CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC2 is here!

Another round of release candidates for CM7 are on their way out.. This version is an update to Android 2.3.3, and also brings a few new features like WiMAX on the EVO (from #TEAMWIN), Notification Profiles, and many bugfixes. We are feature-frozen and in bugfix mode at this point, so please let us know about any issues on our bug tracker.

Get the latest from ROM Manager, or head over to our forums or our mirror network for manual downloads.


We could never have imagined such a turnout on RC2.  In less than 24 hours since the release, we have accumulated over 150,000 downloads between the RCs of the officially supported devices.  This blows our mind and makes doing this all the more rewarding.

  • quacainia

    (Droid 1)
    I do not like that there is no differentiating between silent and vibrate when using the volume buttons. I use both vibrate and silent and hate having to do home>menu>settings>sound>vibrate>always/never all the time. It should be 1 press of the volume button.

  • SwitchBL8

    Thanks. Starting using it (this version) after the downgrade from Motorola to v2.2. I’m using the Milestone (one) and the hardware is great. Too bad the software from Motorola is not, and their FroYo-update is basically a downgrade.

    So, happily using CM7RC2 now, can’t seem to find anything that’s not working. Guess that’s a good thing.

    Keep up the good work.

  • kobraki17

    There infact is a setting for that. Under cyanogenmod settings > sound select ‘add silent state’ and under the regular sound settings, set vibrate to ‘always’. it doesn’t work right for some reason if you select ‘always except when silent’ for some reason. Possible glitch?

    I just wanted to say that at first I didn’t like 7.0 but now I am in love. It runs amazingly, and I thank you for it. Also, I am extremely happy you found a way to disable then menu from unlocking the screen! No more pocket dialing!!!

  • chrisdk

    Love the new RC. Couple of things –

    Facebook app randomly shuts down every so often.

    DroidIris app force closes whenever I try to save an image (have fixed permissions)

    Desktop takes 2-3 seconds to redraw even with system persistent checked. This was always instant on the last stable release when system persistent was checked.

    Other than that, it’s an awesome ROM. Using it with Pete Alfonso’s 1ghz low voltage kernel. :-)

  • n_s_simpson

    Hi, I have used the G.O.T. 2.2.1 mod and unlike the official 2.1 ROM it gave you word suggestions as you typed using the physical hardware keyboard.

    I’ve just installed CyanogenMOD-7.0.0-RC3-0.07-11.03.12-Milestone but the suggestions has now disappeared.

    Suggestions work when using the onscreen keyboard as expected.

    I love Android 2.3 but I want to know how I can get this back.

    Google can’t help so I hoped someone else could.


  • John

    Ring tones Eridani and Mildly Alarming in RC7-2 are identical.

  • noles23

    Great job The best ROM period
    Hopefully this update or the next to follow will fix the gps.. fades out a lot


  • Youjudas18

    hay hay hay hay