CyanogenMod Installer Release

Today we are exiting the ‘beta’ status phase and providing the CyanogenMod Installer for general release. The Play store application is now available, and the PC client component will be available shortly is now available.

A special “Thank You” to all of the beta testers, which at current count, is a community with over 7000 members. The reception and demand we’ve received for the installer shows the value in breaking down the barrier to entry that we sought to address. We will continue to work on supporting additional devices beyond the initial set, but we are proud to say that we are supporting the majority of flagship models currently on the market. For a list of currently supported models, please see our Installer wiki page.

After this release, we will also refresh the layout and design of our Download Portal, making it easier to find the builds for your devices. By visiting, you will be able to intuitively filter and search for your device, and select whether you would like the latest stable or nightly build. Gone are the days of having to memorize your device’s code-name. Keep an eye out for that update.

Update: A forum and JIRA project are now available as well. Check out the introduction post.


  • Ronaldo Medeiros

    Cyanogenmod guys: the best !!!

    Now waiting for the Kitkat to all our devices

  • PhaseBurn

    Just curious, why are there no Verizon devices supported? Every variant of the GS3 (d2*) except Verizon’s is listed (d2vzw), and I noticed the same thing for the GS4 and Note 2 (jflte, t0).

  • Keith

    Verizon blows.. they lock their devices down very tightly. I’m guessing the only Verizon device you’ll ever see supported is their variant of the GNex.

  • NicolasWallace

    No OSX support?!

  • creed

    Two of the three phones mentioned above are completely unlocked and fully supported by official cm, so I would not believe your statement to be the reason.

  • ciwrl

    We are actively working on OSX support

  • Keith

    We’ll see.

  • ciwrl

    Devices requiring exploits or cracking of bootloaders were removed. Others have failed the QA process and held until they can be resolved.

  • Roar A. Mygland

    No support for Sony Xperia Z? :(

  • NicolasWallace

    You guys rock! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Carlos Solís

    Are there plans to release the PC client for Linux?

  • ciwrl

    The set goals are Windows and OSX. If the demand for a linux version is there, we’ll revisit that. From research. most linux users were more inclined to do the process via CLI than GUI.

  • moeburn

    No Bell Canada S3 support (SGH-I747M). Let me know when there is!

  • moeburn

    if you can figure out how to use Linux, you can figure out how to install CyanogenMod without the aid of software.

  • Aaron

    Thanks guys!

    I’m coming from a stock Galaxy Nexus to the LG G2 on Sprint so I’ve been reading up on how to do this all myself. Looks like I’ll just wait patiently for a much easier solution.

  • Viktor

    No Xperia at all. :(

  • Vole_tron

    That’s a ridiculous attitude.

  • moeburn

    no, its a FABULOUS attitude!

  • Ross Neilson

    Does it work with a Huawei Y300 ?

  • Jason Farrell

    Oonoobtoo (Ubuntu) linux users would certainly disagree with that, though users of less mainstream linux distros would probably tend to agree about stickin’ to the CLI.

    In any case, if the core code’s portable, and open source (it is, right?), then it’s not too much trouble to wrap a GUI around it and then package it (deb, rpm, tbz).

  • Ben Schoon

    Is there a reason it asks me to disable my antivirus?

  • Jason Farrell

    Still, you guys could fill in the blanks where Heimdall and other non-windows methods fail, regardless of GUI/CLI. (I usually just end up looking for a Windoze PC to use ODIN, once, since the linux utils are often lacking (as it was for SGS3, and my Note3)

  • Noah

    Is there any reason I would want this if I’m already running CM on d2att and don’t mind updating the nightlies through the function that’s already built into the phone?

  • sussycadillac

    Yep, CLI is better for this Linux user. A little script to do everything would be just perfect, then. Still using stock here, but I will flash CM11 when ready.

  • Rob Delaney

    I guess the more creative project is getting bootloader unlocks to the masses (aka not the tech geeks/nerds) without using the Google Play store. Great Job guys. Good Luck to the future.

