CyanogenMod Needs Your Help!

As you may know, our nightly builds have recently been sporadic at best. The reason behind this is that previously, we had access to a large compute cluster to perform these builds. This was really great, and gave us all the power we needed to pump out 50+ builds a day. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to this cluster, and have not for quite some time. With CM9 coming up, and CM7.2 ready to go out the door, we are now in quite a bit of a mess. One of the most awesome things about CM in my opinion was the ability to get a fresh build, every day, with the latest and greatest features. And the stats don’t lie either- the community thinks so too.

With that said, we need to purchase new hardware to take on this task. A couple of solid, stable Xeon-class servers with large amounts of RAM and fast disks. Virtual private servers won’t cut it for build machines.

CyanogenMod is not a for-profit business. We are just a bunch of geeks, trying to make our phones more awesome. The donations we get currently cover our operating costs and occasionally go towards developer devices. This time, I need to ask for help from the community for something a bit larger. We need to purchase these servers in order to bring the build infrastructure back to full capacity.

An option I have considered is to charge for access to nightly builds. This seems like a really bad idea, potentially detrimental to the community, and likely to just increase the proliferation of unofficial builds in various states of brokenness. So, I am putting out a call to the community for help. Whatever you can spare will go directly to the server fund, and if successful, we will work to get back to full capacity as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to contribute, please use the PayPal donation link at the bottom of the page (you *must* use this link, rather than going through the links on the forum to contribute to this fund). Let’s show some community power!

  • Dbarry
  • Jim Hal

    yes good one?

  • Sdmackie

    Some people re so full of anger. Peace to you, brother.

  • Paul Broeker

    I regularly donate for the services I use most, like Wikipedia and CM. It feels good and you guys deserve it!

  • Malcolm

    Why don’t you release a “folding at home” style client that would allow users to donate CPU time to Cyanogenmod? I have a 6 core AMD 1055T that is sitting here idle… All you would have to do is roll together a client that rsync the source and build it …

  • Miha

    I’d donate (I don’t even use CM at this time but I like the concept) but, as many others,I am boycotting PayPal. It is a shame that CM even uses PayPal.

  • Peter Faraday Weller

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth…

  • Anon

    If you start releasing the device source code for cm9 I’ll donate. I don’t like the fact that two of the newest devices (HTC Sensation) and (HTC Evo 3D) never released a device source code even for gingerbread. ICS has been out for 4 months now and still no GB source for those devices? There’s been a lot of people reaching out to the CM team offering to help out with getting things funtional and working but they refuse to take the free offers of help. By the time CM9 is released a lot of devices will already have stable un-official ports of cm9 available. It’s like when I first got the Evo Shift a year ago it had CM7 available but it was not fully funtional and stable until right before the release of ICS. So are a lot us to wait a full year after it’s release before we can install it and have it functioning/stable? By that time I’ll be at the end of my contract on this device and will have to upgrade (probably to a device not supporting CM).

  • Joe Halder

    Well, it would have to be secure, and frankly, it couldn’t be without using a established backend… there would be far too much controversy over this.

  • Joe Halder

    indeed, they use 6-8 cores to compile it, and 16+gb of ram, and I’m guessing they’re going to start using SSD’s. But because of the enormous amount of ram needed to compile it, it may not be beneficial.

  • Joe Halder

    Indeed, I know Max Krivonos is working on the Amaze port, but he stays quiet for long periods of time, and doesn’t have any builds of anything for download despite how broken they probably are, I’m fine with broken builds, as long as they disclose what does and doesn’t work.

    TL;DR: we need a list of devices that will be supported. (and I’d love a Amaze 4G nightly, or any build at all)

  • NikAmi

     Please stop spreading this misinformation. The only way to contribute to the server fund is through the PayPal link. This is mentioned in the OP and it also specifically says that donations from the forum donation links can’t be used for the server fund.

  • NikAmi

     I think what he was saying is to mock up a practically useless blank app and then charge like $5 or $10 for it so that people could just “buy” their donation.

  • NikAmi

     No there isn’t. Only use the PayPal link if you want to donate to the server fund.

  • NikAmi

     How’d you like a free foot in your ass?

  • Jdima2002

    Steve, thank you for your effort. While I was with my HTC Desire, your firmware was clearly the best. Keep up the good work!

  • Lhanson

    Ok I donated. Please continue support for the HP Touchpad. You’ve done a great job!

  • Fagus

    Have you considered Boinc?

