CyanogenMod-7 Release Candidates!

The first CM7 release candidates are starting to roll out for our supported devices! These are builds that are feature-complete and fairly well tested, but still have some minor tweaking that needs done. You should find them stable for everyday use though!

A lot of work has gone into CM7, particularly in the device compatibility area. CodeAurora Forum and have been a huge help, and all the sneaky coders on the CM team who have figured out the remaining issues. And hats off to T-Mobile for open-sourcing their theme engine! Better documentation on creating themes is forthcoming. You’ll also find some very cool new features like a revamped and customizable lockscreen, a restyled music app, “phone goggles”, gesture support everywhere, etc, etc :)

CM7 is still a work in progress. Some of your favorite features from CM6 might not be there yet, but this is our first checkpoint release and we’ve still got work to do. We also plan to put a bit more visual polish “out of the box” on it.

You can get the latest builds via ROM Manager as they become available, or head over to our forums for manual downloads. Builds of all types are always available on the TDR mirror network.

Thanks, as always, to everyone for their continued support and contributions.