CyanogenMod 7.0 Released!

After over 4 months of work, many sleepless nights, and contributions from people all around the world, I am proud to release CyanogenMod 7.0 into the wild!

CM7 is based on the 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) release of Android from Google. We’ve added most of the great features from CM6 you know and love, and many new ones including support for several tablets. We are currently providing support for 30 devices! I continue to be amazed with this community and the dedication of everyone involved. It’s a neverending work-in-progress so if you find a problem, please let us know on our issue tracker. There are a few CM6 features that aren’t part of CM7 yet, but they are in the queue for 7.1 already.

The best way to install CM7 is to use ROM Manager. Detailed instructions for rooting your device can be found at our wiki. Manual downloads can be obtained from our mirror network (powered by TDRevolution). If you need help or support, head over to our forums where you’ll find thousands of other CM users, or you can join us in #cyanogenmod on

If you are upgrading from CM6, we recommend performing a backup with something like Titanium Backup and doing a full wipe before installing CM7.

Check out the CHANGELOG to see a full list of credits and features, and please consider clicking the “donate” link below if you like our work.

Unleash your phone today with CyanogenMod 7!

  • loukura

    You made me like android, you’re the greatest
    Congratulations to all the team

  • crhylove

    @jmhalder: Seriously? I find Cyanogenmod 6 runs perfect on the D/S. I’ve installed it on several, and other than the gallery, it’s not slow at all. Runs great!

  • Cyanogen

    CM7 for Dream/Magic is basically a community project now. There’s no official maintainer, but it does build and run and people are actively working on it. The only reason “offical” support was dropped was due to lack of hours in the day- I personally was responsible for those devices, but I’m also supporting 4 others. All the 2.3 work was done by ezterry and sileht, and you’ll probably find it on XDA.

  • Tuxerito

    @crhylove, @lcsky, @arpheztwig, @X, @jmhalder, @ibraheeemz
    I am Using Android 2.3.3 in my HTC Dream G1.
    You can install from here

    Thanks Cyanogen, I was using Cyanogenmod 5-6.

  • mathewxiang

    milestone choose which device?

  • vaskartab

    When is it coming to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch? My camera is not working on the beta version of CyanogenMod 7 RC version

  • ivangs

    Thank you for all of your work.

    I am waiting for PPTP VPN solution.

  • OGvibe

    Where is CM7 for the OG Droid?

    You wouldn’t have come this far without us…so don’t forget us!!

  • hoey23

    Thanks for building a great mod! Keep up the good work.

  • will.xu

    Thank you for all of your work.

    And i really want to have CM7 for milestone 2.

  • codaro100

    hey when will you guys have this for the galaxy s line of phones, especially the fascinate.

  • erix84

    Tried the Hero build and Heroc, both gave me an error during verification on my Droid Eris… anyone know how to get CM7 to installed on an Eris?

  • will.xu

    We need CM7 for milestone 2

  • onalfonso

    Any plans to port this to the DELL Streak 5?

  • luvbug1977

    Thank you to all of the CM7 contributors…totally awesome! Been a loyal CM user since my G1.

  • ricbon81
  • will.xu

    milestone 2,where is milestone 2!!!!

  • bakerj417

    Love you guys soooooooooo much. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • cesar.ramina

    Yes, I need CM7 for Milestone 2 too.

  • itanker

    Help Please. I have downloaded the new Mod 7.0 but it seems that my wireless tether won’t work. any alternates of fixes that anyone might have?

  • gregroberti

    The Moto Droid needs an official CM 7 build, all we have is the RC-4!

  • ajinpa

    I know enough of you are still using the EVO, so I want to head the feedback from THEM as well. So far(for me) it’s been buggy and i get horrible and spotty 3g and 4g service, whereas, when using my stock rooted rom, I get blazing speeds everywhere. I’ve done all the updates, etc, which really should have been included in the build in order for it to be considered a true alternative to the stock BS everyone complains about (I do as well), and for some reason the feel of it isn’t as snappy as the 6.1.2 stable. The biggest problem of all is the radio problems. Why do I get 3g speeds of 2.5 mbits with the stock rom, and .24 mbits with C7 stable? I havent even been able to get a 4g connection yet with C7….If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong that I haven’t done/heard already, please let me know at ajinnola at gmail. Thank you in advance because I truly love this rom. Its the best one out there hands down! Just hit me up thru an email and maybe I can figure out what/if i did something wrong. I’m not new to this, so please appreciate my concerns and questions. THANKS AGAIN!

  • banderzz

    why The Xperia x10 Is Not Supported :(

  • JoeNathanmilner

    I have exfperienced the same problem ajinpa, I lose all service, rebooting doesnt seem to help. Ended up reflashing cm6

  • will.xu

    We need CM7 for milestone 2!!!!!!!

