CyanogenMod-7.0.1 Update Release

It’s been about two weeks since we rolled out the first stable version of CyanogenMod-7, and it unfortunately came with a few bugs. 7.0.1 brings many bugfixes, including GPS fixes for many devices, a handful a new features, and support for a few devices that weren’t quite ready in time for 7.0 (original Droid).

As always, the best way to install CM is to use ROM Manager. If you are running the current stable release, you should get a notification when a build is ready for your device. You can also manually download from our mirror network (powered by TD Revolution”), or head over to our forums.

Check out the latest CHANGELOG for a quick summary of everything included in this release.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and contributions!

EDIT: Sorry guys, we made a mistake and there are issues with 7.0.1. 7.0.2 will be up shortly.

  • ricbon81

    right on cynanogenmod7 team you guys rock!!

  • Davus

    Backing up previous ROM now of 7.0.0-vision.
    Great job guys.

  • biscuitownz

    720p playback still skips.

  • biscuitownz

    720p playback skips on g2. Sorry forgot to state device name in previous post.

  • tutysara

    You guys are rocking…

  • Filipe_24

    Will we receive another Notification as i have to update to 7.0.2 ? or do i need to stay tunned here ?

  • Filipe_24

    Oh one more thing … We dont need a full wipe dont we ?! … Thx … And awesome work ,i love your custom rom … 😉

  • Davus

    I had no problem going from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1, no full wipe needed. Afterward I (re-)installed the Pershoot kernel and all is well with this release.

  • rakendu.19

    Hey is 7.0,1 available for spica? if so can i get the link for download.

  • ericbryce

    i installed cm 7 on my evo and i like it alot but if my phone dies or is rebooted it gets stuck on the skateboarding android screen when i turn it back on. so i just restored it back to cm6. what should i do i really liked some of the changes on the new rom

  • ericbryce

    i meant to tell that i tried both stable and nightly builds with same result

  • tyler

    i had the same problem as eric, except i had the default rom from htc. i was wondering if i missed a step along the way.

  • kbcs

    Hope for HD2 development organization, has CM7 official version of really looking forward to, although have folk transplant version, but feel is not perfect, hope can release the HD2 official version. Now there are CLK guidance, should be developing difficulty also decreased the.My English no better sorry.I am a chinese.

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