CyanogenMod-7.0.2 Released (oops)

We found a few last minute bugs in the 7.0.1 release and decided to pull it. 7.0.2 is now available which should correct those issues. Sorry about the epic fail.

7.0.2 is available from the usual places (see the original announcement).

  • cwalkerjr02

    Running CM7.0.2.1 on EVO 4G, runs great only problem I’ve run into so far is MMS doesn’t send or download.

    Keep up the great work

  • cwalkerjr02

    Also, live wallpaper doesn’t stick after phone reboot.

  • Derock7208

    Does this mod work for the huawei ascend 2

  • Juraquil

    Will the Dell Streak ever get in the Cyanogenmod picture?