CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1 is upon us

The preferred download method at this point is torrents, grab them here. If you want to help you fellow peers, grab all the torrents.

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here: CyanogenMod 7.2, the latest version based on Android 2.3(.7), has reached the release candidate stage!

We’ve been delaying it for too long, mostly because new devices kept being submitted to us, and now we feel that at 69 70 devices, CM7.2 is more than ready for everybody to enjoy :)

7.2 adds a couple of backported features and fixes from Android 4 (ICS), over 20 new devices when compared to 7.1, and even some new features to boot (be sure to check out the new predictive contact search in the phone dialer!). We’ve also fixed some bugs along the way. Some of them device-specific, others that affected everybody, and one in particular that’s been plaguing Android for a long time: the mysteriously vanishing SD-card ringtones are no more! You can check the full list of noteworthy changes at the CHANGELOG.

As usual, you can submit bug reports on these builds: if you find anything broken in your device while running CM7.2-RC1, (as downloaded from our mirrors or ROM Manager! Please do not submit reports if your build came from elsewhere), be sure to submit a report through , so that we can fix it in time for the final 7.2 release.

Also worthy of note: the new release files have a slightly modified naming-scheme, including the codename instead of the commercial/common name in the filename. So the following is a handy “translation chart” to make sure you don’t mis-identify your device:

  • ace –  HTC Desire HD / Inspire 4G
  • anzu –  SE XperiaArc-LT15i
  • blade –  ZTE Blade
  • bravoc –  HTC Desire CDMA
  • bravo –  HTC Desire
  • buzz –  HTC Wildfire
  • c660 –  LG Optimus Pro
  • captivatemtd –  Samsung Captivate
  • click –  HTC Tattoo
  • coconut –  SE LiveWithWalkman-WT19i
  • cooper –  Samsung GalaxyAce
  • crespo4g –  Google Nexus S 4G
  • crespo –  Google Nexus S
  • desirec –  Droid Eris
  • droid2 –  Motorola DROID2
  • droid2we –  Motorola DROID2 World Edition
  • e510 –  LG Optimus Hub
  • e730 –  LG Optimus Sol
  • e739 –  T-Mobile LG myTouch
  • encore –  Barnes&Noble Nook Color
  • epicmtd –  Samsung Epic 4G
  • espresso –  HTC myTouch 3G Slide
  • fascinatemtd –  Samsung Fascinate
  • galaxys2att –  Samsung Galaxy S2 ATT
  • galaxys2 –  Samsung Galaxy S2
  • galaxysbmtd –  Samsung GalaxyS_B
  • galaxysmtd –  Samsung GalaxyS
  • glacier –  T-Mobile myTouch 4G / HTC Glacier
  • hallon –  SE XperiaNeo-MT15i
  • heroc –  HTC Hero CDMA
  • hero –  HTC Hero
  • inc –  Droid Incredible
  • iyokan –  SE XperiaPro-MK16i
  • jordan –  Motorola Defy
  • legend –  HTC Legend
  • liberty –  HTC Aria
  • mango –  SE XperiaMiniPro-SK17i
  • mesmerizemtd –  Samsung Mesmerize
  • morrison –  Motorola Cliq
  • motus –  Motorola Backflip
  • olympus –  Motorola Atrix
  • one –  Geeksphone ONE
  • p500 –  LG Optimus One
  • p920 –  LG Optimus 3D
  • p925 –  LG ATT Thrill
  • p970 –  LG Optimus Black
  • p990 –  LG Optimus 2X
  • p999 –  T-Mobile G2x
  • passion –  Google Nexus One
  • saga –  HTC Desire S
  • satsuma –  SE XperiaActive-ST17i
  • shadow –  Motorola Droid X
  • sholes –  Motorola Droid
  • showcasemtd –  Samsung Showcase
  • smultron –  SE XperiaMini-ST15i
  • speedy –  HTC Evo Shift
  • supersonic –  HTC Evo
  • tass –  Samsung GalaxyMini
  • u8220 –  Huawei U8220
  • urushi –  SE XperiaRay-ST18i
  • v9 –  ZTE V9
  • vega –  Advent Vega
  • vibrantmtd –  Samsung Vibrant
  • vision –  T-Mobile G2 / HTC Desire Z
  • vivo –  Droid Incredible S
  • vivow –  Droid Incredible 2
  • zeppelin –  Motorola CliqXT
  • zero –  Geeksphone ZERO
  • zeusc –  SE Xperia Play CDMA-R800x
  • zeus –  SE Xperia Play -R800i

And that’s all, folks; Head on to  , install, and have fun!

