CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC4 has arrived

The next round of RCs have arrived.   From RC2 until now has mainly been bug fixes and we’re getting near the final state.  In this release, there may still be some lingering GPS issues on the Evo and the N1 call audio bug hasn’t been fully fixed.  But if you were happy with the previous RCs/Nightlies on your device, there is no reason not to update to this one.

That being said, this is the most stable version of CyanogenMod 7 to date and will probably be the last RC before the final rolls around.  The most notable new fixes are on the tablet side of devices.  The Nook Color, for example, now has working hardware acceleration.  Because of these fixes, many of them are receiving their first RC.  There was also a big fix from AOSP for EGL issues, which is why all devices bumped to RC4 from RC3.

Feel free to grab CM7-RC4 (or RC3.14159265358979323846264338327 as we call it internally) from ROM Manager, our forums, or our mirror network if you prefer manual downloads.


  • Techrocket9

    I was on RC2 with the EVO. Rom Manager popped up today for the first tme and told me to update to RC3.


    Two flashes in one day. Rom Manager must be acting up.

  • prana22

    You mentioned tablets. Is the Viewsonic G Tablet supported with this? There are never links to nightlies or any downloads for it but it is listed as a device.

  • Ozzie4Prez

    Yeah RM must’ve been acting up… RC3 just appeared today, I thought you guys were slacking :) I guess it’s better off just to go to the source to get the latest release.

  • lox

    CM7 still has a big regression from CM6 on Nexus one: no 720p recording.

  • geedave46

    I’m confused – does CM7 support the Vibrant or not?

  • vitorgatti

    smooth… CM is awesome :)

  • John

    Installed CM7-RC4 and things were fine until the H started blinking and no bars. My location was home during installing and afterwards not in some remote area. I want bother letting Cyanogen know of this because from the beginning of CM7, my problems are ignored.

  • DavM

    I prefer more frequent updates like this!

  • CyaMiUi

    i am dying to use Cyanogenmod but my N1 still has radio bug, cannot access to the internet very well,even it show the network traffic fine,therefore the gps cannot work well.but call audio seems fine.
    waiting for the official release….
    Thanks for all developers!!!

  • vince7

    i still cannot connect VPN in RC4.

  • bharrington

    Thanks alot. Works great for me. Keep up the great work CM team. Donating right now.

  • ersan

    do i need to wipe data in order to update from rc2 to rc4?

  • sarptecimer

    nope. just nand backup and flash…

  • ElectricCraft1

    When will cm get 4g support?

  • alexcolodner

    CM7 Has been awesome! My battery life actually dropped on RC3 so I am glad RC4 came out so quickly. Hopefully it will be a fix for that issue. Keep up the good work CM Team, and thanks.

  • longun

    Not long had my Desire HD. Installed RC3 yesterday and was super impressed. A little fiddly but not too hard. Was a little unsure about upgrading to RC4 so soon but did anyway and it went super smooth. Didn’t have to wipe any settings and it remembered everything. Well done. I’m now off to look for a donation page as I’m sure you must have one and you deserve it in my book.

  • ScottHW

    Wow, impressive! How did you get hardware acceleration working on the Nook? Do you mean GPU Acceleration, like for the UI? Because that has been a huge complaint about Android for like, a solid 2 years.

    I know that Honeycomb is supposed to implement it, which is why I’ve been disappointed that Google has gone closed-source for this round. Holding out hopes that it’ll be cross-ported / merged into Ice Cream Sandwich for phones.

    Is this the kind of thing we can cross our fingers and hope for in coming CM7.1 for other phones??

    Thanks for all the great work!

  • hoey23

    CM7 is pretty sweet but I still miss having the option to customize the notification tray colors.

  • FattyMatty

    Will RC4 correct the issue of my phone only sending and receiving 90% of my texts?

  • baconbh8

    No love for the I9000B…
    The galaxy S didn’t even get a RC…

  • grumbl

    RC4 is not stable on the HTC VISION. RC1 was the only one who survived longer than 10 mins…

  • braczkowski

    Just updated to rc4 on my sprint hero and everything is good so far.

  • tobewinner

    Could you please add chinese to the roms,for there are over a hundred million of android users in China!
    Thanks a lot

  • lakrimator

    I upgraded from RC2 > RC4, but I have an issue whit my SD card partition, which wasn’t loaded at all. So I went back to RC2 whit no problem. HTC Desire.

  • humic acid

    Very good!Thanks for all!