  • PixHunting

    We have contributed with little money, but we hope it helps. As new developers trying to raise a business we understand completely how painful it is to  find troubles like that. We expect you can fix it :)

  • Alexus

    Maybe i can host some files for you?

  • Ricardo

    I have donated in the past.  Just donated again. Worth the money.  I can hardly wait to get CM9 on my EVO.  I know the group has been working hard.  I hope this helps.


  • Sailor Psychic

    Why do so many people hate PayPal? o_O

  • Lmentwistle

    nob head go home

  • Bee Zaniku

    I never used CM before but 5$ donation from me

  • Chickenckwk

    I will share this link to make more people know in Hong Kong and Chine,hope can help more.

  • ClayRogers

    Nice! Did you at least get a thank you? Ive made a couple of $100 donations to projects and have never received a thank you email which I was surprised by. Kind of turned me off to donating to these types of things.

  • ClayRogers

    Good point

  • ClayRogers

    Purchasing the app would be the donation

  • Timothy Sim

    Please provide more details on your computing requirements, what you were working with before, and what would be ideal (within reason).

  • Oistein Uri

    sent 5 $ earlier  and 20 $ now ! can not wait to install cm9 ! 

  • Daniel Luplow

    rofl, first of all, how often you update is strictly up to you. If you update nightly builds 1, then 7, 14, 21, etc you get your weeklys and people who want their nightlys get those too. The main purpose for nightlys is they are code tweaks AS THEY ARE MADE. If they make these builds weekly and something breaks in one build, that’s an entire two week span with no working update. Nightlys ensure that if something is wrong, such as bluetooth working shitty in one build, it gets fixed by the next day.

  • Flavio_C

    Just did.. Thanks guys

  • A98alvin


  • Segnale007

    I have been using and compiling my own CyanogenMod build since 5.0 came out. Honesty I have never thought of donating and I am willing to donate $50 now, but I’m in a critical financial situation and I’m jobless. However I’m expecting to get some benefits in a matter of few days and I will donate at least $50 as soon as those benefits comes to my bank account. Its going to be a little payback for the massive amount of work you guys have been doing for the past 3 years or so. Please the kindle-fire needs an official support . Hopefully my effort will make you consider to add it to the list of the CyanogenMod supported devices.

  • Cleverson Kramek

    I can not donate because my phone is not compatible with the cyanogem … my phone is the Motorola Defy+ ! And the site has a warning: “Official CyanogenMod support is ONLY for the Motorola Defy, NOT the Motorola Defy +.”   : ( I want to donate but want to use mod… please, make cyanogemmod compatible with Defy+ !Ty

  • Justin Olsson

    Just donated to the cause!

  • Julian

    I just spend $10 for your great job and for the new build server :-)

  • Cliff Porter

    Thanks for all of this.  I will definitely be donating even though you have already reached your goal.  Get those kick ass machines up with your awesome mods!

  • Florence

    Hi, hope you get to see this comment and respond to it. I have an Xperia x10 mini pro and I understand Sony Ericsson will not be supporting Android versions newer than 2.1 for that model. Could you please tell me whether I can update this model to 2.3 via rooting? Is it very difficult? I know basically nothing about rooting. Best regards from Chile!

  • No

    I’ll donate.. Just dont ask me when or how much… I do think it’s funny that you guys ask for user’s help yet god for bid users ask anything of the “gods” You cant ask anything about releases without getting your head chewed off yet, we are the ones that donate and support them.. I dont know when dev’s got the rock star egos but news flash.. you’re not rockstars and are far from it.. So stop with the I am god complex and become more humble. If it wasnt for us users using your product it wouldnt be as big as it is.. You ask us for money and that’s perfectly fine, but we cant ask simple questions like “will my device ever be supported?” or ask about the status of builds.. we all have to give our money and then shut the fuck up.. That’s not right at all…

  • Blackbearcherokee

    Would consider paying very well worth it best Tom’s by far and am looking forward to 9 been doing nightlys for awhile I’m hooked love your guys work as soon as I am done with paramedics I’m going back to finish my network security then will figure out how to do these builds you have been an inspiration thanks

  • Doug Williams

    $20 to you.  I was running CM on my EVO and can’t wait to get a stable release for my Epic 4G Touch.

  • tazkika

    Contribution sent
    Confirmation number: 6T084098797197616.
    Thanks and have fun!

  • Elichai Turkel
  • JC G

    I want to donate. But I can’t find the paypal link.