CyanogenMod 7.2!

After 3 rounds of release candidates, and squashing a few more bugs in the stabilization branch of CyanogenMod 7, the newest stable iteration of the Gingerbread-based CM7 is now being released. The team would like to thank everyone who submitted and followed up on bugs during the RC phase and helped us all get a better 7.2 out there, we couldn’t have done it without all of you, and we’re happy to say most of the devices slated for RC1 ended up getting a stable release today.

As mentioned in the RC1 post, “7.2 adds a couple of backported features and fixes from Android 4 (ICS), over 20 new devices when compared to 7.1, and even some new features to boot (be sure to check out the new predictive contact search in the phone dialer!). We’ve also fixed some bugs along the way. Some of them device-specific, others that affected everybody, and one in particular that’s been plaguing Android for a long time: the mysteriously vanishing SD-card ringtones are no more! You can check the full list of noteworthy changes at the CHANGELOG“.

7.2 also marks the end of the Gingerbread story for some hardware; as phones and tablets “graduate” to an ICS-based CM9 stable release, they will have their CM7 development frozen. That will very soon include the Nexus S devices, and probably a handful of others; for these devices, 7.2.0 will be the last Gingerbread release we do.

It is not, however, the end of the line for CM7. As mentioned before, development for CM7 will continue, even if at a slower pace, for devices that need it. We believe that a device in which IceCream Sandwich degrades functionality shouldn’t get CM9 at all, and since not all hardware is (for various reasons) capable of supporting ICS, there is no set date (nor tentative, nor a plan) to terminate work on CyanogenMod 7.x. We’ll be accepting the contribution of a few new devices very soon, and after a few weekly builds those will probably end up getting their very own 7.2.0 release. We’ll keep reviewing and accepting new device submissions to that version, if they happen. And we’ll keep supporting these devices for as long as we can (or until they can get CM9, whichever comes first :) )

And for last… We acknowledge that some minor/non-critical/unsolvable-at-the-moment issues reported to us were left unresolved; and that some more light (or even serious) problems may have slipped through the RC test stage and be unknown to us; so, as usual, we encourage you to submit any issues you find with these builds through our bug tracker .

Happy upgrading!


  • Idontknow

    I need cm for my Samsung Galaxy Y

  • Armando

    Any news on CM9 for galaxy ace? There’s one team that ported ICS 4.0.4 to Galaxy Ace but battery is drain so fast. I appreciate the efforst from those guys but i rather wait for your release. Thank you so much and always a pleasure donating to your efforts!

  • Uconalfred

    this is the best of 2…. roms from cyanogen so far u guys did great

  • Uconalfred

    going through if any bugs come up on dext

  • Darkendflame

    Is support for the LG Connect 4G coming soon?

  • Seledyn

    Amazing ! My HTC Desire S Love CyanoGenMod!

  • Aju0203

    Why isnt the samsung galaxy mini – tass added to the main devices page although there is a stable 7.2 release for it ?

  • Elias

    It’s not so simple, they need first to find a developer with that phone who’s willing to make CM work on it.

  • Elias

    When they find a developer with that phone who’s willing to be responsible for the port.

  • Elias

    Sure, if they find a developer with that phone who’s willing to be responsible for the port.

  • Elias

    When they find a developer with that phone who’s willing to be responsible for the port.

  • Elias

    Sure they will, when they find a developer with that phone who’s willing to be responsible for the port. I’d guess there’s already one probably, so if you want a bleeding edge beta you should look in the forums here or xda. Beware it’s not stable at all, if it exists. If you need stability, just wait.

  • Elias

    When they find a developer with that phone who’s willing to be responsible for the port.

  • Deedee

    Does it run on the Samsung S3?

  • Nada

    Hola my touch 4g, se actualizo al cy 7.2, pero le pasa algo extrano, se queda sin senal cada rato.

  • Yaeerrot

    Cm 7.2.0 is the best!!!

    But i really waiting for cm 9 for my NEXUS ONE!!!

  • ashley

    Download the latest Google apps zip file and flash it in recovery.Dont forget to wipe your cachess

  • Mike

    Motorola Droid 3 is waiting for Cm 7.2.0!!!!

  • Juan

    Thanks for the great work!. My LG optimus 2x is grateful

  • mahnaz

    hello.i am irani.thank you.

  • George Pippos

    first of all, I really appreciate the support cm gives older devices even when the manufacturers have given up!

    just a small question: for devices (such as the htc desire) that have had teams other than cm (like zerocool’s bcm and sandvold) working on getting a stable ics rom even if they are not officially supported, will they eventually become supported officially or are they gone from the official ics support list forever? In particular i am talking about when BCM becomes stable as zeroCool uses cm9 source as a base for his rom.

