqus does not track you. All it does at the most is store your login and password for you. They don’t have ads, so they have no reason to track you. If you are trying to say that they track you by IP, EVERYBODY THAT YOU GO TO ON THE WEB HAS YOUR IP.

  • Michael Hazell

    You also could install applications that remove applications for you.