CyanogenMod 7.0.3 Released

CyanogenMod 7.0.3 is now available for download. This update contains a bug fix for our update notification system, as well as an important security fix. It is recommended that all users running a version of CyanogenMod prior to 7.0.3 update to this release.  You should not install this update if you are already running a recent nightly build, only if you are coming from 7.0, 7.0.2, or

As always, you can grab the latest version over at the mirror network, powered by TDRevolution. This update is also available on Rom Manager.

Please note that this release is still based on Android 2.3.3.  CyanogenMod 7.1 will include Android 2.3.4 features and updates.

  • Windows VizTa

    Nice to hear dat .. !
    I m on the way of CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC4-Desire … All great but you have to improve at rising in “virtual internal memory” ~ that is my Hope 😛 ….
    Appreciate all of ya
    With Best Wishes,

  • johico

    Hi new here. HTC Hero with Cyanogen 7.0.3 working great no problems for now. Thanks. I will like to know if there is a special app market for phones with Cyanogen install.

  • John

    I wanted to wait a day are so before posting my findings and make shure if I’m right. Every nightly and stable after CM7 RC4 has a weird glitch that most wouldn’t realize. In my local home area, my 3g towers are having trouble, making me have to reboot my phone more than most people would so I can get a good signal. Around every 7 to 8 reboots, at the HTC screen before the android shows up, my battery will vibrant numerous times. Thinking it could be a faulty battery, I changed it out but had the same problem afterwards. Thinking maybe it’s a bad install of Clockwork Mod, I then tried CM6 ver. 6.1.1 and CM7 RC4 and neither of them gave me rebooting are battery vibrant problems. HTC Liberty

  • yingxiong9024

    holp release a CM7 rom for Morrison !

  • JoshuaWasHere12

    I got CM

    I have issue with GPS, sometime get stuck on 1X wont back to 3G when I text to someone and I need add a font size for email cuz I want small font… I would like guys to add a Notification with Text and Email with a numbers of unread messages.

    Keep it up and please fix update asap

  • JoshuaWasHere12

    edit: I would like guys to add a Notification icon of Text and Email with a numbers of unread messages.

  • John

    I posted on May 15,2011 at 4:19 am
    I need to add and correct something that was said by me.
    While running CM7 RC4 last night, my phone also reboot and battery vibrated multiple times at random when turning on my phone. Today, I used HTC Sync, unrooted and installed the shipped rom ver. 2.1
    I don’t know what to think about my problems. Could it be a bad install of Clockwork Mod and maybe a glitch, CM7 are the rom which came with my phone.
    I found the HTC shipped rom on the web and flashed it back. I’m going to wait before using unrevoked again to see if my Liberty acts up again.
    About a week ago, someone posted that his phone was also rebooting like crazy but never went into details about it.

  • yingxiong9024





  • Vladabeast

    running 7.0.3, great rom only problem is that my 4g still wont work

  • Cogspin

    I gotta tell you guys: this mod rocks! Stable, fun to use, and so so much better than 99% of the other mods out there! Thanks for the good work and keep it going! (And to the rest of you slobs, donate to these guys!) =)


  • japeon

    After a few days making probes, I can say that my battery long as before, so no changes with the new version 7.0.3.

    Thanks for the work.

    Did you heard about the security fail on the Android systems wich version is previous to 2.3.4 and WiFi unsecured?


  • asangav

    i was trying to use the droid CM7 rom for the milestone, but it just gives an error on the boot loader … is this coz its for the droid and not for the milestone?(a dumb question right) but i really want to know how to get the CM 7 stable version for the milestone … any help anyone?? thanks, (im using 2.2 froyo the official update)

  • cajunmike

    newly rooted EVO…have Fresh ROM right now…thinking of going with this release is there any prerequisite releases I need before flashing this one?

  • John

    It appears that the latest Google app addons with recent nightly and 7.0.3 roms is what’s making my phone vibrate 2 if not 3 times at the HTC boot screen when I turn my phone on. This problem is random and not every time it boots up. Without the addons working and syncing correctly, Cyanogen roms is almost useless. Yes, I can still make calls but a 30 dollar to go phone from Walmart can do that.

  • John

    Forgot, HTC Liberty.

  • smark1313

    D1 running CM nightlies. I haven’t been able to USB connect for the last few versions. I love everything else.. but does anyone else have this problem or can CM fix it for the sholes version???

  • AnNamir

    I’m using 2.3 nb0 rom “cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0″ right now with nightly “” update. How I want to update to “”?
    Thanks in advance :)

  • joemax

    looking forward to cm7 ROM for morrison

  • Black coffee

    Hey, I’m new to Modding.. I flashed my Nexus S with CM 7.0.3 yesterday and I must say I’m in love with CM.. :) You guys are doing an excellent job.. I kindly request you people to fix the rebooting issue in 7.0.3.. Already rebooted 2 times.. Expecting a bug free CM 7.1 ..Cheer Guyss :) You guys rock !