  • fluffy

    KitKat: now with extra-creepy Google analytics tracking every piece of data you interact with

  • space_panda

    no, it really isn’t. rooting and flashing is simply a few commands, which you should be more than capable of.

  • space_panda

    because it could be a source of potential problems? disable it for an hour

  • Julio Monteiro

    Is it compatible with Moto X (Xt1058) ??

  • xtarsam

    Where is XPERIA?? :(

  • Markus S.

    Makes no sense that CM, a Linux-based OS, cannot be installed from Linux on PC…

  • Markus S.

    Every Android version is Linux.

  • moeburn

    yeaaah no, not really. it started out as linux, but now it just kinda has a faint hint of linux scent. If it was just Linux, they wouldn’t be able to sell it.

  • Markus S.

    Writing a GUI for all common desktop systems is as easy as using drag&drop in QtCreator.

  • Stephen Van Wyck

    Is there support for the HTC DNA coming? Verizon is horrible about sending out updates.

  • Nerys64

    Im assuming that you guys plan on making your own test devices revert to a 100% stock updated image, THEN testing this out with the latest versions, and then using said test devices as daily driver to ensure theres no immediate glaring issues? Installing 10.2 m1 on the GS3 was a nightmare, all sorts of SIM issues, no data, no phone calls, randomly lost root, titanium backup wouldnt work with 4.3 (not a CM issue, but would have been super fantastic to know before the mini heart attack), Gapps wasnt installed (used to be an option in rom manager), no NANDroid backup, just automatically rebooted without asking.

    Hell, I’d pay 15-30 bucks for this app to include an app suite (titanium backup and rom manager and whatever else) just so that it can DL and install gapps, make nandroid, flash/wipe/factory reset all automatically, and then do the restore apps from backup.

  • Kelly

    Getting ‘device not supported’ despite it being in the supported list ( vzw gnex – toro )

  • Corbin Davenport

    It’s out!

  • Ryan Matthew Wilkerson

    When is the estimated release for a OS X version? I’m excited to get Cyanogen on my Galaxy S III for the first time. Good timing since I got the phone a couple days ago!

  • Dequan Smith

    is the verizon lg g2 going to get installer anytime soon?

  • Carson Greene


  • Alex Dumitru

    Guess what. Android is free !

  • Guest

    I’m a person who is requesting for OSX! Please Please Pleaseee

  • airtonix

    No it’s an attitude that perpetuates the weary attitude of new users to Linux.

  • airtonix

    Just repeat those steps for my grandma please. Just be warned she gets the left and right mouse button confused

  • mikeserv

    Surely. What version of udev is currently installed in your grandmother’s initramfs?

    Well, I guess in the end it makes no difference, because the the steps are likely to be the same for most. To sum them up:

    1) type “how to {do the thing I’m too lazy to learn about but will freely waste my time and energy b*tching about being too difficult}” into the search bar at your favorite search engine then press the “Enter” key and cross your fingers.

    In fact, I wager your grandmother could stand to benefit by applying this particular instruction set to all of life’s little problems if she dared. Send her my best!

  • Dokidoki Nyannyan

    I beg to differ. Rooting is very simple, changing the kernel is a whole different story when your phone provider locks it down. Still easier than using traditional linux for the first time though.

  • xJONEZx

    I’m not new to the rooting process but I’m no all encompassing expert either so forgive me if my message seems newbish but I’m curious to know whether or not installing this new cyanogen mod will stop the new Kit Kat update from working on my S4?

    I want that update so I can check out its features but I aklso want to return to a bloat free phone.

  • tlm

    I’d love to see a Linux version of this. While flashing isn’t too hard for, say, Nexus devices, it’s über-complicated for some others (or that was my impression a few years back anyways). It’d be nice to have a unified process for all the devices.

  • tlm

    You can’t use the stock OS if you install Cyanogenmod. However, you may update over-the-air to CM11 when it’s released. However, the general process is like this:
    1) Install ClockworkMod Recovery.
    2) Make a system backup from Clockworkmod.
    3) Flash Cyanogenmod.
    4) Flash Google Apps.
    5) Make a system backup again.
    Now you can “switch” between the two firmwares at will!