  • Johny Christiansen

    LG Thrill 3D 4G – Bluetooth isn’t working properly in ANY of the versions, stable, RC or nightly.  A2DP doesn’t connect to media.  LOVE the work you have done!

  • Nishant Desai

    is this available for lg optimus net p690?

  • Porkchop6mm

    This is the first stable mod (make that OS for that matter) I’ve yet to use on my first & only-ever-to-be Smartphone/ an SGST959 Vibrant. Many thanks, for taking the time to give me what basically amounts to being a NEW phone I otherwise could not have afforded, one that actually works! After weak wifi using Eclair2.1-1 with multiple signal losses/ drops, for example, multiple app crashes/ FCs after stock Froyo update through Kies Mini, it took no less than a custom ROM to finally get a working phone a full 2 years after it was manufactured. I may be new to rooting and CRs but I’m a 53 year young supertechgeek that knows what works and so far THIS works!!!
    Again, MANY THANKS for an awesome early birthday present (I’ll be 54 in 11days)! I’m loving my new CyanoBread Vibrant running the aCyanbread theme!!!

  • Visehradski

    Hello everybody i have problem with install cm and 7.2.0 urushi and every other i try. It say instalation aborted (status 7). Please can somebody help me? Thanks

  • Tmm

    Great work. No issues on the Nook color. SOD solved.

  • 824160469

    thk! You are so great and I hope the more your community can do for us !

  • Trance Roberson

    I purchased a Motorola Triumph a couple months ago and said I’d never root it.  After reading about ICS I looked at four different sites and found the correct way to root, and rom my phone.  I LOVE ICS!!!!  Unfortunately I really need the camera to work so I moved down to GB and expected to hate it.  I LOVE GB!!!

    The Car app you have is incredible and my phone works 100% better.  Thanks a million and as soon as I find your info i’ll be donating.

  • ⚡Dirt The Based God⚡

    can you guys make it where i can get far so good

  • ⚡Dirt The Based God⚡

    can you guys make it where i can get Instagram??..otherwise…so far so good

  • Salustiano Silva

    What is the “shadow” tag? Is it a new name for Motorola
    Droid X for CM7.2? Is it non-CDMA version of Droid X? A cdma_shadow
    port without working CDMA radios?

  • Bobtheboob

    Is there a list of current CM7.2 devices that will not make the cut for ICS?

  • Shart Nayaks926
  • Paul Mutongerwa

    outstanding…keep up the good work!

  • Top Boy 1998

    i’ve a huawei u8160 and there’s a bug ,i’m on the latest release,the bug is that when i unlock the phone the screen is black,but when a part of the screen changes like a notification or any thing else that part appears and i have to move down the status bar and then up again to see my ui

  • Reuvenmozes

    Super Fast on my HTC Legend!
    One thing is missing for CyanogenMod ROM’s: *** CyanogenMod Sense ***. (Like HTC Sense or Samsung Touchwize)
    if you do it , you will be the BEST ROM Developers in the world !!!!

  • TheFascination

    Works great on my myTouch 3G Slide.

    Thanks for another great release!

  • Blizzard

    CM 7.2 is a beast!!! My 150€ Galaxy Gio now truly feels like a real smartphone!
    This the best rom I ever had, it’s lightning fast and supercustomisable!

  • Jrbable

    Runs well on mytouch 3g slide, has problems utilizing wifi. It shows as connected but will not transfer any data.

  • Jean Carlos

    Please add the Samsung Galaxy 5 at the list of compatible devices!!! I want to upgrade my phone but the forms are so dangerous and I no need my cell phone damaged, I know that if I upgrade my cell phone, there is under my responsability but I belive that if You add this device at the list, I’m going to be more sure. Thanks!!!.
    I’m New In This Theme 😉

  • Minjaralic

    whwn we get cyanogenmod for htc wildfire s please

  • mikegame94

    CM7 on my LG Optimus Pro it’s great, very stable and fast, but I would like to see it running CM9 on it!! Please :)

  • makina

    me gustaria que se pudiera hacer para tener la rom de 4.0 icecream, seria fabuloso

  • Hong Charng

    Why the CM 7.2 not have 3G video call in LG P990

  • Vijaykambale

    can any one answer here when my galaxy s sl ( GT I 9003) get this mode officialy or this phone is not in ur list

  • Jonh Leno Souza
  • Dooder

    then try miui, cyanogenmod is for people trying to actually get away from those stupid skins

  • Super Sonic

    It works on a Galaxy Pocket S5300b?

  • Harliff

    Please add the Ideos U8150 to the device list on the site (

  • Saechizzle07

    Why no 3g connection on cm7.2