The first release candidate of CyanogenMod-7.1 is ready for testing!

This version is an update to Android 2.3.4, includes many new features, and brings support to several new devices. We are now supporting various Samsung devices (Galaxy S, Captivate, and Vibrant), the LG Optimus 2X (p990) /T-Mobile G2x (p999), HTC Incredible S (vivo), and Motorola CLIQ/CLIQ XT. A full list of features and changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.

This release candidate should be fairly stable for daily use, but always do a backup first in case something goes wrong. You can help out by giving us feedback on the forums and reporting bugs at the issue tracker.

The best way to install CM7.1-RC1 is to use ROM Manager, or you can manually download it from our mirror network.

Many thanks to EVERYONE (we have over 400K CM7 users!) for your continued support, and everyone who has contributed their time to making CM the best Android distribution available!

  • Edel919

    I have been trying to use different kinds of bluetooth keyboard for this version but unable to see my key input thoug paired and connected

  • Christopher Bretz

    Please add the LG Ally

  • Liam Herland

    i have tried installing it for the past week using every galaxy rom available and every time market force close, tried all the bootloaders, modems

  • mrgoombye

    htc incredible screen doesnt want to wake from sleep and goes black after calls

  • Lagnelo

    My problem is diferent and I don´t know if it happens with anyone.Its from ROM because I test with another ROM and this not happen.When my phone is with low batery and I turn off to Charge ther phone turns on alone:-(
    Hapens with anyone?
    thx for help.


    how to install

    CyanogenMod on micromax A70???????

  • Toby Jones

    Just used ROM Manager to update from CM7.0.3 to CM7.1 and now the phone won’t get past the boot splash. I can get into recovery, but don’t really want to wipe because ofc I didn’t bother doing a nandroid because ‘it’ll be safe, won’t it’.
    I was running with dtapps2sd- and before I updated.
    I clicked clean dalvik and add google apps, but nothing else.
    Edit: tried all sorts of combinations, but no go. Nandroid restore to a week ago. Could have been worse, but definitely sceptical of ROM Manager now…

  • Armeniki

    Just a quick minor correction for the HTC Legend ROM on CyanogenMod-7.1.0-RC1:  The language setting for English Australia doesn’t seem to be correct as it shows American spelling instead of English (Favourites, Personalise, etc.)  The English UK setting is OK however.  Cheers.

  • Ashok kumar

    I’m Huawei ideos x5 android user, tell me how update  my phone android 2.2 to 2.3

  • Hirosh Trazor

    Do you all have a 2.3.4 rom for HTC Legend and Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini (E10i)

  • XMakeItRain94

    For the public release… any chance on testing for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3.3 Gingerbread… IK that there is a port for CyanogenMod Unnoficial On the XDA Developers Forum… but any change of integrating that for the public release

  • Iamjaytex

    How do you get 4G network back onto the evo once you switch to cm7

  • Iamjaytex

    Is there a way to get my 4G capabikity back on my htc evo because its only letting me use 3G network

  • phyoaungkhant

    Can u tell me the most suitable flash player and version on hp touchpad cyanogen 7.1?
    When I open the videos from websites, the quality is really damn using adobe flash player 10.3 and 11. So please.

  • Abhimanyu403

    samsung galaxy y!!!!

  • gouthamb

    Please kindly include Micromax A70 in your list,or else in next build try to include this device.It will really help a lot of users.Thanks a Billion in advance.

  • Raf

    HTC WF – work’s great,
    but, loose screen blocking animation, where it is?
    i’ve turned on option in settings->CM->screen-> animation [marked]

  • Raf

    download gapps and install on mobile, then run market 😉

  • Naturist

    Please bring CM7 for Galaxy S Plus users.

  • Abin

    i have rooted my phone and then installed cyanogen mod 7 and now it cannot find the network.Can u please help me?

  • slim

    i installed the latest GAPPS from the wiki site after installing this on my sensation.. but it always crashes all the google apps and whatsapp chat application.. 
    i have tried to fix permission and reboot but its still the same problem.. 

    please help!

  • Sw4gg809


  • Chris

    Use WiMax. Should be in the pull down as 4G also.

  • Abrhmalvarez

    Please support an official release of CM for Samsung Galaxy Ace.. thank you very much.

  • Dejanbecovic

    same problem for me gapps fixed it and i dont like the camara please fix it

  • Priyam Arora
  • Destuchland1000001

    where are cn7.1 for the galaxy mini??????
    and can i run ICS on galaxy mini

  • Kevinx1996

    when i put my headset then also the song plays in the phone’s speaker What shud i do
    samsung galaxy mini

  • Louqmaan1

    no internet connection, no market, it asks sim network service pin code, no google account sigh in.What the F***k

  • Tindo01

    that’s a loada loada loada pleases man!

  • Nithin P 04

    can i use it in htc wildfire s

  • Pm

    Hi my Huawei u8230 can’t come out from offline, no calls availabe!!!!

  • Kronak925
  • Regueiradamian

    hi, where i can find the gps patch for my evo 4g, thanks

  • Arbaaz Khan

    bluetooth not workin in galaxy mini

  • Max

    Hey the market problem is fixable: go to settings>accounts & sync and press “add account”. When you`ve done that you can use the market. But all the other problems are really annoying, I don`t really like this rom…

  • Rihanna’s motherfucker

    will this work on samsung galaxy ace (android 2.3.4)?

  • Sagar

    Is it work on galaxy y 5360?

  • Dariodanel

    AMAZING JOB ON THE CAPTIVATE, more stable then stock 2.3.3.
    Veryyy Happy with it, thanks guys!

  • MoȜtaz Tayel

    Huawei U8230
    No 3G, No wi fi, no market, no blutooth, no camera, no arabic lung & keyboard
    what can i do if there is fix for it anyone plz tell me plz plz

  • leo


  • Xavier

    my samsung galaxy ace wont stop loading.

  • Mayangcute13

    I tried this already but still I cant add any account.. I dnt know where can I find my domain?

  • Eternal_distortion_259

    My phone was on flight mode, now won’t get any service, no matter what I do.
    I’ve tried googling everything to do with the model (u8230) but nothing, thus far has come up as useful. I don’t have a computer with me, so cannot download anything unto or even uninstall the android system. It’s never done this.

  • Tek What Redding

    modem crash!: hear is a like to the err crash report
    Model #: LG-E739
    Mod version:cyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1-e739
    The crash occurred win Turning airplane mode off
    4 some god awful reason could not recover ramdump
    I have had to kernel panics same issue cannot recover ramdump
    1 came from market while downloading a big app
    the other 1 came from turning airplane mode off
    so now that’s a total of 3

    I hope the information that I have will be assistance

    If there’s any way I can give any other assistance please email me Or hit me up on google talk
    [email protected]

  • 777727025

    During tango call I can,t see myself but i see may partner is it due to cyanogen mode or appllication itself.

  • jayesh sharma

    can i installed cyanogen in micromax a 62 mobile