  • goodrice

    Good job. CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC4 on my Nexus One is really better than previous one but still have bugs and long lags on phone call and audio…
    Thanks for your job guy’s.


    this RC randomly gets disconnected from wifi, at two bars, don’t have yet 720p camrecorder, and finally its no receiving a quality signal from network operator,like cm6
    still a lot of work on it. rc2 its better that this.

  • fukushima

    Is it necessary to wipe before flashing from CM6 to 7 ? (I tried without but it froze on reboot)

    If it is, how can I backup my data and apps to avoid reinstallation of everything after flashing ?
    I used to use Titanium Backup, but I don’t like it very much, it’s kinda messy and erratic…

    Thx in advance.

  • Marionap

    I LOVE the new release I upgraded from RC3 to RC4. Everything is working great!

    The only issue I am having has been consistent with both releases is with the vibrate function on the DInc. The vibrate function doesn’t work for incoming notifications, incoming calls or even haptic feedback. I currently have it set to “Always”. I look forward to the final release.

    All in all GREAT JOB on another great release!!

  • PhilipC

    On my Nook Color CM7 RC4 is MUCH better than froyo that previously ran internally. With the 1.1GHz kernel and the new CyanogenMOD settings set to “1100/300 Ondemand” I’m getting a quadrant score of over 1700 (highest number I got was 1739)!!! Remember to disable SetCPU to take advantage of the CM7 speed.


  • John

    I’ve been having nothing but trouble with the built in browser and gapp Google addons with nightly CM7, RC3, and RC4. At this moment, I’m using, gapps-gb-20110307 for my Liberty. The market and gmail stops working, force closing and at times, just simply brings me to my front device screen. I tried other versions and still have this same issue.

  • mecman

    RC2 work great no issues. But RC3 & RC4 broke my bluetooth. Everything else works. I went through the forums looking for an answer. I found a suggestion to check my radio firmware. Sure enough i was serveral back. I flashed the new firmware but made no differance. RC4 seems very un-stable and eats up the battery bad. So I’m backing out of RC4 and restoring RC2. RC2 just worked. I don’t understand why RC4 is such a step backwards.

  • Violet

    Do I need to wipe all if I want to upgrade from RC3 to RC4?

  • John

    Numerous times I commented about the Google addon apps and the browser giving my phone trouble. Countless times, the market, gmail, and browser, will stop working at either kick me out are force closing. It’s not because I’m installing the wrong addon and I discovered that it’s CM7 doing this. As a test, today I installed CM6 ver.6.1.1 and no problems is occurring. Liberty

  • devsherif

    Finally, Full arabic support :)
    I suddenly have found that the browser is reading arabic websites correctly. Every application contains arabic is read correctly. That is great.
    The remaining feature is the system arabic keyboard. until now the arabic keyboard is not working. You have to use another custom arabic keyboard from the market.

    Great work. and Thaaanks a lot

  • mdavis

    I love it…easy to install and I’m a 65 year old newbie…but no GPS. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Should I simply wait til it’s fixed or will that be a vain hope? If I try a new radio how will I get back to my stock rom if I have to go all the way back? Any help?

  • mbacon1906

    Mdavis have you done a battery pull to see if that fixes the GPS issue? What phone do you have?

  • mo-getter

    my four year old son is blown away by how nicely it runs games and emulators on his new droid.

    oh yeah, and everything else except usb tether runs just fine on mine as well =]

  • Bad Sector

    Does CM7 and CM in general support HTC Desire HD?

  • craftycs

    Installed Market place was missing uninstalled!

  • craftycs

    Sorry HTC Desire… Installed RC3-RC4 from rom manager both as a normal update and as a clean inssall – The Marketplace was missing – So Un-installed… anyone finds a solution let me know cheers.

  • kickster

    Installed on my 3G Slide, restarting now…Excited!!! :)

  • kickster

    So far, working good except for the occasional lag,seems pretty good so far! :) thanks for the updates, this is the best ROM out there! :)

    MyTouch 3G Slide Black

  • Milkdog

    Wondering: will CM7 Final include all tablet tweaks (TT Release Candidate 2) … or will these tweaks only stay with the Nightlies??

  • sarptecimer

    Hi all, does anybody have a battery drain problem again with the rc4? I used the fix when I used re3 and it was great. I’ll flash the fix again.

  • Gh0zt36

    Does CM7 rc4 support 720p on Mytouch glacier? does anything not work on this rom? thanks im new to cm7 and thinking bout giving it a go

  • Hal Motley

    Obviously, because Google apps are omitted due to licensing.

  • Hal Motley

    It’s on the device list so it must be supported.

  • Mohannad Zidane

    this is really great news… finally i can read arabic… thank you…

  • Hulisibasak

    very very good