  • efox

    Thank you! This is brilliant. I came from CM6 and you guys did a great job of making CM7. Its so speeedy!

    Once more, thank you to all those whose contributed to this project.

  • mameyojr

    I installed it and it has been for more than 15 minutes doing the logo…HTC Hero CDMA…it comes and goes over and over again…i forgot to wipe the cache…is that a problem…please help…

  • Vladabeast

    CM7 is fantastic, only problem is that i dont get 4g anywhere go, i dont know if thats a problem with the build or my phone

  • hou.story
  • drattek

    GPS dosent work at all with HTC EVO no fix.
    3g signal unstable.

    No gps, No 3g stable = Shit.

    Its a beautiful work here, but sadly not good for evo. I will wait for 8.0 maybe.

  • gadgetsorus

    Installed CM7 stable release for a week or so, once in a while screen goes black when navigating thru menus. I get 1 wonk out of 10 calls (racial). GPS is not stable most of the time.
    I’m going back to nightly build #12 which has more wonks but GPS and navigation is more smoother. I wiped before installing CM7 stable build. Anyone got simillar problems?

  • zimingbufann

    Hello,I’m a Android Application Developer,I need your Help.

    I am developing a new app about Bluetooth.
    Because the Android Virtual Devices in android SDK can’t open the Bluetooth ,I use my I5700 for Debug.
    But , I can’t get any log messages from Eclipse or CMD .
    I searched google and get an answer about it :
    The Speedmod kernel; This has default Logging disabled. Re-enabled it in the TWEAKS menu.

    I use CyanogenMod kernel , and this has also default Logging disabled, but I can’t find where can i open it.
    If you know , Please help me .
    Best Regards.

  • Android Man

    all I have tried CM6,CM7 GPS don’t work. still waiting since December one that do for HTC EVO…… :(

  • saayi

    heyy..anybody help me…whats this all about?? i am using google nexus one … i want to kno waht is ‘cyanogenMod ‘ is all about..please help me… :) :) :)

  • jmendo33

    Hey all…has anyone heard of when the Galaxy Tab will be upgraded? This is a beautiful device that needs to get the love too…yhanks

  • WhyMe

    Well done. Just upgraded from RC4 – not even a glitch.

  • saayi
  • MyNameIsJeff

    I’m new to this and 7.0 was my first install. I was ready to trash my Incredible, now it’s like a new phone that isn’t terrible. Everything works great, and other things like Bluetooth have improved by far!


  • bipindra

    Any support for HTC Thunderbolt LTE?

  • mclifford81

    CM7 is pretty fast, I would say faster than Fresh and OMJ by far because of the lack of sense but the Wimax coverage is not that great and also the gps goes in and out all the time. I also noticed a lot of the drop downs are not always functioning properly for gmail. Also every time I try the new facebook and want to view a profile it gives me a force close. Omj root works great and is speedy, has great Wimax and gps but lags when running a lot of programs unlike CM7. If CM can fix the spotty gps and wimax and facebook issues then it would be amazing.

  • jozimozi

    Hi there just wanted to say how god this ROM is!!It is awesome, but how come I cat use 3g VIDEOCALLING anymore) Im from Australia on THREE-Vodafone carrier)???
    If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated…

  • jozimozi

    sorry this was for galaxy s I9000gt.

  • kbcs

    Hope for HD2 development organization, has CM7 official version of really looking forward to, although have folk transplant version, but feel is not perfect, hope can release the HD2 official version. Now there are CLK guidance, should be developing difficulty also decreased the.My English no better sorry.I am a chinese.

  • jinky

    Managed to root my Wildfire (Buzz) Froyo 2.2.1 used the PAYG XTC Red clip to get s-off, its well worth the 20 quid I paid. I then installed CyanogenMod 7.0 and I am very pleased with the result. I now own a phone that zips along with no pauses and lags unlike the OEM OS version that ships as standard.
    HTC should use CyanogenMod instead of their homebrew system, it sucks big time.
    Thanks to you all for the effort will be making a donation after payday :)

  • Gilmars Æaesñ

    I have a problem with my Milestone 2 with CM7.
    Always when I try to install something the MS2 “simulates” a restart and the software don’t install…
    What can I do?

  • Roswellnewmex

    Just flashed this rom and my OG Droid is stuck at the animation screen.  Any solutions??

  • Shashank agarwal

    Please make an official mod for LGp500 as well …

  • Jay Krishna

    hello , include ACER liquid !! plss !! cant wait to use it on my acer liquid s100 !!

  • user

    need it on samsung intercept

  • ammar

    I try it for u8220 but what I get no network no ime no no communication at all is there any solution for this