Again, the preferred download method at this point is torrents, grab them here. If you want to help you fellow peers, grab all the torrents.

  • Gowthamrn91

    for x8??

  • Yatsu

    Any plans for Blu Studio 5.3 / Blu D510 ?

  • Losangeles

    Galaxy Fit ?

  • thiago

    por favor façam algo para o P698f

  • toni cutillas

    donde encuentro cyanogen md 7.2 para el monte carlo

  • Gonna Act Right

    ACEHTC Inspire 4g(really 3.5g HSPA, but eh… ) 
    I REALLY liked the 7.2 upgrade from 7.1, great improvement… However, I only find that the camera keeps crashing the phone and “maybe” causing connectivity issues that ATT says can be addressed by a new patch offered by HTC just a month ago…. 
    Oh yeah, yes this is official from the Presidents office of ATT… Yes, I’m connected, been doing field integration of the Ericsson & Nokia equipment for 5 years, been in Telecom for 20….  No they don’t care that I’ve rooted my phone & still have the old $20/month Unlimited data plan…. However, I think this update should be incorporated into a 7.2 rev… if it already isn’t… Obviously,  the Cyanogen kernal shows 2.6, but I’m not sure if this incorporates this new release from HTC ???
    Help me out, since I hope I’m helping the community out.. 
    Manufacturer: HTCModel: Inspire (PD98120)Issue Type: Software UpdateIssue SummaryA software update is available for the HTC Inspire 4G (SKU 65232) as of July 31, 2012. The update can be downloaded over the air (OTA), via a Wi-Fi connection or side-loaded from the HTC Web site, via a USB tethered connection to a PC.Note: The OTA method does not wipe the memory on the device. The side-load method completely deletes all user information. Customers should back-up their data before employing the side-load method.Enhancements included with this update are:New Features:
    ~~~AT&T Address Book
    ~~~HTC Sense 3.0·         
    Task Manager Improvements:         
    ~~~Call optimization improvements (fewer dropped calls)·         
    ~~~SMS/MMS thread – contact display fix·         
    ~~~Improved security functionality·    
    ~~~Background data use improvements ********
    Instructions Verify the device software version and determine if installation of the update is required.·         On the phone, tap Home > Menu > Settings > About Phone. ·         Verify the current Software Number.·         If the Software Number is 3.20.502.52, the device is up to date.·         If the device shows any other software number, then installation of the 270MB (approximately) update is required.If a customer has difficulty with obtaining the update via OTA, the update can be obtained from the HTC Web site at…. 
    ******* Contact name erased*****
    AT&T Office of the President

  • guest

    what about SE W8 with android 2.37

  • galy

    Galaxy Y please?

  • Footballjim91

    Great rom loving it so much…only thing i have to say is you guys mentioned you can use rom manager to download rom…whenever i try to install your rom via rom manager i get stuck in bootloop and thats with clearing data and cache, but installing it from download on you site works perfectly…Thanks!!!

  • dolor de guata

    para el lg optimus hub tiene algún error como la cámara o el bluetooth es estable 100 segura de intalar o no 😀 saludos 

  • Gimpy280

    lg optomis elite please 

  • Cesarsimon_

    my huawei u8150 says installation aborted

  • Wahyudi Nur Prayitno

    where’s for SAMSUNG GT-S7500 ( galaxy Ace Plus) T.T

  • ionutz ionuts


  • Rupansh Sekar

    hi please can u make a rom for jxd s601 please please please ineed iam requesting for 3 months

    if u need device tree go to this link(note-ineed cyanogen mod 7.20)-

    about device-3.5 capative touch,PSP like Keys,Keymapping help app,Arm cortex a9,open gl,arm mali-400,512 mb ram

    please make a rom sir please
    my [email protected]

  • Rupansh Sekar

    a link to how to build custom roms for jxd s601-