  • John

    I don’t want to talk about 7.0.3, instead, what’s up with the ADW launcher force closing while I’m browsing my apps on nightly 90. I’ve had this problem before with this crappy launcher and cannot believe this is still going on. If you want to ignore my issues and not take this serious, give me my donation back and find someone else to buy you beer. Liberty

  • romsid31

    I’ve had a rooted desire cdma/bravo c since decemberof last year and I absolutely love it. My question is 7.1/2.3.4 going to be available for my phone and when. Please let me know. Also I’m on clockworkmod2.5. Do you have have any easy directions on how to flash to 3.0 for a minuit Rom.

  • Zloduh

    Hello i was wondering will u support cheaper phones like Samsung Galaxy mini or LG Optimus me.

  • Zloduh

    I see there is a version for Tattoo wich has similar spec as lg optimus me, exept i dont know the rom size on lg. I would very much like to try ur mod on my phone. Thx in advance

  • Chicharit0

    I’m still having problems with my GPS, it keeps saying that the signal it’s lost, is there a way that this can be fix?

    I’m using

  • angeldevilnz

    @ romsid31… its been out for HTC desire since the start.

  • angeldevilnz

    @ romsid31…I read somewhere that clockworkmod 3 isn’t fully stable yet so hasn’t officially been released. As soon as it is I’m sure Rom Manager will be updated :-)
    ( Please correct me if I’m wrong :-) )

  • angeldevilnz

    Update since my last 4 posts: so I reverted back to cm7RC4 because of the countless issues re cm7.0.3. However I am now having fc issues with this Rom also. Thinking now that maybe I’m overclocking or underclocking too much/little. I changed my Oct and uc values in setcpu however fcs are continuing.
    The major issue I am having though is that I can’t mount my SD card via USB. I have researched this extensively and found that quite a few people are finding this however there have been absolute no replays on how to fix it.
    Has anyone out there had this issue with cm7RC4 and found a way to resolved it???
    Please help me I really need to find a fix soon!
    Thanks!! :-)

  • maxbennettjr

    I was enjoying the CM7 mods, however, I could never get a 4G connection, my Glacier (MT4G) would only connect at 3G so I’m looking elsewhere. Can you guys tell me when you are going to port 4G support over?

  • jr2201

    How about the Thunderbolt. Rooted and waiting.

  • asaadsaleh

    i’m new to android so i need your help I have the CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC4-DesireHD
    and need to upgrade to the 7.0.3,
    how to do that? is it easy or needed a developer.

  • sony108

    Hi, I was running CM 7.0.3 – Stable on my Orange San Francisco successfully. Yesterday I installed Nightly #84 after a full wipe and delvic cache remove. But since then whenever I make a call, the Screen and LED goes off and never come back no matter what. I had to reinstall the battery to make phone work. Due to this, i went back to CM 7.0.3 – Blade after erasing data, cache, delvic cache and battery status. But the problem is still the there. I never had this problem with stable version 7.0.3 before installing the nightly version #84.
    Please suggest me what to do?


  • HollyJ9

    Hi I am new to this forum, I need some help. I have a HTC Desire which I rooted no problem, I then flashed Ver 7.03 with the help of Rom Manager,Erased everything and Restored from My BackUp Pro.My Contacts have now gone from 500 to 1200 Approx, duplications and three and four in some cases.I can’t find the USB Menu when I pull down the Notifications.
    Overall I love the System,but I have gone back to the rooted Stock until some of these problems are explained to me.In the case of new updates do I reflash 7.03 and install new ver. OTA. I wish to Donate to the Site but I want to wait until I am using it all the time. Thank you

  • huodaxia

    we need a better vision for defy

  • iiishooter

    would love to use CM7 on huawei U8800,wish you could release a suitable version for it.

  • Gunja

    7.0.3 work pretty good on passion (htc nexus one) but i’ve a problem with my flash led. anyone have a solution ?? thanks :)

  • mr.thangtq

    i can’t get Stable Mod version from github with command below, help me please.

    repo init -u git:// -b gingerbread
    repo sync -j16

  • toriejoseph

    runnin it on my g2 i love it best one yet i ran a 2136 quandrant at 1.5ghz really brings out the full potential of the phone torch is pretty sweet too

  • roychampion3

    Sorry i haven’t had a chance to google, on a horrid computer, but will I need to install a previous 7 build for it to properly run or is this totally a plug and play rom?

  • Tj_rodrig

    Messages problem on z71 devices. Dont send sms

  • Tomtb H

    I cannot send SMS messages with my XT502

  • Malcolm Ponce

    this its the best rom for my htc evo 4g love it

  • Hendy666

    Graphics on games do not work on my San Francisco With the Cyanogen Nightly Blade mod-7